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Model 3 World Tour Abruptly Ends – Could it Have Been Prevented? [live]

Model 3 World Tour Abruptly Ends – Could it Have Been Prevented? [live]

(funky music) – Let me take that off of you. What is goin’ on everyone? Welcome to Teslanomics Live. I’m your host, Ben Sullins. And, yes, I am in a new studio here, so hope everything goes smoothly. If not, please forgive me. If you guys recall, when I
first started doin’ livestreams it took a little while
to get things ironed out, but I’ve tested it and
hopefully things go good. I have an insane amount of
stuff to talk about today. I really hope to get to the Q&A for everyone that’s watching
and waiting on Crowdcast. I definitely will get to some, but make sure to go
vote on those questions so all the more important
ones bubble up to the top. Before I get into the news, just a few housekeeping items: this is a live show, it’ll
run maybe about an hour and if you want to watch any
of the individual stories, I’ll post them later in
the week, just the clips. That way, you can just
follow along there as well, in case you are celebrating Memorial Day or any other holiday today
which a lot of people are. So, without further ado,
let’s jump right into it. The first thing I wanna talk about is I’m running a new promo and this is a campaign to
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that because I know it means that you guys are willing
to take some time, there’s no money involved, so you don’t have to pay for any of this, but just giving your clicks
and your time and attention. So thanks for that. Now the next thing I wanna talk about is I just did an interview
of my friend Joe Scott, over, he has a channel
called Answers with Joe, and he got his first impressions
of driving a Model 3. He is a great storyteller
and really, really smart guy. His channel’s really interesting. I’m publishing an interview
with him later in the week, but we had some fun in my Model
3 in Palm Springs recently while he was out there for ClamourCon, which is an influencer,
kind of YouTuber conference, and I think it’s cool because
you guys can get, kind of, a non-Tesla owner, kind
of an outsider’s opinion and see what it’s like,
what you may go through if you currently don’t own a Tesla and are hoping to get one soon. So, I’ll put a link to that
down in the description as well as stay tuned
for my interview with him about his channel and all the cool stuff that he has goin’ on later in this week. Alright, so that’s first up and just a little bit of housekeeping. Next, I wanna talk about
my friends Eric and Sean that just completed a
hypermile world record. They were able to drive their
Model 3 for over 600 miles, 606.2 miles on a single charge. And there’s some
interesting stuff about that that really stood out to me. So the first thing, is that they only got 66 kilowatt hours and when I did mine, it
was 75 kilowatt hours, so I’ve actually reached
out to Tesla to ask what’s up with that? How is that even possible? Cause 9 kilowatt hours is a big percentage of the overall battery and it’s also piqued my interest; maybe I’ll go do it again. Now, they had some conditions here, it was over 108F, which is really hot, and they drove, essentially,
if you can see, for 32 hours really slow on this lap
that only had 10 feet of elevation change, so it’s pretty flat, and they got 110 watt-hours per mile, which is dramatically lower
that what you will get, right? That’s like 50% or more
better than you’ll get in a normal situation, which
is what I did in my test there. So, I may go do this
test again, I’m not sure. This was interesting and stay tuned because I should have an answer from Tesla about what’s up with them
only getting 66 kilowatt hours when I got 75. I know that the battery packs
have some of this reserved and there are reasons for that,
but that’s a big difference, so I’m curious what’s going on with that. In the video, they did three live streams, or maybe more, even. It was kinda crazy, but you can see here are some of the stats of them driving and there’s a moment when
it actually starts beeping and they have to pull over and they actually have
to get out and push. First off, just cheers to
you guys for doin’ this because holy crap, that’s a lot of work. I would not be doin’ that. I put in a lot of work,
but that’s probably a bit more than I’d be willing to. So, thanks guys, for doing it and definitely go check out
Eric and Sean’s channel. If you guys haven’t seen them,
I’ll put links to this video and this whole story in the
description after the show. Okay, next we’re gonna talk
about kind of the big story here and this is coming from
You You Xue, who is a he’s a Tesla-evangelist, really. I really think what he’s
doing is really cool. He’s been an owner since 2014 and after he got his Model 3, he was so, kind of, excited about it, that he wanted to take it on a world tour. And a lot of you guys know him. A lot of you guys have been
following him on Facebook where he’s been posting. He has a thing called, I
think, Tesla Model 3 Road Trip. And he’s literally been driving around the world with this car. Now, he posted this tweet
just last week, on the 25th, and it’s really sad and
I wanna dig into this because I think there
is a lot to unpack here. And I have a lot of quotes and so I’m gonna read
kind of what happened and then my thoughts on it and we’ll just kinda work through this, because I think this is really important for the community to understand and for everybody to really kind of really really get the full context. I don’t think it’s something that you can just judge on face value. First off, what happened? Well, he did a post and
I’ll read it to you, here on Facebook where
he’s been sharing this, this is Tesla Model 3 Road Trip. I’ll just read you the bit here about what actually happened. So, he said, “My left hand
was grasping the bottom “of the steering wheel during my drive. “My right hand was resting on my lap. “The vehicle showed no signs of difficulty “following the road up until this fork. “At the gore point, as
the gore point began, “approximately eight meters “before the crash barrier
and the end of the fork, “my Model 3 veered suddenly “and with great force to the right. “I was taking a glance at
the navigation on my phone “and was not paying full
attention to the road. “I was startled by the sudden
change in direction of the car “and I attempted to apply additional grip “onto the steering wheel in an attempt “to correct the steering. “This input was too late, “although I was only a few inches “from clearing the crash barrier, “the front left of the
vehicle, near the wheel well, “crashed into the right
edge of the barrier “resulting in severe damage. “I am towing the car
there under recommendation “from locals as more
resources are available–” So he’s towing it to a service center. “Including the resources
to repatriate the vehicle “back to the United States.” So, let’s take just a
quick look and see exactly, this is the shot there
where you can see the front, he was in autopilot, first off, and as he said, he had
his hand on the wheel, wasn’t paying full attention and then it shifted with the gore point, almost cleared it, but
then caught the edge of it and now, essentially, the car is totaled. It looks totaled to me. So, a little bit more about this. So he said that he needs
to repatriate it back to the United States in order
for Tesla to pull the logs. That seems kind of odd to me. This is software stuff. I don’t know why they couldn’t do it. He’s in Greece right now;
this happened in Greece. So a little confusing, that,
but that’s gonna be expensive, so I’m curious. I don’t know if he’s published
exactly what he’s gonna do, but we are gonna have a chat tomorrow and then I’ll be publishing
that interview shortly after because I really wanted to
