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Monster Truck Mater in the Ring! | Pixar Cars

Monster Truck Mater in the Ring! | Pixar Cars

– [Announcer] Ladies and Gentlecars, introducing the Tormentor!
(crowd booing) – Excuse me, it’s Towmater! – [Announcer] Who wants some ice cream?! (doors slamming) The Ice Creamer! (crowd cheering) (engine revving) – I’m gonna make you scream! – Ah! (bell dings)
(engine revving) – Ha ha!
Whoa! – Huh? (engine revving)
Where did he go? – Excuse me, mister. (slide whistle) Can I have one double
dip dip sundae, please? – Huh? Oh, sure! That’s a very popular flavor.
(metal clanking) Huh? Whoa! – [Crowd] Whoa! – One, two, three! Our winner! – [Announcer] Now that’s
a sundae, sundae, sundae! (rock music) – Drop and give me 20! – I’ll give ya three! (crashing) – One, two, three! Our winner! – [Announcer] The
Rastacarian has the Tormentor in his signature dread-lock! – We be jammin’ now, man! (crashing) – One, two, three! Our winner! – Who be jammin’ now? – You be jammin’ now! – [Announcer] Oh, Dr. Feel Bad! – Your next stop is the hospital! Whoa! – Don’t worry, I’ll
bring you some flowers! (crashing)
– [Dr. Feel Bad] Whoa!! – [Announcer] Oh, that’s gotta hurt! – [Co-Announcer] Just wait
’til he gets the bill. – One, two, three!
(bell dinging) – [Announcer] Paddy O’Concrete’s
gonna lay some cement! – Here comes a nice fresh pour! – Pour it on! – [Announcer] Oh, no, he got paved! – Now that’s what I call a patio! – [Announcer] Daddio. – One, two, three!
(bell dinging) – You rock, man! Woo hoo! (upbeat music)

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