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Most Supras Do NOT Make 1000 HP – Here Is Why

Most Supras Do NOT Make 1000 HP – Here Is Why

what’s up everybody rob for ready here with my Toyota Supra which I was expecting to take out for a nice Drive and tell you all the finer things about the vehicle problem is not that it’s broken is that it’s raining and that pointed out that everybody’s dreams of having a Supra oh yeah great great great let me dispel some common myths about the Supra and I’ll tell you why that thousand horsepower super a dream of yours may not really be as accurate as you think now this platform is known for being able to generate big horsepower I mean you’re talking 12 to 1500 horsepower on a inline 6 motor which is unbelievable the downside to that is that there’s a lot of things that that does to the car to make it less user-friendly like not wanting to drive it in the rain I don’t really want to drive this in the ranks I just spent $1,500 to detail it but the car in order to put the horsepower down you need these things nice sticky tires now I chose the Hoosier Road race tires which aren’t going to be as good as et streets or or like an actual drag tire but these have a sidewall so you can corner on them this is a road race tire it’s got virtually no tread going across it it is not I believe I don’t think it’s CLT legal it may be but I don’t think it is or maybe it’s got that one little groove that makes it DoD legal but it’s not designed for driving in the rain that’s the problem with these tires but you need them if you want to hook up any sort of power and this car it doesn’t deliver the power as smoothly as a lot of the other cars so the power comes on a lot harder at the end if you’ve ever seen a super race it’s usually like this other car goes here super trucks buy it afterwards so that’s because the power delivery comes on a lot later unless you start playing with nitrous and strokers and all sorts of uh of different things as far as the super goes the other things that this car needs to make the thousand horsepower it needs a big clutch that clutch if you want to get it is about $6,500 or with my car I’m close to the limit do a thousand on a single disc clutch but it’s not a very user-friendly clutch – very heavy clutch the transmission holds the power no problem it’s just sort of everything else that now that you’re doing a thousand horsepower and going zero – holy crap real quick you have to realize that the rest of the car wasn’t really designed for that now you need to upgrade the suspension need to upgrade the brakes the brakes on a Supra commonly overlooked because a lot of people just want to make that power and go go go the brakes are good for one stop at like a hundred and fifty or one hundred and sixty miles an hour you get a nice solid stop out of it after that they’re done you can’t you can’t do repeated pulls on the car without factoring an extra room for braking distance because the brakes aren’t really designed for for that sort of use and this car goes zero to 160 real quick so when you have a car it’s got so much horsepower if you’re on the stick for five or six seconds or ten seconds as far as accelerating in the highway you’re moving real fast and these brakes are not really designed to handle that car also isn’t going to make that sort of horsepower on a stock block and a lot of people just assume that all supras have a thousand horsepower that’s one of the reasons people love super is a low dude you got a thousand horsepower car most of them don’t I’d say it’s probably only ten or fifteen percent of them that go above that eight hundred and fifty wheel horsepower mark because when you do that you got to start building the bottom and it starts where the real money comes in it’s not just like get some overnight some parts from Japan slap them on and you’re good to go that the BPU cars are and the single turbo upgrades are where you can sort of generate 750 to maybe 800 pushing it 850 on a stock block but after that you got to do the block you got to forge ahead and in order to achieve those numbers you also have to run a very large turbo and a large kirbo is inherently very laggy and that’s one of the things that people don’t realize it’s going to make big dyno numbers Super’s or dyno kings but it’s also going to do so in a very laggy manner which means that power is not going to come on until very late in the RPM band so you have a big turbo to