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Mitt Romney Loves Cars, Lakes, & Trees…

Mitt Romney Loves Cars, Lakes, & Trees…

A little history, I was born and raised here.
I love this state. It seems right here, the trees are the right . . . height. I like seeing the lakes.
I love the lakes. There’s something very special here.
The Great Lakes, but also all the little inland lakes that, that dot the uh… the parts of Michigan, um…
I love cars. I dunno, I mean I grew up totally in
love with cars. It used to be in the fifties and sixties if you showed me
one square foot of almost any part of a car I could tell you what brand it was,
the model and so forth. Now with all the Japanese cars I’m not
quite so good at it. But I still know the American cars pretty well. And, uh… Drive a Mustang. I love cars.
I love American cars. And long may they rule the world. Let me tell you.
I want to do well…

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100 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Loves Cars, Lakes, & Trees…

  1. The height of the trees here in Maryland is all over the place and it's driving me f'ing insane. Michigan must be a paradise.

  2. GOOGLE YOU GOTGOOGLE ROMNEY, you will become the next president of the USA before the Hill, but your curse , burn the south down burn the Bush,

  3. I was born and raised in Michigan. I have no idea what the fool was taking about. "Trees are the right height"? What the hell does that even mean?

  4. Mitt Romney in an office: "I like the lamps, I like the tables, I love those pens, they're just the right length"

  5. First of all, Obama is a Christian.. Second of all, being a Christian is not a prerequisite to being president even if he weren't. The Government isn't supposed to be affiliated or focused on any religion and for you, as a voter, to alienate people because of a religion, you do exactly what the bible and god say you shouldn't do, and that is judge. You are narrow minded and simple.. but that's to be expected I guess.

  6. @iclandgirl giving yourself the label "christian" doesn't automatically deem ANYONE a good person. just saying.

  7. "Trees are the right height" ???
    Really Mitt?
    So is it fair to suggest that trees in other states
    are too tall or too short… OR when you are in
    my state, are "my" trees "the right height" too?
    I didn't know you could pile Mitt that high!
    You want to be President?
    You are a pile of Shitt Mitt!!!
    RON PAUL wants a debate… NOW MITT,

  8. "I love cars!"
    Yeah, he loves cars so much that he wanted the car industry to go bankrupt.
    Fuck yourself Romney!
    Ron Paul 2012 🙂

  9. and i thought john kerry was a terrible canidate for president, way to one up him in mediocrity romney…

  10. He does this when there is no election day. Miracles happen everyday, we just don't always recognize it at the time. If you think that Romney (ILLUMINATI_ MORMON MEMBER)- or Obama – will bring miracles, you don't know your Bible.

  11. How about this, utube a search on Obama saying Islamic prayer. He says like it is the only one he knows. You can proclaim anything- proclaim to believe anything- to pull people in. It does not mean, however, that you actually practice what you claim to practice. One year he had Christmas ornaments with dictators on them on his tree. Google up that one, too.

  12. You stupid fuck, they had a decoupage Christmas ornament done by a community group that used modern art including Andy Warhol's mock up of Mao in makeup like Marilyn Monroe. The National Gallery has 21 copies of the same print hanging on their walls. Learn about pop art you ignorant hillbilly. Obama knows the Islamic prayers because he lived in a Muslim country for years as a kid. Why don't you look up the videos of Obama praying out of the bible.Get some mental help when you get Obamacare

  13. The trees are just right… height?? Are you serious? Your running for president of the US? Let's talk about all the fucked up shit in the US and you would make changes. Probably didn't say anything about it because he's not gonna change anything.

  14. my god, how can ANYBODY vote for such a creep?!!!?!? I mean he's like the psycho in some crappy horror movie. Wait until he gets out the axe and starts cutting down all the trees to the "right height"…. and then the people…

  15. He has never issued a personal and honest statement about anything anywhere ever – unless it had a tax advantage

  16. HEY MICHIGAN, Romney loves Michigan so much that he was ready and willing to let the auto industry go straight down the tubes. The only thing that he loves is money and power. Don't give him get Michigan's votes.

  17. As someone who's from Michigan, let me just say that I only know a couple people voting for Romney, and that's mostly because he's not Obama and that he grew up where my school is.

    Most Michiganders that I've met hate the guy, and are honestly quite embarrassed to admit that he's from our area.

  18. how about the current fastest car in the world right now in everything but top speed is Japan-made. the nissan 2011 GTR.

  19. it has a 0-60mph time of under 3-seconds. look guys, i love the dodge viper, but i have had to let go of my love for it now that the GTR has returned.

  20. What about the birds in the trees or the cute little bunnies? Would he regulate their height too? Inquiring voters want to know!

    Also, eithere he is reeeeally bad at speaking on the fly or his speech writers are former members of the "Homeless Users of Meth of America, National" or HUMAN

  21. LOL I got here from a discussion that was asking if Mitt Romney had asperger's syndrome or not! XD That raises an interesting possibility!

  22. There is not an Aspie on earth who would be caught dead making this little speech. For better or worse, they're very sincere.

  23. hahaha. you don't know the difference between ignorance and racism ahahaha. oh, man, I'm not really a fan of democrats or republicans but at least democrats can be taken seriously.

  24. I completely agree with you! I know a kid who has aspergers and he's really smart! I just think that it's funny that Mitt Romney's so abnormal that people would even make that connection.

  25. i didn't say ignorant and racist mean the same thing, can you show me where i said that!?, i asked you what made you choose to call me ignorant instead of racist, because racist seems the word people like you love to use when someone says something bad about barry, also where did i say i was republican?!, becasue i dared say something bad about him!? that means every democrat only speaks good of barry soetoro!? the eduaction system hasn't done right by you has it?

  26. "trees are the right height. i like seeing the lakes. i love the lakes. there's something very special here….birch trees and snow are just the right color."

  27. He did the same sycophantic ranting about teachers, cars, Detroit yada yada last night. This guy 'ain't right.' There is funny things crawling in those Reps ears I tell ya.

  28. That isn't true. Romney is over 6 feet in hight (according to google).

    Personally as a guy that is 5'7, I take great offence to being associate with Mitt Romney in hight.

  29. You guys are wrong. Obama is the evil one. You've got a Freemason, reptilian, anti Christ in office running this country to the ground! Think about that…

  30. This "speech" made absolutley no sense-changing into a clown day by day guaranteed that Romney would lose the election-I love it.

  31. There are many explanations for the symptoms we've seen through the campaign trail. I think him being on the spectrum is more likely than him being a "psychopath" like so many other people claim. He's socially awkward, that's for sure. I hear Calvin Coolidge was similar in the 20s. With all the media today, the chance of an aspie president is going down.

  32. This was fucking hilarious when he first said it. SO out of touch. I felt so bad for him. He really was his own worst enemy. If only he had actually cared for the average person and strived to relate to them…

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