just talk through this with him and get his story firsthand. He also in the statement said, “Autopilot has limitations that currently “can only be overcome
through human intervention. “By looking at my navigation
and by not having both hands “on the wheel, I was not paying
full attention to the road “while the vehicle was in
autopilot and was not following “Tesla’s directions in
regards to the correct use “of the software. “I want to make it clear
that I take responsibility “for my actions.” So, I give him applause for that. I think that’s important. I think more people don’t do that, especially folks that have
autopilot issues like this. Like, if you recall,
the woman that slammed into the back of a
firetruck in Utah recently did also own up to it. She said she was not paying attention and looking at her phone. So it’s important and I think You You’s doing a good thing here for this. So, he also said, in his statement, “I do not believe that there
are many Tesla owners who, “when using autopilot, “always keep both hands on the wheel, “and provide their undivided attention “in monitoring the road and the software. “This collision was directly caused “by the autopilot’s software
seriously malfunction “and misinterpreting the road.” I agree. That is unrealistic and hardly, I doubt anybody, maybe a few people, but the norm, when you’re
driving with autopilot, is that you can kind of relax and not pay as close attention. You still may have your hand on the wheel, you still may be looking straight ahead, but you’re certainly
relaxing a little bit, and that’s kinda the pitch,
that’s kinda the thing. So, I agree with him when
he says it’s unrealistic. Then he follows, “Many Tesla
fans will likely dismiss this “as my fault, but I implore
those who believe so “to take a full step back and
put themselves in my shoes. “As a driver who had used his
amazing software for so long, “and you could not have
anticipated such a sudden “and violent jerk of the
wheel to one direction “while traveling at a fast speed. “I hope that my fellow owners
will be less dismissive “of various incidents regarding autopilot “and understand that the
general public views these, “the general public views these severe collisions differently
from the owner community.” I completely agree. I think that other people
that are non-Tesla owners see this as a “Oh my God,
Tesla’s killing people, “what’s going on?” And they probably overreact. And then on the other, on the flip side, the Tesla community, as owners
that have been with them for a long time and really deeply, strongly
believe in their mission which does bias us in our
opinions and views of them, think it’s the opposite
where we kind of victim blame and I thnk that’s wrong as well. Somewhere in the middle where, yes, the software is not perfect. We are working on it and it is
important for us to get there and it is the right direction to go down. But in the meantime, people
need to really pay attention and really work on not abusing the system or misusing the system. So I think like there,
you know, on both sides of this conversation, the
general public’s overreaction, and the Tesla community’s
kind of brushing it off. I think we both need to
come together a little bit because it is really important, so. During You You’s trip,
he said, “I have met “with over 8,000 people on the road “in three continents and 25 countries, “and have demonstrated that,
not only is it possible “to drive an EV across the world, “it is absolutely exhilarating “and brings along great
adventure along the way. “I have also seen the potential and power “of the EV owners’ community
which, when leveraged, “can make great difference in the world.” And I could not agree more. As you know, through the
referral program here, with my channel and my code, we’ve actually saved
now over 450,000 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. That’s just one channel. That’s just one avenue,
one little speck of dust in the kind of universe that
is the community of Tesla and all things Elon. So, I’m really curious what
you guys think about this. I know some of you are gonna be upset. I know some of you are
gonna be angry at him. I’ve seen Reddit comments to that effect. I think it’s wrong. I think that he, in general,
is doing something great and this was a legit accident. And maybe to one point
that Elon had a while ago, was that it was like, people that have become
more comfortable with it are the ones more likely
to get into accidents because we’re a little bit more trusting than somebody that’s new, so I’m really curious what
you guys think about it. Leave me a comment down below. And before we wrap up on this, I do just wanna add
this little bit of news which also came last week, which is that Fiat Chrysler
warns 4.8 million, million, Jeep, Dodge, Chrys– by the
way, that’s like an order of magnitude plus some more
than all Teslas ever made, okay? Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler and Ram owners not to use cruise control. Guess why? Because it will not turn off. And guess what happens
if your cruise control doesn’t turn off? You hit something, right? Unless you’re in the movie
Speed or something like that, but point being, this
isn’t an isolated thing, however Tesla gets an
over-sized amount of attention whenever there’s an accident here. And I think, like, there
should be a strong amount of attention that Tesla
gets when it comes to this, because we’re talking
about autonomous vehicles, we’re talking about self-driving. These are new technologies. Tesla is pushing the boundaries of this. This isn’t a cruise control, something that’s been around forever. If you do recall, as I
do, from when I was a kid, when cruise control was first out, my grandparents laughing about people that got into accidents
because they put the car in cruise control and
got in the back seat. So this isn’t new, but Tesla being the one that really is pushing the envelope here, does get an out-sized
amount of attention for this and a lot of times, it is very click-baity and fraudulent and unfair. I’ll leave it there. I’ve given you the facts,
I’ve given you my take on it. Let me know what you guys think
down in the comments below. Hit me up on Twitter. This is a really interesting
topic that I think we need to discuss. Thanks for sticking with
me on that and stay tuned because I am gonna interview him tomorrow and we’re gonna be talking
even more about it. Alright, next to some kind
of fun and yet crazy news, and this is not the
right page to show you, I tried to take advantage
of Elon feeling good recently on Twitter, and he said, you know he posted, “For some reason, this is the
best I’ve felt in a while. “Hope you’re feeling good, too.” And I responded, kind
of jokingly, you know, “The couch must be working. “And while you’re here, how ’bout a date on the Model Y unveiling.” Well, he responded, kind of oddly, with an exact date of March 15. And that to me was strange
because it’s very specific and it’s far out. Then, my buddy Ryan McCaffrey over at Ride the Lightning
podcast, you know, kind of pressed him on
it, and he came back with, no, no, no, “I just kinda made that up “because of the Ides
of March sounded good. “But consider it real.” Now here’s the kind of
very interesting part about the Model Y, is that
“We could unveil the Model Y “anytime from late this
year to mid next year, “so March 15 is about right.” I feel like this is probably
one of the most conservative and probably the most accurate estimates we’ve ever got from Elon. A lot of us were expecting
it to be this year, which it may still be, we don’t know. So when he said March 15 of next year, I thought that was kind of interesting, first because I’m like that
actually sounds about right, and then next that he was like putting it on the calendar like that. Now, the way I imagine things work, Elon does get push back from