make that thousand wheel and in order to get there you have to force a bunch of boost into and by the time it ends up boosting up that explains that race where the super zou is making that horsepower but much later than everybody else so that’s why it’s got to come trucking by and you can get beaten essentially most races by a car with more torque and maybe two or three hundred horsepower less and this is all real money that you have to then put into a car and seeing as the super was always a sort of attainable platform for a long time where they were they came down significantly in value because they had a lot of miles on them a lot of kids living the thousand horsepower dream got involved in them glued them together with whatever cheap parts they can get on them and a lot of them are really Frankenstein together which is one of the reasons I don’t drive this because I like to keep the value in a in a very very low mile assed year produced in the u.s. car and it’s got all the best part it’s like I’ve really spared no expense on this build except I didn’t really go crazy because I didn’t know if I was going to be driving it so much which is why I didn’t upgrade the brakes I’m like eh you know what I’ll leave the stock brakes the engine sort of reversible and nothing has really been changed to the point where it’s not able to be reversed back if a collector does want the car and I’m going to feel that out over the next however long the collector wants to buy this car sayonara I’ll go buy one that’s been sorted fairly well and I can get it for half of what this thing will end up selling for the other problem is nowadays cars can make big horsepower on pump gas I mean there’s cars of the making 850 wheel on 93 octane which is ridiculous on this car I’ve got a run c16 which is a hunt it’s a leaded gas 118 octane and it costs $20 a gallon so it cost me $400 a tank to fill this up and I would just buy it like 10 jugs at a time they come in five gallon jugs I never got the 55-gallon drums because it’s just part of the move around but to put gas in like that and spend $400 a tank you don’t drive very much I’ll be honest like you either want to go fast or you want to park it and look at it and the problem with this car is that I sort of just Park it and look at it I’ve flown it to Vegas for the ultimate street car shootout my Optima I’ve flown it down the Florida for runway events I’ve trucked it up to a runway event when I was running it against my Corvette also and I’ve done some highway polls in it but all of that miles that I put on the car have really been wide-open throttle miles I mean there wasn’t really a lot of commuting I’ve done six or seven hundred miles on this car in ten years but when I’m out there I’m really out there and I’m on it and that’s really what this car was designed for the street ability isn’t so great and that’s sort of what I was planning on going and showing you with this video but I can’t even show it to you because if you can see my 48 it’s pouring like and I can’t drive this car in the rain because it’s no fun it’s dangerous and as soon as you get in the bend I mean I can get point A to point B but as soon as you boost up the thing is just spinning in place I mean you really have to fight the traction in this on decent tire let alone anything else so that dream that like every or every super is a thousand horsepower not reality and you can’t just take any old Supra and make it a thousand horsepower you need expensive parts you need expensive gas you need good tires that are only really good at going fast and not really designed for street use so they’re not all season tires you need better brakes I mean all of these things go into making a car a thousand horsepower but you could edit that’s why the platform’s so popular everyone because of the movies and everything thinks they’re all fast little guy I’ll go out and buy one with 450 horsepower like a BPU car with 455 under wheel horsepower and they’ll think you’ve got a thousand horsepower so it is what it is every super doesn’t have a thousand horsepower and it costs a lot of money to get it there but when you do it’s sort of fun but maybe not exactly what you’re thinking of as soon as it stops raining I’ll make a video and show you what I’m talking about thanks for watching thank you for subscribing and I will catch you next you [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Most Supras Do NOT Make 1000 HP – Here Is Why

