99 thoughts on “Mod Max V8 Nissan Silvia Car Review

  1. if you want mod max to handle like a real race car, I am the crew chief of a professional UMP Dirtcar A-modified race team. I f you would like someone to sort that car out so that it cuts proper lap times, fly me out and give me a budget. when I am done, you will have to listen to my coaching and have the balls to stay in it long enough to be able to keep it sideways long enough to finish the turn. That being said, it will cut lap times that you never thought possible.

  2. This is the first Nissan product I've seen that I actually like!! Still wouldn't want to subject myself to the pain and suffering that comes with Nissan ownership ever again, though…

  3. I reckon you guys should get some d windows with stretched tires, chuck some coilovers in and make it a drift car

  4. Electronic assists? what about the airbag light? the one that says the airbag isn't working? yea, that's electronic!

    I laughed so hard XD

  5. Man, my first thoughts were why do it to a silvia. That is a rare car to find in the US. To make matters worse the S15 is my favorite variant. After hearing the roar of the LS1 though it just changes the entirety of what to expect from a JDM car like that. The look of the car and everything about it is astonishing, really has grown on me.

  6. I think in America there's a mad max fan thing called wasteland weekend and people make cars like this and you win prizes you should go there 🙂 sorry if I'm wrong but I'm Australian

  7. everything looks good except for the exhausts, i reckon it wouldve been better if they were a bit longer and symmetrical

  8. watching people who don't daily drive a v8 monster like I do is priceless… the sheer joy on their faces…

  9. there is barely 20 nissan silvia's in my country and when i see people doing things like that with a car i wanna start crying

  10. Not sure why you didn't leave the LS1 in the Commodore and maxmod the (#*$& out of that beastie. Would've been cheaper and given you time to put together a proper windshield grill that wouldn't let some lightweight mannequin make mincemeat out of the windscreen. Props for the hood-exit exhaust, though; that's awesome!

  11. You can't chopper Mad Max because it make a of lots horsepower it have a V8 in it come on you can chop super gramps moog

  12. you ispired me bea ause of guys i am going to do a youtube chanel. i am 10 and i love mechanics and loud cars for mud and stuff i just need money and a garage

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