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Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Friendship gift | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Friendship gift | Wow Kidz

Where is Motu? He is not to be been seen since morning. Where are you? Nowadays you just go away without informing me, what are you doing? Open the door and you will come to know. From where did you get such a nice car? Today is friendship day, I had asked Dr.Jhatka to make it, it is a gift for you, come sit. Let us go for a long drive. From where did you buy such an expensive car? I took a second hand car and asked Jhatka to make it new. Dr Jhatka has put many new gadgets in this car. Please open the bonnet and check, why the car is not starting? Oh, sorry!! Let me open the bonnet. Help!! Help!! patlu!! Hey! What are you doing? No!! Motu, stop!! No, Motu!! No!! How dare you? Stop, where are you running? I will not let you go. Thank you, what a gift you have given on friendship day. It is a very dangerous car. Sorry friend, it was my mistake, but you don’t worry there is nothing to worry about this car, it is safe. In the car there is a gadget, if used, we can escape from the thieves. There is a button to eject the seat also. If we press it, the seat will go up flying in the sky. If we press the button, which seat will go up in the sky, your seat or my seat? Oh, I did not ask this, let me test. Are you going to send me to heaven on friendship? Let me get down, right now. Sorry, Dr Jhatka forgot to make a way from the top to get out of the car. Patlu, please don’t get upset, today is friendship day, look I have put so many gadget for your security. Imagine, if ejection button does not work, then press the next button. The revolver or weapons will automatically fall. Please don’t show and press any button, it is enough, take me back home. Look at it my dear, you will love it. All right, I won’t press the button, you press it this way. Stop this!!!! Mummy! Daddy! Grandpa! Granny!! Stop!! Where did Patlu run away? Such a beautiful gift, I brought for him. Where will he go? I will find him. Dr Jhatka, get Chingam fast. Stop, in the name of law, stop. Motu, stop. Sorry sir, breaks have failed, I cannot stop the car. Motu, what went wrong? How did Patlu go in the trunk? What? Patlu is in the trunk. I don’t know, how did he go there, I had pressed this button and. Now I understood, how Patlu went in the trunk. Welcome Dr Jhatka, I have been waiting for you. I want to thank you for your gift. Oh dear, there is no need of thanking me, this was my duty. Now, I want to do my duty. Take this!! Motu, stop! I swear you on your Mother India. Swear you on India, stop! Oh my god! What is this happening? Hey Motu, stop. Please stop the car. This button might stop the car. Oh my god! What is this happening? Somebody help me!! Motu, why did you press that button? That is a missile to kill the enemies. Help!! God or somebody, please help!! What will happen now? Sorry, I hope Chingam doesn’t die because of me, help him please. Chingam sir does not want to die alone; He is coming after us, run!! Chingam sir, please move away. Go somewhere else and blast, go away. Oh my god! I cannot change the directions, this doesn’t have a steering wheel. Where ever this goes, I will have to follow it. Now there is only one way left to escape from him. Long live!! We are safe, this car fly’s too? It doesn’t fly, only goes up like a rocket. There is no way to come down, we can only do a crash landing. Who gave you this idea to gift on friendship day? I was so happy without a gift. Dr.Jhatka help me, I swear you in the name of law and mother India. Hey Chingam sir, why are you after us? We are not culprits, leave us alone dear. Chingam sir, help us. I swear you in the name of law and mother of India. Please help us!!! Help!! This missile is enough to kill us, why are you following us? Help!! Yeah!! Got saved!! Hurray!!!! Let me give you this gift, and then I shall say happy friendship day. Run!! Run Motu, run. I am coming to give you all these gifts. Haha!!!!! Hahaha!!!

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