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Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Makan Malik | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Makan Malik | Wow Kidz

Today is the first day of the month. Land lord, Popat lal will come to ask for the rent. We haven’t paid the rent for last three months. Whom are you scared of? Why do you get scared, when I am here. Motu do something. Look, he is here. My brain doesn’t work on an empty stomach, you do something quickly. Idea! Let us dress up like a woman and run. Excuse me brother, give us side. We are Motu’s neighbour; We had come to ask Motu for some sugar. Haha!! I have been cheated like this twice before, I don’t think, you guys can cheat me anymore. This won’t work, please think something else, Paltu. Idea! Let us become Amirchand and Fakirchand. Who are you? Why are you hitting the door so hard? Don’t you have any manners or respect? Oh, sorry! I am sorry, who are you? I did not recognize you. He is Amirchand and I am Fakirchand, we have come to meet Motu and Patlu, don’t know, where are they. Sir, you are not Amirchand and Fakirchand, you guys are cheaters. You have not paid last three-month’s rent, you people think, I am a fool. Hold this, or else it will get spoiled. Stop! Where are you running, you are not going to escape from me. Patlu, keep running. Where are you running? You people are not going to escape from me. Motu and Patlu!! Let us hide behind this tree. I cannot run any more. We have to run till he is following us, or else we will never be able to run in future. Keep running. Patlu, run fast!! Your weight is too heavy. I am running. Hello! Sir, India is a very advanced country than us, we spend crore’s of rupees to make a space ship. They don’t even have oxygen, or a space ship, but they are traveling in a utensil. Hello! How are you? Oh my lord! Who is this? Oh my lord! Mummy!! Attack!! Aliens have attacked. Ghasita, my friend. Please save us from our landlord. He has hit us so badly and have made us like this. Don’t worry, I have got twenty years of experience of how to deal with land lord. Really? No! Run, quickly. Is Ghasitaram Home? No!! Yes, no. What is this yes and no? Give me the right answer. Don’t sneeze Khan sir, don’t sneeze or else everything will go wrong. Khan sir, I had told you not to sneeze, everything would have gone wrong. What would have gone wrong? If somebody sneezes, when you are about to do some work then, they say it is a bad luck. Oh! Since you people are coming from Ghasitaram’s house, I would like to know, is he there inside? Khan sir, you are not going to understand, we don’t have our utensil, I am going to get the utensil. Utensil? Why? We have to make Biryani and we forgot to get the utensil. But sir, why are you asking about Ghasitaram? I am searching Ghasitaram’s friends Motu and Patlu, they might be with him, where else they can go? They must be on this tree. Khan sir, I am warning you not to sneeze again. I don’t know why, I felt like I have beard on my chin and I had touched it. Khan sir, please control, aren’t you scared? My body is shivering with fear. Hehe! Are you looking for this, sister? And I am looking for you people. Come, let us hide inside the temple, remove you shoes here. Idea! let us change our clothes, nobody will recognize us. Praise the lord! You can ask anything to god, my child. You will definitely get it. Oh god! Please, somehow manage to give my three month’s rent. Your wish will be fulfilled my child. Motu Patlu will definitely give you the rent. How did you come to know that Motu Patlu have to give me the rent? I am god my son. They both are good human beings, they feed the poor and give them clothes to wear. Whoever helps them with one rupee, I shall bless them with 100 times the amount. Really? You mean, if I give them 10,000 Rs then you will bless me with hundred times of 10,000 that is 10 Lakh. Yes child, ten lakhs. All right I am ready to give them ten thousand, but where can I find them? They are not to be seen. Give it to this priest, he will give it to him, they always come here. Ok priest, I am giving a small amount of ten thousand to the great Motu Patlu. As you wish, son. Now I am going to enjoy, I will spend this money to eat samosas. No way, first, we are going to give his pending rent and then we can enjoy with rest of the money. I had actually come here to give more ten thousand, but now I am going to hit you ten thousand times. I am not going to leave you people, where are you both running? Sir, this is too much, first it was a utensils and now a plate. Indian technology is far better than ours, I resign sir, what is the use of my hard work, I resign sir.

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