his teams from time to time, as he’s admitted, and one
of the things that was funny about that is he said, you know,
if he says it’s March 15th, and then doubles down on it, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be March 15th. So I don’t know, I’m calling it official. Mark it on your calendars. It’ll be spring of next year some time. Let’s call it March 15th. I’m hoping to attend the event as I’ve attended several
of the last other ones, by which I have my things
hanging in the background as my little … Every time I go to one, I
make sure to steal the lanyard so I can kind of have the
proof that I was there. So anyway, I’ll be going and
I’m really excited about it. If you’re unfamiliar what the Model Y is, I do have a video that I did on it, about it, which is doing pretty well, actually. It kinda keeps comin’ back. And this is getting into the
details of what the Model Y is. It’s a crossover SUV, similar
to what the Model 3 is to the Model S. It is that same thing to the Model X. So it’s a crossover SUV
but cheaper, simpler and should be using this thing called the flex-circuit wiring which, if you think about the
wiring in an electric car, there’s quite a bit. Model S and X have around 3 kilometers. Model 3 has 1.5 kilometers,
so a 50% reduction there. Now this one has a 95% reduction over that down to 100 meters. So if they’re able to do
this with the flex-circuit, I think it would be amazing. This is what Elon talks about when he says it’s a revolution in manufacturing. So really excited about that and because of that, or because this is gonna take
some additional batteries, there is some news related to that that, wrong page, let me
show you the right page. The right page is this one. This is that Tesla flies in
the new battery production line for the Gigafactory. So this happens from the
German group Grohmann that built this new
thing for the Gigafactory which is gonna help Model 3 production, but I also believe is
going to work for things like the Model Y,
semi-trucks and all that, so in theory, this new thing
that’s happening at Gigafactory will also help Model Y in it’s
production when it does start which is slated, I believe
for 2020 at the moment. So, I’m actually really curious, are you guys gonna hold off, you know it’s been a couple years already, do you prefer the Model Y? Do you think a crossover SUV is more what you need in your family and you may as well just keep
waiting and kinda let it ride? Leave me a comment down below
and let me know about that. I personally am going to be ordering one. I think for my family it’s a better fit. I really love my Model S and my Model 3, however the Model 3 is a little bit small and so I probably will
be getting the Model Y and replacing the Model 3. That’s my current view
and as you guys know, these things kind of shift over time. But let me know what you’re gonna do because it is an
interesting decision to try and figure that out. Alright, next up, we have
some crazy stuff that happened and this I think goes to Elon’s testament. Elon gets a lot of bad kind of press because of his reactions online
and his kind of openness, honestly, when you think about it. He’s very candid. And you know, when you’ve
reached that level, I feel like you’ve earned
that right, honestly. He’s not the kind of guy that,
you know, is gonna let people do things or tell him things
that he doesn’t want to do or want to hear. I think he’s open to feedback, but he also can tell people to piss off, so he can do what he wants. And that’s the short answer. Here’s an example, though, of
him having those reactions, acting like that, but in a
much more productive way. So, Consumer Reports, who, they’ve had their issues with Tesla. I respect them greatly because
of how they go about things. If you don’t know much about
them, it’s pretty fascinating. Like when they buy a Model 3 to test, they don’t tell Tesla, “Hey,
give me a car to test.” They go buy it themselves,
completely blind, unbeknownst to them, and they
do all of their stuff with it. So, really interesting. Like, they really try
to be objective here. And they’ve had issues
with Tesla in the past. Here, they fell short, this
was published on the 23rd. “Tesla Model 3 falls short “of a Consumer Reports recommendation.” meaning it is not recommended. And it was all related,
or one of the things was it was related to the braking distance which is how many feet does it take to go from 60 to zero miles per hour. And so, because this was
longer than anyone else in their class, Consumer
Reports did not recommend it. And so, with that, the
thing that was interesting is Elon responded and said
they’re going to fix it via software update. So here’s kind of like
the whole story here, is that Elon actually
spoke with them after that about the results and then
later, he planned the fix. So literally, that same day
they posted this result, that he is going to fix
it, and so within a day, he saw something like this,
addressed it, and came back that he’s actually going to make a change. So to me, that’s kind of amazing. And here his tweet, him and
his good buddy Ryan McCaffrey, talkin’ about it, stating
that the “firmware fix “for upgraded brake
performance on standard Model 3 “started rolling out yesterday. “Should improve braking
distance by 20 feet “for repeated heavy braking events. “Thanks Consumer Reports for
excellent critical feedback!” So, think about that just for a second. Consumer Reports has an
issue with the Model 3. They publish a report, they talk to Elon. Three days later, actually
within 24 hours, it’s fixed. Within the next 24
hours, it’s rolling out, and then the next 24
hours, he posts this tweet. ‘Cause you see, this was the
26th, he said it was yesterday and then two days earlier
was the actual report that came out. It’s incredible. This is why the community loves him. Yes, he can be abrasive and
say things that upset people, but he’s a real person,
just like you and me. He’s not some god or something
else, he’s a very real human. And he has these things. Now he’s, because of what
he’s done and his successes, you can’t ignore his
ability to get things done. Even if you hate him, you
can’t deny he’s accomplished some amazing things. And I think that he’s
earned this right to do this and here he is using this
right, this power that he has, to do something extremely positive and improve the consumer experience. It’s just amazing. So I think this is one of the, like kind of a shining
example of where it’s working kind of in his favor. Now one thing about this, just to point out why this even matters, first off, for collisions
and things like that, but also when you want to
calculate the zero to sixty time, you actually take the
braking distance time and then kind of reverse engineer it to figure out how fast you can go. One of the big things that’s
odd about the braking distance is that there’s essentially
a couple things. There’s the grip on the tire, the weight of the vehicle, and how much braking power can be applied. And all of those things kind
of need to work in harmony. So some of the things
they can’t really change, like they’re not going to
go give a free tire upgrade to every Model 3 owner
in order to improve it. So the other things that
they can control via software is where Tesla has a unique
advantage over others. So this to me is really fascinating and I’ll put a link to
it in the description. There’s a great video from
a channel that I really like called Engineering Explained,
which a while ago figured out the zero to sixty speed or
acceleration of physical limit based on the best braking
distance of any vehicle out there, which was, I think,
the Porsche 918 Spyder. So this braking distance, even though you don’t typically
hear about it in the media, is actually super
