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Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series | Motu Patlu ki Car | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated Series | Motu Patlu ki Car | Wow Kidz

Hey John stop, stop for a minute. Ok friends. Why do you have our picture in your car? This is my old car, I just painted and it looks new now. In this car I shall loot and rob. Everywhere this picture of the car will be shown. I will be a great fun. Dare you rob in this car, we will send you behind the bars. Patlu, call the Chingam sir. Stop it! Don’t call Chingam sir, I have spend Rs10000 in painting this car. You give me the amount and keep the car, if you don’t want me to rob in this car then this is of no use to me. Rs 10000 for the full car? Patlu, what say? Ok fine! Rs 10000 is very less for the car, we can definitely buy in the said amount. Take the money but before we need a trial run. Come on, you drive it Patlu, Motu you sit on back seat. Engine didn’t get on and no start sound too. This is a soundless car, engine is on now, you change the gear and start it. Let’s start. Wow! What a car no sound at all, it’s like butter. Bye! All the best. We didnt’t rob or loot but how sharply we got Rs 10,000 from Motu Patlu money. Wow boss! What a poetry. Today we fooled John, we got the car with our pictures in just Rs 10000. Can’t believe we are the owners of the car. Stop the car at the tea stall, every one is at the stall, we will show our car to all. Can’t apply break in this car. Look Motu Patlu going in the car. Oh my lord! When did they buy the car? Hey Motu Patlu, stop! Hey Motu Patlu, my friend stop! They are in the middle of the road and telling us to stop the car, Patlu apply the break. Forget the break, the steering wheels are also not functioning. Please go aside, break is not functioning, move aside. Oh my god! What is happening? Help!! We purchased this car from John at Rs 10000, when we took the car was normal running. Now nothing of the car is working. Let me see. Hey, there is nothing in the car, some parts should be inside for the car to run. How the car was running without engine? John made a fool by selling the car to you both. His goons must have entered into bonnet and made run to run. I have already solved such cases. Now I am going to thrash John. Wait! Motu, he played tricks and made us fool. We should also use our brain to teach him and get our money back. Empty stomach my brains doesn’t work, you think of something, and tell me what to do? I have a idea, listen! Motu Patlu, will be here any time to fight with us and ask for return of money. We need to welcome them, they should not come near me. Do as I have told you both, remember? We remember boss. Then tell me? What is to show boss, we will act on it, one minute. Why are you both hitting me? Ok, what? all right. Patlu has called saying that they had halted at the tea stall. When they returned to the car to start, the engine is stolen from the car. They bought new engine and fixed into the car. They are so innocent people, they didn’t come to know what we did. Patlu, also said the car is awesome. The car is so light and strong, the car is good enough to participate in any car race. They are practicing international car race, and the winner shall be awarded Rs 50crore. Patlu is saying that they gonna win. Le’ts go and watch the practice session. Dr. Jhatka! John is coming. Look here, behind your car is my car attached with the rod. I will speed the car so that your car without the engine will be ahead of my car in speed. From far it will be seen you are ahead and winning the race. My and Boxers car will be behind, so that your car is the winner. But this rod from far is visible, John will understand. Now this rod shall be invisible for at least 3-4 hours, no one can see it. Look! Ok let’s begin the race. On your mark, get set, go! Where is the car race? My my! This car is running so fast. Motu has fixed old engine and still this car is running so fast. Welcome John, what a car you sold us? its body is so light and it runs like a air in the race. Stop the car please! After race we will stop. Till then, I will be dead. He is getting good punishment well, let pull him into the car. Forgive me, please return my car. But why? This car belongs to my late father. Father sorry, I sold your car. Please return my car and I will return your Rs 10000. But we had to spend Rs10,000 more for the engine. Ok take Rs 20,000, but please return the car. This car belongs to my late father. Please agree! Ok as you wish John, stop crying. Today we got to know you are kind person. Dr. Jhatka, we are returning the car to John, we are heading towards John’s den, you too joins us. Ok, mission accomplished. The rod will be seen. Take this Rs 20,000. Thank you Motu Patlu, You both are very nice. Bye! let’s go for a long drive. Why the car is not starting? Just check the engine. There is no engine. What? The name is Chingam and it’s impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. You are under arrest John, for cheating Motu Patlu. They Cheated on me, they sold Rs 10,000 car at Rs 20,000. Rest Rs 10,000 we will distribute among the poor children for food. Let’s go to jail, but before some on the spot punishment. This is not fair!

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