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Mount Abu Tour Guide | Places to visit in Mount Abu | How to Enjoy Mount Abu

Mount Abu Tour Guide | Places to visit in Mount Abu | How to Enjoy Mount Abu

Mount Abu is the only hill station of Rajasthan.
Rajasthan is an Indian state which is famous for Thar Desert and rustic beauty. However,
this only hill station of Rajasthan is popular among the tourists for its lush green surroundings.
Other than the most famous Dilwara temple, the hill station has some other eye-catching
tourist attractions. Here is a short two days tour plan of this beautiful Indian Hill station.
Let’s start. Day-1
On day-1 of your tour first go to visit the most popular Dilwara Temple.
Located in Aravalli hills, this beautiful Jain Temple was built between 11th and 13th
Century. The temple is famous for its stunning white marble structure and intricate carvings
on the inner pillars and walls. The temple consists of five unique temples dedicated
to five Jain Lords. From here you can also enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this temple.
Next go to visit Toad Rock. Located south of Nakki Lake, this is a toad
shaped rock most popular for beautiful panoramic views of the surroundings. A little trek is
required to reach the top of this rock. After toad rock, go to visit Nakki Lake.
Locally known as Nakki Jheel, this stunning lake is another popular tourist attraction
of Mount Abu after Dilwara temple. You can enjoy boating in this lake. A walk around
this lake is also very refreshing. From here go to visit Mount Abu Sunset point
and enjoy a spectacular sunset from there. Day-2
On day-2 morning, first go to visit Guru Shikhar. Located 1722 meters above the sea level it
is the highest peak of Aravalli Mountain range. The peak is famous for breathtaking views
of the surrounding mountains. On top of this peak there is a temple dedicated to Guru Dattatreya,
who once resided here during his days as a monk.
Next go to visit mount Abu wildlife sanctuary. It is one of the oldest places of the region
and famous for its rich biodiversity. It is the place where you can see the best wildlife
of Rajasthan. Day-3
On day-3 morning, head back to airport or railway station for departure.
How to Reach The nearest railway station of Mount Abu is
Abu Road, and the nearest airport is Udaipur. From Abu Road Mount Abu is just 25 km away
and from Udaipur the distance of Mount Abu is 163km. It will take around 3 hours to reach
Mount Abu from Udaipur. Mount Abu is well connected to rest of the country by road.
Where to stay There are plenty of hotels in Mount Abu with
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