interesting and important from an engineering standpoint. This, to me, was just a great example of Tesla kind of at its best, right? They get some critical feedback, they talk to the company, they figure out a fix, they push it out within,
literally, three days, and the consumers are
better off, we’re safer, and this this thing is resolved. So, I’m curious what you
guys think about that. Do you like how Elon
kinda works and operates? Does it bother you? Do you even care? Let me know in the comments down below. Alright, next, I have a few tweets here. Let me just make sure I
have them lined up properly. That all were kind of from Elon, so this is like my Elon Twitter round-up because he just keeps throwing them on. They’re not big enough to
be stories individually, but I think there are
some interesting points just to mention there. The first one I have here, maybe, nope, doesn’t look like I have it. Let me try again. I can go back. Here it is. The first one I have here is a response about the Supercharger V3. So here you have it, Elon
responding to someone on Twitter, Christian Prenzler, about
the Supercharger V3. So if you don’t recall, Elon
teased this a while ago, I think Porsche was doing a
thing where it was 350 kilowatts which was like an insane amount of speed to charge a battery. On the latest earnings call, JB and Elon kinda went back and forth, talking about the trade-offs between charging speed and capacity or like how long the battery would last. So, you know, they said
that they’re gonna be unveiling something soon, and so here you go, so
Elon’s talking about it, saying that major improvements all around, new Supercharger’s late summer. So that’s pretty soon. That’ll be before you know it. Still some outstanding
questions are which cars will be able to use it, will it cost more money
than the regular ones, where will they be installed, all that kind of stuff we don’t know yet, so more to come on that. Alright, next, Elon
responded to someone else about Superchargers in South America. And he’s saying around
the end of next year, which is not great because
that’s quite a ways away, but if you’re in South
America and you have a Tesla, you’re pretty an early adopter down there because without Superchargers and stuff, it’s probably extremely difficult to get a reliable charge on the go, so they are coming, end of
next year, there you go. Next, red brake calipers
on the Performance Model 3. Oh and I lost the tweet. Let me see. It’s one of Ryan’s tweets. I’m see if I can find it,
if it’s the right one. And if not, I’ll just
give you the short answer. So, okay, there you go. So, Ryan, if you didn’t listen to his podcast yet this week, you should. He and Elon went on this
whole conversation last week that was just crazy. So he was asking about the red calipers which originally, I don’t think
they were gonna be included, oh and it looks like I
don’t have his reply here, but Elon did respond, saying that yes, the red brake calipers will be included in the Performance Model
3, so there you go. So there’s a little Elon
Twitter round-up for you. Next, we’re gonna be talking about … Oh, there you go. There’s the red brake calipers. Now I found it. (laughs) Okay, cool. This next story is one
that I found on Twitter and I thought it was super interesting. It was about China building this road that will charge your car as you drive. Now, it’s a little bit crazy,
so let me kind of explain. I’ll give you the short version here. It has a clear concrete top,
and I put concrete in quotes because it’s not, I don’t
believe it’s actually concrete. It has solar panels underneath
that power highway lights and up to 800 homes in the area. There’s a test track
which is 1,000 meters long and it doesn’t have wireless charging yet, but it can says the developers of it. It’s part of China’s EV Self-Driving push. Now, there’s some quotes here, and let me see if I can
get the video for you, ’cause the video is pretty amazing. So you can see it here on
the left of this track, that’s the solar panels that’s
kinda sectioned off there, and you can see what it, you know, a close up of it, what it looks like. See if I can go full-screen. Yeah, so you can see
that you can see through, but it’s a road and it gets driven on, so obviously it’s not great. And yeah, it has some
pretty cool properties. Now, you guys may remember that this isn’t exactly new technology. So there’s a couple things here and I’ll switch over to
some other stories here. First off is that Honda actually
invented this a while ago, back when they had the Fit EV,
this was March of last year. And their, this charging
capability that they developed, is one that gives you 25 miles of range for every one mile of infrastructure. So it’s a 1 to 4 ratio. So what you can do there,
is essentially drive over it and as you drive, recharge,
or just not use any battery. That’s kind of the thing. You’re probably not gonna
actually get a charge out of it, but if you’re just not
using battery wallet because it’s powering you, then it’s effectively the same thing. There’s a cool graphic
here kind of explaining it, that you can have this
electric priority lane. I love this idea because
it’s very much like video games I played as a child, where you would drive over
the little strip on the road and it’d give you and extra
boost or something like that. All of that coming together. So you have the thing in
China which is actually here. There is an old Indiegogo that happened that I actually donated
to a while ago in the US called Solar Roadways which are working on similar things here. And then you have Honda doing that. And then Honda also unveiled that they’re going to bring
back the Fit Electric, the Fit EV, with 186 miles of range and under $20,000 price tag. That is impressive. I am actually really,
really stoked on that because I think that
this is gonna sell well. I’ve always, I’ve been
sayin’ it for a while, like the Model 3 is incredible, but I don’t consider it
a mass-market vehicle and the reason I don’t is because
it is so insanely advanced and such a nice car. I mean, Honda or Toyota could
basically take the Model 3, strip out half the stuff, you know, replace the screen with some
basic instrument clusters and all that stuff, and
still get the same range and all that for a much cheaper price and people would love it. So, I am excited about this. I am applauding Honda for doing this. I really hope that they push hard on this because I think they and
Toyota and you already know about the Nissan Leaf and all these guys. I think they have a real shot at producing the mass-market car. Tesla’s the sizzle and
these guys are gonna be making the steak, so I’m really excited about that. So there you have it. And then I think lastly,
this just popped up, that BMW just announced a
wireless charging option, not exactly the same of
like driving on the road, but one where you pull up over it, and it’ll charge your
car as you sit on it. I think that’s pretty interesting. So, in general, I like that
all these other manufacturers are doing lot of stuff in
this realm for electric cars, and providing really cool tech, you know, things that Tesla isn’t doing. So it’s really great to
see all of that stuff. Okay, folks, that is the news for today. I wanna thank you all for joining me. Don’t forget that you can
get a full-day’s rental in a Tesla Model 3 by going
to and subscribing and sharing
that more importantly, because that is actually how you’ll get even more and more entries, so lots of fun stuff coming on there. I’m gonna do the Q&A now on Crowdcast, which I will post later in the week, so if you want to join on, if
you wanna be a part of that, make sure you just sign
up on the newsletter and then I send out those
invites on Monday mornings. Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the US and thanks for watching.