  1. You’re misinformed about your tire info. Those Hoosiers you have on have stiff sidewalls and require lots of internal heat and surface heat to grip properly. Something you are not gonna get from the street, even if you do a burnout. So that’s where I stopped the video. Dude seems pretty pretentious and was throwing wrong info with in 1:30 seconds of the video. Good bye.

  2. Literally every video I have ever seen on a Supra is of at 1000hp supra…..yea dont think its that hard….👎wait wait…I know its not very hard….yout vid is poop

  3. Rob you have WAY too many cars so i'd like to make a few suggestions

    1. Fire your tuner/builder
    2. If you're in excess of 800hp, please get a twin disk clutch. In the supra world the v160 destroys everything in front and behind it, hence people run 1500hp thru a stock trans. Crank walk is no fun either.
    3. Go thru your entire suspension with super pro poly bushings, get a 2 way lsd, trd sways, dial in your rear suspension to allow some compressions under power but not so stiff where you shock the tire transient shift. She's will track dead straight and not dance under boost.
    4. Change your brake lines to SS lines, bleed dry and run dot4 brake fluid. Ill guarantee that you can stop more than once. Its known fact that the 20+ year old lines expand under pressure inhibiting braking performance.
    5. Run e85
    6. There are 1000whp supra's out there on stock bottom end that last, torque but more so the down stroke on the motor is what kills a 2J, this was ascertained years ago so a good tuner can keep the torque down but make power.
    7. Turbo sizing is everything / tuning and your turner is everything else.
    8. I have a 1300whp car, 930 on its lowest boost setting with AC and progressive traction control that I routinely take on 8 hour weekend road trips and yes I get caught in the rain
    9. Try the Toyo R888R, it dead hooks 1100whp and can handle 60mph in the rain on a 19'' rim
    10. This is an overly capable 20+ year old platform that can make stupid power but you need to be realistic and upgrade the parts in the body to make the platform itself more modern. There's a reason the supra is in the garage and the 488 is outside.

    Keep making videos but out of respect, some of the things youre saying is 10-15 year old information.

  4. Everything said here make the new Supra much better future deal especially with the b58 engine which is highly anticipated as the next 2j engine

  5. $1500 to Detail a Supra?? Tell you what!! How about I come over to your place, you give me $1500 and I kick you in the nuts and we will call it a day. 🎉

  6. what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  7. this guy doesn't have any idea what is in the car, he just signes checks. First the car should at least be on a twin disk instead of a single disk. Any car that makes a ton of power is going to be expensive and need tires to put it to the ground

  8. Stock Supra brakes were literally top shelf in 1993 and are specifically designed for multiple 100mph+ stops without significant brake fade. If yours isn’t performing well I’d say you’ve got some components wearing out. Your Master Cylinder may well be in need of replacement yet still providing decent pressure. My 1994 Celica GT4 WRC has the same brakes and it doesn’t get driven very much either. After a track day where I felt it’s brakes were adequate but faded way too fast, I went ahead and bit the bullet and rebuilt my Master Cylinder, Front calipers and lubed all four sets of guides and replaced all four sets of pads with new OEM pads even tho they had most of their material left. Plus all new brake fluid. Now it will snap your neck now – over and over and over with no issues. If you’re not familiar with the ‘94 GT4 WRC it is very similar to your Supra aside from it being a 4cyl AWD car. We have the same specs on pistons, bores, stroke, valves,Yamaha heads, etc etc. hell, even the stock Turbos are the same aside from mine having a twin-entry turbine whereas you simply got two of them. Obviously, I didn’t get the complicated sequential setup but mine DID come with factory anti-lag, water/methanol injection and a huge water to air intercooler with integrated IC sprayer bar (cools the heat exchanger with washer fluid).
    I said all that to setup the similarity of the identical braking system, general similarities of the two cars but most importantly to tell you this is a VERY heavy Celica – it’s hundreds of pounds heavier than the next closest model so my brakes do have quite a job to do.
    I’d spend the money to refresh that braking system if yours is fading. It shouldn’t be suffering from brake fade noticeably on track day hard braking.
    Anyway, yours is a beautiful car! Mine is also black, I wish we could get these two andmy MR2 Turbo together for a family photo!

  9. The guy who made a video about why people who lift their cars are retarded and irresponsible isnt even sure if his tires are street legal. i hate this guy. i tried to like him. but he's unlikable..

  10. This will decimate all, after, you put about fifteen grand in it or more. If we have to, overnight parts from Japan.

    -Jetta driver

  11. I guessed all the ancillary problems that may need addressed. Still worth owning one if you have the money. I'd have a Supra over a veyron all day!

  12. $1500 getting a car cleaned -> tiny garage, doesn't even have a shed to put the leaf rake in. I just don't get this guy.

  13. Any 2JZ engine is capable of producing a 1000 horsepower and of course everybody knows you have to change things from the bottom end up to be able to get a 1000 horsepower but any 2JZ engine like I said it's capable of a 1000 hp.

