100 thoughts on “Mom Says She Gives Adult Son Money For Rent So He Doesn’t End Up ‘Living In The Streets’

  1. He needs to go to jail and learn some manners! Very disrespectful, he needs to be out their house. He's an adult and needs to get help!

  2. Hold on…I think the girl changed her story. She says on here she was mad her brother was mimicking her father and in another clip she was upset because her brother was being loud while drinking while her friends were over

  3. Let him end up on the streets and fight someone else who might actually whoop him…clearly he’s a turd of a son going nowhere in life!!! YOU BEEN PHILLED!!!

  4. I think people need to stop judging his parents. He's their son and they are afraid for him. It's very difficult to reject your own child even if they are doing something really destructive. It's easy to see things from the outside looking in but in reality I don't think that most of the people casting shade are parents. Prisons, the streets and shelters ECT are dangerous in general and even moreso for people with substance misuse and alcohol problems. He will be in even more of a vulnerable state and he will likely fall in with other people who misuse alcohol/drugs. Being on the streets likely isn't going to make him learn anything.

  5. Ok i will say this i was homeless for almost 2 years while i appreciate his courage to serve he should be left to be on the streets

  6. I think he should hit rock bottom. The parents shouldn’t enable him but I understand why they are doing this. They love their child.

  7. In my country, your parents throw you out the door and say “go get a job go get a house and go get a wife” and close the door.

  8. I never get these people. They do everything for him and then wonder why he's worthless. My family would chuck someone like that out the door pronto. No excuses.

  9. Someone throws a box at your face, and are you suppose to stay a victim? Seriously….

    Adding the fact he is already unbalanced, provoking him with violence is less than smart.

  10. My kids were raised to know they were expected to grow up with love, consequences and responsibilities. This is the parents doing. Change the locks and let him flounder. He will either sink or swim.

  11. I've seriously become addicted to dr Phil videos since recently, it is just so interesting.. I could watch this all night. Who's with me?!

  12. Y’all created that monster and now the world has to deal with him. This should have been dealt with decades ago. And y’all have wasted Dr. Phil’s time because I can already tell y’all won’t stop enabling him. Chaos.

  13. Lmao I know parents like these and it’s usually the mothers fault. The mother is always toxic and has a bond with the problematic kid.

  14. But you guys want to say girls are gold diggers smdh 🙄🙄🙄

    Pathetic AF. If you're going to live with your parents at least help with rent and housekeeping. I don't care what they say someone lives with their mother or on their own, but how they own up to their actions

  15. My brother beat me like I was a grown man 1-3 times a week from the time I was 12 until I was 28. He was smart about it because he never bruised me in obvious areas. When we dressed out for P.E, I'd have to go into a shower stall so no one noticed. Try to cover up by wearing sweatpants instead of cheer shorts.

  16. Jesus Christ! No wonder he is drinking and doing whatever. His parents pay for everything! If my parents paid my rent I would be in such a better place in life!

  17. He's bipolar and he needs treatment , he will just get worse if he lives in streets and may get too violent and would be a threat to other people

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