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90 thoughts on “Model 3 World Tour Abruptly Ends – Could it Have Been Prevented? [live]

  1. Ben, You You has consistently demonstrated unsafe behaviors behind the wheel of the car and when people addressed him he either called them names or cursed them. In addition, his other behaviors suggest he leaves out pertinent information when telling a story. And when called out, he has threatenend to block people from his social media accounts. So, when he makes a post to Elon Musk with sensational statements ("glad I am not dead"), it is no wonder that so many people have had enough. Now it is time to play the victim, find some reason behind the crash (that doesn't implicate him) and try to get his car shipped to somewhere for free.

  2. IF GM could fix a braking problem in just 3 days, they would run ads claiming the best repair service in the world. Instead they still lobby to keep Tesla from selling in many states. Wonder why? (If you can't beat 'em, run 'em out of town).

  3. Signed up for one entry (already subscribed), tweaked my birthdate slightly. Too PII for my comfort, even with SSL.

  4. Did Tesla not know about the braking performance till CR told them? Seriously worse than a Ford F 150!! and only a 20 feet improvement to 132 feet. Not something to be proud of!! Compare this to a BMW series 3 at 112 feet and the C class at 118 feet.

  5. I like everyone else saw the posted pics and that does not look like a regular highway route!! Two lanes split into two directions of one lane each in an unfamiliar or never driven before area by model 3!! The autopilot just follows lines and simple rules and if the lines are pointing you off a cliff it will go there no questions asked! I know autopilot is not perfect and those diagonal lines could have confused the system but the pictures shown are not parts of regular simple highway that autopilot is recommended for at this time, case closed..

  6. Honorable of You You to take responsibility for not paying attention (as he should have been), but to use words saying that the Tesla Autopilot software 'malfunctioned' is subjective and misleading, because that would imply perfected level 5 autonomy of the software, which is simply not true. Something cannot 'mal'-function, if it's 'function' is not yet fully developed in the first place. Using software under development is something most average people still don't have a full grasp of responsibility for – they take it for granted instantly, changing from vigilent monitoring and testing, to naive expections after only a few predictable situations. Driving is much more complex, and as You You (and others) have found out, certain situations will still 'get you' if you don't pay attention.

    A better wording for his experience with the autopilot software in his situation would be, "the Developmental Autopilot incurred a vulnerability which has likely not yet been considered for in programming, and I didn't react quickly enough to correct because it was one of those few times I wasn't paying attention as Tesla emphasized I'm responsible for doing…" Using a categorical narrative word like 'malfunction' is misleading and very unfair to Tesla, and is something more like the corrupt MSM would jump all over, especially with oil company and ICE auto establishment manipulators pulling on the anchor puppet strings. Something cannot 'malfunction' if it's 'function' is not fully yet defined, and that is where we are still at with Tesla autopilot. Props again to You You for acknowledging and accepting the first responsibility of not paying attention.

    Ultimately, for a 'world tour' scenario in a special car like the Model 3, he should have had a companion assistant in the vehicle working such issues as navigation, etc. The roads in Europe are narrow and engineered more harshly many places, often because they have been unchanged for many decades, and imminent domain practices are not allowed for infrastructure improvements in those parts of the world. Minimal research would have revealed this to him, so he could have planned to have an assistant with him on his trip, and likely prevented this outcome. Many people would have jumped at the chance to go on a world tour with him in a new Model 3.

  7. A lot of his videos in the states he will show up speeding and showing off. I think he was a little bit carless

  8. "Autopilot" is simply a term thats short for 'automatic pilot'. Even according to airline pilots, it doesnt replace the word 'autonomus', nor does it obviate the responsibilities of the pilot to be aware of conditions. for 'autopilot failures'…We have two well publicised examples of a Tesla hitting a stationary vehicle (both fire trucks??) and two examples of a Tesla "missing the split" (the 405 and this oine) and hitting the crash barrier.
    There is speculation that vehicles moved out of the way that may have been blocking the sensor's 'view' just before these accidents happened and AP was unable to react in time. I would like to know if a similar situation existed just prior to YouYou's accident.

    BTW…I'm waiting on the pickup…IMO Elon should take the front end off the Model 3 and the Model X and the ass end off a Holden UTE and call tme the M1 and M2 (as in 'pick 'em up truck!)

    M1 is a smaller truck like Ford Ranger while the M2 is like the F150

    Elon responded perfectly to not only assuage fears in the Model 3 community by immediately addressing the issue but also shows just how in tune he is with the entire Tesla community. He responds not only to major outlets that actually matter, but to 'pplz'…he's paying attention.

  9. The thing about autopilot is that it's a badly designed system. The tech is great, the neural nets are the future. But a system developed where the user can unknowingly and very easily misuse it is not a good system. As someone who works in software development, we don't blame the users for using the system wrong. It's our fault for designing it in a way that it can be abused.

  10. not a big fan of autopilot more just into an all electric car with 200+ miles and the free super charging everything else on the car is a waste of money

  11. Re: You You Xue crash.
    Fact is my 2015 Model S has tried to kill me at least once and a few times since I first learned that AutoPilot (yes even the MobileEye Mk 1 version I have) cannot be trusted for a moment. Don't get me wrong, I think that I am generally safer when I have AutoPilot engaged since it has a much faster response time than me and simultaneously monitors almost a full 360 degrees around the car (something no human can actually do). But I never trust it, I'm just as alert when using AutoPilot as I am when I'm not (and it does a better job of staying centred in my lane than I do as a bonus). So I was lucky when I had a similar wake up call to You You Xue. I was driving on a divided road with an intersection with a minor road at the crest of a gentle hill when my car lunged violently to the right (Australia, we drive on the left) and sent me heading towards oncoming traffic as I headed towards a break in the medium strip. Just like You You Xue I had one (possibly both) hand(s) on the wheel and violently wrenched the wheel to the left, this got the attention of my nearly dozing girl friend who started screaming, but the danger had passed and I got away with it by the skin of my teeth (more by luck than judgement).
    I now know (mostly by personnel experience) of 4 situations where AutoPilot can fail with possibly serious consequences so I'm extra careful when I encounter them.
    (i) approaching the crest of a hill (including the middle of some bridges). That is where the camera looses sight of the lane lines and the car may violently dart to the right or left.
    (ii) approaching a low overhead obstruction when going downhill (the real reason Mr Brown got decapitated, ignoring for the moment that he was not paying enough attention to take control in time to save himself). Going up hill may result in braking when approaching overhead signs or a bridge over your road (this increases the risk of being rear ended).
    (iii) bad lane markings. Worn or incorrect.
    (iv) a stationary vehicle or solid object (like a fire truck stationary at a red light) in front of the Tesla. I've never witnessed this behaviour, it might only apply to AutoPilot Mk2.

