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Mitsubishi ASX – Compact SUV to rent in Costa Rica

Mitsubishi ASX – Compact SUV to rent in Costa Rica

in this video we’re going to show you
another car that you can rent in Costa Rica. This is a Mitsubishi ASX. the Mitsubishi ASX is a compact SUV that can seat up to five passengers and is
recommended for four adults or a young family of five the trunk space can hold
up to two regular sized check in luggage or one check-in bag and two carry-ons this car also comes with the luggage cover the Mitsubishi ASX comes with a 2
litres gasoline engine and all the standard features such as air
conditioning radio CD player Bluetooth and a USB port that you can use for
music or to charge your devices the car comes with an automatic transmission and
is a 4-wheel Drive I really like the size of this car it is an excellent
option for those who don’t want or need to drive a full-size SUV but want
something bigger than a sedans just like me we tested the four-wheel drive on some gravel roads common in rural areas of
Costa Rica and it performed really well as I drove around potholes and on loose
rocks I felt very comfortable and secure as I was driving towards one of my
favorite beaches in Costa Rica this video gives you guys more
information and insight into the Mitsubishi AXS if you guys want to rent
this car for your Costa Rican vacations don’t forget that we have an exclusive
car rental discount and extra benefits just for our readers thanks for watching

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2 thoughts on “Mitsubishi ASX – Compact SUV to rent in Costa Rica

  1. The compact suvs here are getting nice, the new Toyota rush is a great refresh too now on its own platform. Great idea to show case what people can rent 👍

  2. This helps to visualize the rental car that I reserved. It's actually smaller than I thought but is fine for just myself and my husband. Thanks!

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