  14. How do you not wake up to at least 1 flat? I run an E55 (ask Matt) and every morning, I have to inflate a tire. Its why I keep a compressor in the car. Inflate as it warms up…

  15. In my mind the perfect supra would not have "1000 hp". In reality 500-600 hp would be the best set up. I've been saying this for a long time, you could be putting out 1000hp, but putting it down and being able to use that 1000 hp is the thing.

  16. I love supras. However, I still live American muscle and euros more. From what was said in this video, the BMW M50 is a better platform, also way cheaper. The E34s had good chassis and easy brake upgrade bc M5/ 850i brakes. Of course BMW is lacking in today's world. And yes I'm aware BMWs "aren't that cool" or aren't the greatest. But they do make decent power without extensive modifications. Just my opinion. But I will still always love supras. I just love cars 🤷

  17. Honestly cars are made to be driven. If you don’t drive them, are you really a car owner? I understand that you want to hold the value of your car but still man, drive the car get it out and take it to work, maybe get your groceries in it. I understand it takes a lot to drive it and the fuel is expensive and all that, but still when they sit that’s the hardest on them, parts are made to wear, when they don’t, things can break. Just my opinion though, if I had the money I’d probably do the same thing.

  18. This dude is kind of a joke. That's a bad detail job for that price. Your facts are largely things you attempted to research but misunderstood. Idiot

  19. I haven’t watched the video whatsoever yet. But I bet I hate it. Will be back with an update. This guy fucking blows balls

  20. every other YouTube channel: another budget 1000whp Supra

    spaghetti: It cOsT mUcH mOniEz 2 mAk 1oOo PoWeRz

  21. Yeah you don't need 1000hp in the first place, and of course the power ends up coming later especially on a stock block, with stock internals, it is a turbo set up after all. You could probably get 600-800whp out of a stock block but yeah like you said it will have serious lag, you will probably get beat in a race by an all motor k20/24 stroker frankenstein engine in a civic hatch, because it makes more hp/torque more quickly. Another good platform thats cheaper and better IMO is the Honda J, could use a stock j35 block from a '98 oddessy with J30a4 cylinderheads TL type s or RLS pistons and cams, and bolt a turbo onto the exhaust manifold of each cylinder head on an engine that probably makes over 300hp and around 220+ ftlbs of tq all motor before the turbo, you could also have one turbo be smaller, or be a kraftwerks belt driven turbo to eliminate some of the lag, so many things you could do to increase the volume of air to make the turbo spool faster, proper intake and exhaust set up, setting the vtec engagement lower on teh tune etc. Or installing a toggle switch so that the vtec is always on at the touch of a switch or button.

  22. Ngl he says it costs a lot of money to get that power of course it does it’s 1000wheel but it’s hella less than all the other cars that’s why they chose the platform you can make 800wheel for basic upgrades like turbo ecu exhaust etc I’m not saying it’s cheap but it’s easier than getting a lambo and twin turbo it🤷‍♂️

  23. Only became popular because of the fast and furious ….. Over rated car….in my days wen these came out yeah they were cool but not a big deal

  24. Your dumb if your paying 20 a gallon for c16 go e86 and you get good power if not better that's what I have on mine and I have 900whp on stock internals with a single. Yes your right they are expensive to start digging into the internals but I drive mine more than a few times through out the week beat the shit out of it and havent had any problems for a year and a half now. drive your shit man it's your car stop looking at it in your garage and beating off to it…. it's a car drive it bro.

  25. Ive heard if you want to drive it fun and hard 450-500whp is what youre looking for in a supra. But imo i would want to drive a manual car with over 550ph, seems more like a chore than a good time..

  26. What people forget about power is the more you make, the more it costs to make more. Once you hit a certain number it gets really expensive.

  27. What a rich prick, 1500 dollar detail, what a rich idiot. I d o the for 250 to 250 deli ending on size. What a waste of cars on this dork

  28. Shit 10 years ago it wasnt anything to find a mid 50k mile supra for 25-35k.

    Prices are RIDICULOUS now. Id shop for a FD rx7 before the supra 😂

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