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Minnie Ingersoll: Shifting from Google to Used-Car Sales

Minnie Ingersoll: Shifting from Google to Used-Car Sales

One of the things that
also happens was then I decided, OK, let me really
dig into the numbers here. Let me understand how
big is this market. Talk me through what are
sort of the unit economics that CarMax has. Is this something that
makes sense as a business? And so first, actually,
I invested in Shift. So as I said, I was friends
with George, our CEO. And so I was an
early angel investor in Shift, which made sense
to me just as an investment. But I actually wasn’t going
to leave my job at Google. So Google was a really good
place to work, as I said. And I was also– I think
I just had my first child. And so Google provides this
amazing five month maternity package. But it also kind of
felt like, at Google, I was doing a lot of
making decks to explain why we should do something that
really made sense we should do. And then I had to
make another deck to explain it to someone else. And I wasn’t actually
getting to do as much. I wasn’t really launching stuff
as much as I was really hoping. But it was nice. And someone summarized
it really well for me, which is, they said, OK,
at a big company, when someone joins the company and starts
kind of doing your work, you’re like, whoa, whoa, whoa,
hey, hey, that’s my work. Look, that’s my vertical. I’ve got that vertical. And someone else says, you know
what, that’s my horizontal. I’m doing that. Someone else says, look, I
know I was assigned to that. And then at a small
company, someone joins and starts
doing your work, and you’re like, oh my god,
please start doing my work. Thank you so much. I’ve got way too much going on. And I think that that was a
big difference for me coming from Google to Shift
was it was just a different level of engagement
and a different level of launching stuff. We’re just able to do
so much so much faster. So I started at Shift, actually,
when I was on maternity leave. I just started helping
out a little bit. And then I just got hooked. It was really exciting
to be launching stuff. And it was also just
really amazing to have customers be so appreciative. So when I talk about
Shift now, it’s a small enough world that
people tell me, look, I sold my car with Shift. And it was great. Thank you so much. And especially in the
early days of Shift, I got to know a lot
of our customers. They were just like, look,
thank you for dealing with this. I’ve been meaning to deal
with the car in my garage. I just didn’t know
what to do with it. So that was really exciting. And what I wrote here is a
car company with Google DNA. And well, Google,
taught us a lot. Every day, Google,
they say, what are you doing for the customer? How is this better
for the customer? Are you providing better
customer experience? And I don’t think that the
car dealerships of today tell their sales people every
day when you think about this, think about is this the best
experience for the person who walks in the door? Make sure that they walk
away with a great experience. And I think that that’s
a really important thing. We talk a lot at Shift
about every car you sell, would you sell this car
to your younger sister? Make sure we’re just treating
people with that level of care.

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