    You might add mechanical/electronic/software fails to this list, I've never had one that caused me concern. The above are just what I know about, there could well be others.

    Bottom line, do not trust AutoPilot, use it as it reduces the chance of an accident but always be aware it is only a driver assist technology, it is not even close to being fool proof and this is where I put some blame on Tesla who do not spell out its limitations or sufficiently emphasise that it can never be trusted.

  12. If a computer is doing everything for you, your mind is going to wander. You can't turn your full attention on in time to take over effectively. If the computer needs you to jump in when there is an emergency, you shouldn't trust it.

  13. I think the autopilot feature should not be available to the general public until it's deemed move effective at avoiding obstacles than an average human driver. I like the technology and even in it's current state I think total accidents would be reduced if 100% of traffic used autopilot. Bad press at this point on autopilot could really put a hurt on Tesla's future.

  14. I think Elon is more productive with the CR feedback because it was objective and backed up with data. Just thought that’d be important to note.

  15. Grasping the bottom of the steering wheel is not a proper steering position. Of course You You is not to blame, lol.

  16. I think Tesla should never have called the current capability “auto-pilot”, because it is in NO WAY an auto-pilot. That only comes with FSD (Full Self Drive). I think this will continue in the news, unfortunately, because they insist on keeping this misnomer of a label.

  17. So, how does a fix to improve the braking distance by 20’ in repeated hard stops help someone in an emergency? You only brake once in an emergency (panic stop), and CR said they could not duplicate their very first brake distance in any subsequent brake event (after a cooling period), even the next day (first attempt), nor on a second model they borrowed from someone.

  18. It sounds like from his description of almost missing the barricade by inches, if he wouldn't have fought the cars drastic adjustment he might have missed it…

    Seems like autopilot caught the error just in time and failed to complete its adjustment do to driver interference. Maybe look up before you try to fight a navigational system designed to help avoid collision.

    That being said we certainly need to find out why the car failed to detect it's route error sooner.

  19. YouYou screwed up . Period . He should consider himself lucky to be alive. Tesla has over and over explained
    the right and wrong way to use their autopilot.

  20. I use my autopilot daily. I pay very close attention every time I do. I know that it’s a system that still being improved. If you take your eyes away from the road long enough that you’re surprised by an approaching barrier, you’re not paying attention. I may look away occasionally, but not for any longer than I would in normal driving. I like having the car drive just the same. Generally speaking, it’s a very good driver! But it has its limitations.

  21. Ben the best analogy of Elon's personality or "temperament" is a surgeon. Do you want the friendly surgeon with the awesome bedside manner or the slightly abrasive one who is awesome at performing the actual surgery?

  22. You You Xue took responsibility for the accident in 1 paragraph, then spent 7 paragraphs explaining why it wasn't his fault. Don't give him credit for that lol. He was looking at his phone. 100% to blame. His post should have ended there

  23. NHTSA will immediately send officials to the location of the accident to start their own investigation, even if they do not have any jurisdiction, just because it is Tesla and they hate Elon. 😉

  24. I don't like Autopilot and hate the very concept of a machine being put in direct control of peoples lives. I think it is a bad idea just waiting to happen as it is ripe for government abuse when the long arm of the law comes for you even though you haven't done anything wrong. Driving is a responsibility of all that chose to get behind the wheel of a car must accept and not for a moment hand over control to some computer program.

  25. The guy was looking at his phone and crashed. In the UK it is illegal to have your phone or to be looking at it while driving. This guy would get a fine and points for using a phone while driving. Imagine if hed killed a pedestrian, cyclist or other driver! Irresponsible. Surely as an avid Tesla fan he would have been aware autopilot is an aid and nothing else.

    For me personally I'd be more than happy with adaptive cruise control for now until autopilot works 100%.

  26. We won't see the model 3 in the UK until 2019/20 so for now the model Y is meh! 'insert shrugging shoulder emojee'.

  27. Not sure about solar roads!? They'll need to be regularly cleaned and traffic jams will block the sun. Roads that charge you car would need a large number of wireless cars before the economics make sense. Fast charging makes more sense IMO.

  28. I’m sorry but I have very little sympathy for YouYou in this accident. I am glad that all are safe and not any injuries and sad that his trip is over. HOWEVER, he admitted he was not following the safety protocols when operating the vehicle in AP. The left lane of the highway had a speed restriction of 90 kmh and the right lane was restricted to 50 kmh. He was travelling at 120 kmh!!!! I have said it many times in my videos that some people don’t deserve this technology. All of these accidents in the news relating to AP have been 100% driver error. Just my 2 cents.

  29. Can you please make your videos louder? It's easy to put the volume down if it's too loud (video it's a lot quieter than all others on youtube). A lot harder to turn it more than the computer and speakers allow.

  30. Very smart thing to do a couple of meters before the crash barrier in a fork is to look at your phones navigation. :/ This is when you should already know where to go and pay attention to the cars Autopilot reaction.

  31. Is it not the point of auto-pilot for the driver to slowly start becoming more comfortable with it, still being alert and attentive.. so why buy it at the time of a Tesla purchase , let Tesla iron out the kinks in it and then once its proven in longer range/time trials then add it as an option…so when will 'auto-pilot be adopted by the gen public as safe and reliable ?
    I feel like Tesla autopilot is still in BETA and Tesla has got people buying ( full price ) a beta version , yeah it will improve over time ( over the air software updates ) .. this software should be pro-rated .. for example pay X amount for Beta version, then as major software updates to improve it become available , have a pay for upgrade option at a minimal cost .. I just feel like Tesla is charging up front for something that is not yet ready and we are all Beta testers working for free ( well we actually pay Tesla to become a Beta tester ) … Don't get me wrong.. I love what Tesla is doing and love the vision and product.. however autopilot is a thorn in my side…

  32. Ben, this is a fantastic video, with lots of good information, presented in a balanced way that is easy to understand. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  33. Mr. Xue, Was told by Tesla that they did NOT reccomend him taking the car to Eastern Europe because the car was not spec'd for Europe and there was no internet support where he was going. He replied he was doing it anyway so you should point that out Joe!

