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Mighty Car Mods – How to Pimp your Ride for under $500

Mighty Car Mods – How to Pimp your Ride for under $500

Now today we are gonna be doing some mods on this little Daihatsu Cuore you can see behind me Now we sneakily borrowed it from a friend of ours Now she thinks we’re going to get a pedicure, ok? Now in fact, we’re gonna be modding this little beast up ok, we now got 8 hours until she finishes work and we have got a total of $500 , okay? so we don’t have much time, we dont have much money But we’re gonna do some awesome mods now the only thing we have to find is where can we find someone who can do it in the time. they say he was raised by a gang of transgenetic monkey goats in antarctica, they say he is the only human being who was actually born with a soldering iron attached to his body. now nobody knows what his name is, nobody knows where he’s from, infact he could be anywhere well he’s not, he’s in sydney, we’re in a secret location. I want you to meet this guy cause he’s a freak, lets go check it out. Alright, now part 1 of our stereo installation Pioneer head unit, RCA outs, nice little unit, 100 bucks (AUS) Clarion splits, 100 bucks (AUS) Active response subwoofer, for under the back seat, or wherever we choose to put it, 100 bucks (AUS) and we have our remote central locking kit, and actuators for both doors, $50 (AUD) and then basically the little bits and pieces

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100 thoughts on “Mighty Car Mods – How to Pimp your Ride for under $500

  1. so basically "yeah I stole my friend's car, we are gonna fuck it up whether she likes it or not and claim it isn't our fault it's hers"

    … epic

  2. These old MCM vids may be a bit rough and unpolished, but they sure are nice. I can't believe how different the guys looked back then. If I didn't know better I'd swear they were different people.

    This was one of the first MCM vids I ever watched. Not sure why it popped up in my recommended list, but it was a joy to watch again.

  3. Hola, saludos de Marty y Moog, me gusta mucho tu programa, lo veo mucho en youtube y tengo algunas preguntas que hacer sobre un Daihatsu Coure que modificaste, 1 en qué sitio web compraron piezas de repuesto de Diahatsu y 2 que podrían enviarme Correos electrónicos de contactos para encontrar repuestos de esa marca.

    Te deseo lo mejor y el éxito en tu carrera, adiós.

  4. I was 3 years old when this video got uploaded…. And the video style hasn't changed in 11 years time. And i love it!

  5. This is a pretty well done first video I have to say even when you guys started you had great production skills.

  6. I always start the mcm saga over everytime I start work on a new car. Just bought a 3sgte and all kinds of goodies for my project aw11. This is rewatch number 4. Before this was a 3000gt vr4, before that was a mk3 supra turbo, before that was a stock 240sx (I wish I didn't get rid of that one lol). I love these guys. I know it sounds weird but they feel like friends. They've been there helping me build my cars through the years. Marty and Blair seem like awesome fellas. I'd like to share a lemon squash with them one day. If you guys read this by chance I'd like to thank you for years of entertainment and help. Love you guys.

  7. Love you guys. Been catching random vids over the last few years. Been working on my own cars since my first owned in '1997. Watched a lot of MCM in the last few months before seeing this one. Question: were you 'life long friends' before this first episode, or did a random stranger on the interweb become an epic companion in this amazing series?

  8. ahh the good old days when a red turd and a couple of spanners was all you needed to do a mod…

  9. This was actually the 1st MCM video I watched!!! Had no idea that it was their 1st episode.. Love it..

  10. humble beginnings! from a Daihatsu all the way to the Outfap!! outstanding job guys!!! sending love all the way from the Philippines

  11. did the clear moisture barrier inside the door panel go back on after the sound deadening?? or is that a waste of time?

  12. It's amazing how far they've come in 11 years. Their builds now are far better and complex as they should be, but the quality of the videos is just awesome. Even back in 2008 the quality is still pretty good. 2019

  13. 7:49 yellow plates
    8:25 white plates

    claims they only had it eight hours, seems like this might have been over a longer period of time otherwise why different plates?

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