  34. Elons tweet model Y march 15 ,I would love to get my model 3 right hand drive by then in the UK ordered april1 2016

  35. I don't think it matters if you are paying full attention or not, A car that will suddenly swerve into a barrier could catch many people out. Sit next to a friend driving a car without any form of auto pilot and lean across and pull the wheel, See how many times you can do it without an accident.

  36. Hi Ben, Another great video…. thanks for that.

    One thought I'd like to share and would love to know what you think…

    I think it was great that Tesla engaged with ConsumerReports to tackle an important safety issue. However, as a Software Engineer by trade myself, I'd be a little concerned about any software update for a critical subsystem, that appears to have had <24 hours of testing. This is software that controls 'the Breaking System, of a Car!'

    I can only hope, that Tesla must either have some seriously awesome software test processes or some other form of system to carry out due diligence… something, to ensure that the 'fix' hasn't introduced some other bug or behavior impact, before rolling out a change to such a fundamental system.

    Thanks, John

  37. I don’t think Tesla really get too much coverage when accidents occur, it’s just a Tesla fanatics see it because they soak up every news piece related to Tesla. A lot of people in my family and at work wouldn’t even know what a Tesla looks like let alone read articles about them. Car fans are a small % of the population, EV fans are a small percentage of that.

  38. A braking system fault fixed in 3 days? Makes me very suspicious that they actually done any thorough testing of the new software. Or is it they already knew there was an issue and were holding back from their customers?

  39. Involving Yoyo, the fact he had to use Nav on his phone instead of the cars seems to be an issue no one has mentioned. Did the Tesla not have maps stored or cell service there? That seems to be the starting cause there.

    Because he couldn't be at full attention because of a limitation of the Model 3 caused him to be distracted which caused the accident.

  40. I read the comments before seeing the video & thought everyone was being rude to Ben. However, the real question to ask is does the Autopilot system induce driving errors that a non-Autopilot car would not experience such as tracking the wrong lines on a road? If so, that is a big issue that Autopilot drivers should not have to deal with. A test track a 1000 years long? 1 to 4 ratio or 1 to 25 ratio? Ben is distracted by something.

  41. That's a $30k repair bill right there. Tesla's are money pits as they are too expensive to fix. Those electrical systems are very expensive to replace.

  42. Tesla must pay all the expences for You You Xue and the repairs on his car (or a swap) must be for free. That is nothing for Tesla.
    Something irrelevant, You You Xue crash in Greece, they don't have no Superchargers nor a Service centre over there.
    Superchargers in Greece are on Tesla maps from 2014 or 2015, 4 years later and…
    for service centers Musk said:
    "from 2018 there will be at least 1service center in every capital".
    Of cource it was just a B.S. as he use to say very often.

  43. Ben, I understand there are limitations to Autopilot but clearly there are 2 issues with recent accidents that forums should highlight in further details.

    There are 2 significant challenges with autopilot based on recent accidents. One is a Fork in the road just like the accident on Hwy 101 and this one by You You. The second is hitting a solid objects on the road such as the fire truck as well as concrete barriers separating forks in the road. Autopilot needs to recognize these large stopped / fixed objects and avoid them by braking which didn’t happen in either case. Yes I agree fully it is the drivers fault no question as the driver has to be in control.

    My issue with the conversation is the lack of focus on resolving these issues or at least better understanding why technically autopilot didn’t work as expected.

    Yes autopilot accidents are driver errors but I would like a greater focus on the technical limitations so we can learn from these accidents.

  44. Thanks for the video Ben. Here are my points regarding the You You incident:
    1- As many have already pointed out, he demonstrated dangerous behaviour previously when using AP.
    2- Model 3 is not yet available in Europe, and its US software version is probably not optimised for European roads, especially the AP part.
    3- Tesla cars are almost non-existent in Greece, and there is not enough detailed fleet-learning mapping of the roads there, and we all know that Tesla's autopilot improves with time based on fleet mapping. I have been an AP-1 driver since it was introduced in October 2015, so I know what I am talking about. The AP performance improvements on roads where many Tesla cars drive have been incredible compared to the early days when AP was first introduced. Just a reminder: ALL Tesla cars assist in mapping the roads, even those with no active AP, so the more Tesla cars drive on a road, the better AP performance becomes on this particular road!
    4- AP in my model S actually saved me once from hitting a car to my left when I attempted to override it by forcefully steering to the left, but as I didn't see the other car due to blind angle, AP immediately corrected the steering to the right and kept me in my lane! If it wasn't for AP I would have definitely hit the other car!
    5- Every time you turn on AP, it tells you to keep your hands on the steering wheel! You ignore that, and you are in breach of the agreement with Tesla when you first activated the AP function in the settings of the car! You must ALWAYS be in control of the car, and AP will only assist you for the long straight highway-freeway rides and stop-and-go traffic. I can't even imagine driving long trips without it anymore!
    All the best from Switzerland!

  45. Hey Ben you’ve talked about phantom drain before. Is it possible the 9kWh loss is due to the extended amount of time the car was running? 32 hours is significantly longer than your test.

  46. I'm not sure I'll watch the full video, so forgive me if you already addressed this, but the 66kWh measurement could be because it might only measure energy spent on the motor, A/C and electronics. What could be missing is the heat loss, even at the high temperature, over such a long period of time.

  47. I do not trust Autopilot on 2 lane road at all- it works fine most of the time but I think only safe on a very big clear no construction FREEWAY. drive very very carefully rest of the time. Not ready for prime time, very promising.

  48. You You’s accident raises a bunch of very serious questions. The only way for Tesla to answer these questions and figure out the source of the problem and fix it if it is a system problem is for Tesla to bring the car back immediately for full investigation. That would be expensive for You You, but trivial for Tesla!
    I am one of those that followed You You and met him (in Woodburn, OR), and I have found him to have a high level of integrity, so when he describes the car yanking the steering wheel to the side in spite of his hand on the wheel, that concerns me a lot and I want it investigated and addressed seriously. The accident, from what You You said, would not have happened if Autopilot had not been enabled.

  49. It's nice they improved the braking of the Model 3, but there are probably are some trade-offs which was why it was longer before. They can't magically make it better without affecting other elements of the car.

  50. For me it's not so much an argument that those on auto pilot don't relax.. but more that they do a better job about choosing when they do.
    Stop and go traffic? Yup.. totally.
    Freeway driving with a vehicle in front of you and little else on the road? Yup.. sure am.
    But.. when things start to pile on… road construction, other vehicles, many on and off ramps either in close proximity or in strange places.. I'm on point.

    So what happened here seems to be that the driver became very complacent. Especially given that auto pilot is tuned to work where the cues it knows exist. By that I mean well maintained highways.
    I've been hearing quite a bit about the issues in Greece of late and would love to see the dash cam video of the wreck. We all know it exists. If he is saying it doesn't I think that's a huge indicator that he really doesn't want this looked at.

    AutoPilot in it's current form has a ways to go before it's considered autonomous.

  51. I don't think the autopilot malfunctioned. Remember Chinese people are bad drivers. I believe he crashed for driving bad. Elon should just take a quick look at the autopilot to see if there is any defects, but I highly doubt that there will be many defects.

  52. Pay attention while using AP. Its not there to take the place of the driver, yet. The software is not ready and Elon has said so. For all those Tesla owners remember the warning the car gives you when you turn on AP. The warning is: " Always Keep your hand on the wheel. Be prepared to take over at any time." Remember AP is Just there to help, not to replace.

  53. I have AP1 that I use confidently all the time. I recognize that there is some risk of over-confidence, and if something bad happens I will know that it is my fault.
    You covered this very fairly and well. Tesla autopilot is not perfect, and over-confident drivers are one of its biggest vulnerabilities.
    Balanced coverage like yours is the most effective tool to make this interim period (before level four) more safe for Tesla drivers. Good work.

  54. It's funny reading everyone You You has come into contact with, generously given his time and efforts to by showing and allowing them to ride in or drive his Model 3, now turn on him. smh

  55. Kudos to Tesla for fixing the break issue with the Model 3. Obviously it was a simple fix based on how expeditiously it was taken care of. However, why didn't Tesla find this issue either prior to release or during the initial rollout to it's employees. Thanks Consumer Reports for your attention to detail that Tesla doesn't have.

  56. Hello there… I am from Greece … I droved a regular ICE car for job at 2012 … 10 to 12 hours driving, and back an other 12 hours … through Skopia ( Macedonia ) to Kossovo… from Athens … So the part for the Kossovo and Skopia road … is not so safe to ride it fast!! is an old network… and when I was drive it .. has not lights and they had start to make in new road parts constructions !! that part of Greece that the accident happen , is not easy to find way and you must pay full attention with slow speed and see the signs ! is full signs but I do not like the way it is! is not easy for the driver to follow right and fast! the limit in one point was 90 km/h !! I like what You You did and I was wait to see him at Athens… but you can not use autopilot like this , specially in Greece , that the road network , may be is new…. but is not super safe , and constructing well , not design right way also!! SO you must beware for any changing on the road and move slower… So 1000 people every year die here in Greece because they do not pay attention and because they run fast on roads that is not 100% safe… I am sure that this happen all over the world as far I see… But I think this must end… 1000 per year is a lot of people… so even if you have a Tesla or any other car … we are not very good drivers … humans have a problem with feel safe in the car , that look like a bed or a couch to them!! this is the problem here… this is the same problem with Uber accident … the test drive was like I am "home and watch" tv feel like ….. I am not say that the car must have eyes on the driver and tell him what to do!! because that lead to ruin your privacy data… in any system like this!! full cameras see you everywhere… is a bad think!! So one idea is safe driving lessons … from good teachers!! to be a norm … and a part of this is how to use an cruise control or autopilot safe… be more responsible … if you can not learn??? stop driving .. sell your car and stop driving!!

  57. For the model Y If had the money to buy … I will buy the model X 100D … and can but many things to ride to a camping and my bicycle… also … on the roof!! So if I had an old VW camper full electric with 500 miles per charge will be amazing !! even if I had to make it my onw!! SO a Y that look like model X is a good idea!! but a better idea will be a look like VW camper car… many people that like this life , will get one!! and I am not talking about the new electric VW bus that VW said that will take out to market!! I am talking something more open source for the inside … to put stuff like chairs , a small table, a place to put stuff , a mini-freeze , or just empty it and go to the supermarket and get what family need for the month, or may be you use it for your shop or your work!! and manipulate the inside easy as you like!! like a platform!! this is a dream to make … and some people actually did this!! they change the old VW to full electric! you can make a video about it !!

  58. This guy is mentally ill, this, like anything else is a ploy for attention. I wouldnt be suprised if this loon ends up in jail or committing suicide soon.

  59. One word: DRAG. Sean got more range by travelling slower. If he did 606 miles in 32 hours, he averaged just under 19 MPH which is a third of highway speeds or 9x less drag (which can mean getting up to 9x more range, but you also have to account for rolling friction and the energy lost accelerating up to speed).

  60. The reuters report about tesla using airplanes to transport their manufacturing equipment is so annoying. They made a video, explaining how it is very rare it is for auto manufacturers to use airlifts, completely failing to mention that FORD DID THE SAME THING 11 DAYS BEFORE!

  61. Why use real people to beta test software that's clearly not fit for purpose or ready for any kind of use. If it can veer into a barrier without warning, it's not even ready for even level 1 autonomy. No other cars with cruise control features randomly veers into obstacles. Putting the software out there is irresponsible because the driver will relax a bit while driving not expecting sudden change of direction like someone grabbing and yanking the wheel. You think you are okay then the software "grabs" your wheel and before you can react you veer into a barrier with hopefully your life intact. I cannot believe the American government allows a car company to experiment with people lives.

  62. Yeah, I think it could have been avoided if the driver wasn't using his phone. A common factor in these autopilot accidents is that the driver was using his or her cell phone…

  63. I wonder what the roll out time is on the average ICE car?…Anything close to 36 hrs?…Live software updates?…Any other car maker out there that can do this?…

  64. Ben you you should know better, the auto pilot system is not perfect and Tesla has been saying that. Especially when there is a a fork or road work , heavy rain , poor road markings etc . Some time you have to exercise a little common sense .

  65. Why have a mode called "auto pilot" if it does not work?
    On the other hand, if you are travelling 90kph in a car, and choose to 'do other tasks' instead of driving, expect to die.

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