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Mighty Car Mods – How To Change Your Steering Wheel

Mighty Car Mods – How To Change Your Steering Wheel

Welcome to another episode of Mighty Car Mods. It’s proudly brought to you by Just Car Insurance. Now, We just got an email from Adam Grass or wow ski, and he said dear Mighty Car Mods Can you show me how to put an aftermarket steering wheel on my car? Yes we can Adam, yes we can. Today, we’re working on the Mighty Car Mods Honda Civic, which is in desperate need of a new steering wheel. So let’s get to it. Okay, so here are the things you’re gonna need: You’re gonna need a flathead screwdriver. You can use that to peel off Marty’s pants, or peel off things that you need from the car You’re gonna need a socket, you’re gonna need a boss kit. This is the item that adapts your steering column to fit with your aftermarket steering wheel, and lastly of course you need the aftermarket steering wheel. This was from eBay, it was $20, and look at this. It’s gonna be amazing for our Honda. It’s Type R. This was 20 bucks. This was $20, $40 steering wheel mod Mighty Car Mods style. Rake loves it! The first thing to do is find the horn fuse, and then remove it. We’re taking out the fuse for the horn because otherwise it’s going to make a whole lot of noise when you’re changing the steering wheel. Interestingly on this Honda, The fuse for the horn is also the brake lights. So if your horn fuse goes your brake lights don’t work either. It’s crazy, and Rake loves it! Leave the fuse in a safe place. then jack up your car and grab your screwdriver. Next, you’ve got to remove the old steering wheel – get the covers off with a screwdriver so you can get access to the steering column nut. It’s important to make sure your wheels are centered and check where the stock steering wheel sits. You can use the steering lock built into most cars to help you loosen the nut. Now, there’s a 19 mil nut holding our steering wheel onto the steering column and, like Moog said, you can use a socket… … or if you’re stuck in the desert, and it’s a day before race wars, and you want a mad steering wheel, … … then you can use your wheel brace. Undo the nut, but leave it on the end of the column. This is to stop your face being rearranged when it finally comes loose. Center your wheels again, and then start pulling. Then start pulling on the steering wheel, they can sometimes be a little stubborn. Give the old wheel to someone in need, and then grab your boss kit. The boss kit adapts the spline of the steering column to a standard six-bolt setup used by most aftermarket wheels. The boss kit should have an alignment marker on it to show you which way’s up. Okay, so the boss kit’s on. The next thing to do is connect the wiring to the back of the new horn, … then make sure that it’s aligned right at the top. Screw it in and it’s gonna be mad. Isn’t it, Rake? With everything on tight, chuck your fuse in, then check your horn and make sure all the controls are working exactly as they should That is a $40 mod, and has completely updated the look of the car and guess what – Rake loves it! We’ve gone from this to this The smaller wheel looks heaps better, and is definitely more hygienic than the old one This is a cheap and easy mod and the last thing to do, of course, is to test it out. There’s gonna be lots more videos coming up, including the build of the Civic, real soon. Exactly, it’s going to be rad. So until then keep your eyes on the Mighty Car Mods forum, which you can find at There’s thousands of people, just like you and me, exploring each other and their ideas. I believe that last night when I was sleeping Flurpy found me, and this ear has not been the same since.

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100 thoughts on “Mighty Car Mods – How To Change Your Steering Wheel

  1. I have a question does it work the same if your car has buttons in your steering wheel ? like will they still work?

  2. Could i install any type of sterring wheel i want on any car? Like a 2010 suburban steering wheel in a chevy 1500 pick up?

  3. I can't find the hub adapter for my 2002 ford ranger xlt and do you know what hub adapter to get for it? Will the hub adapter you guys used fit on my truck?

  4. for those who wonder and will attempt this! make sure you disconnect the battery for at least 30 minutes before you star messing with the steering wheel so the airbag wont blow you off the car

  5. after seeing videos about how cheap ebay steering wheels can bend just by looking at them, i'm worried about this one solidity :/

  6. Hey guys I was about to install one but before I buy it are they legal to have as they don’t have a airbag?

  7. Why do people change their steering wheels when they had a, airbag? i'll never understand that.

  8. Pontiac grand prix has such a humongous steering wheel but i like the controls on it so ill deal with it 🤷‍♂️

  9. Hi i have a nissan sentra se r and vi wanna put a steering wheel but i cant find the rigth adapter for it can u help me where i can find it thanks

  10. One thing i cant stand in cars is aftermarket steering wheels 🤢 same goes for aftermarket pedals and gearknobs

  11. Some of us have the need to upgrade our steering wheel….one of the problems is the lack of buttons for radio, cruise, phone etc…the other one is the lack of design….can you guys hack into a gaming/ racing steering wheel and make it work on a car…i think you guys can…?!

  12. And how the fuck you connected the horn?? From what place you get the cables if there are only cables to the airbag????

  13. Anyone know how to remove a steering wheel with an air bag ? Any vid out there showing this and also discussing the ins and outs of removing the airbag, as regards insurance etc.

  14. I don't support the idea of buying cheap ebay steering accessories. It's your only connection to the road and they usually break pretty easily.

  15. Any way to make video of changing steering wheel with buttons on it for renault scenic 1? Great vid btw keep up!

  16. That is not legal to do, if the car came with an air bag out of the factory then the new steering wheel must also have an airbag in it.

  17. hi i got a mitsubishi spacestar mpv 2001 and i cant seem to find a boss kit for it just wondering if you mite contacts in japan that mite one thanks shane

  18. I have an oddball car that I want to replace the steering wheel to. Its a 2002 hyundai xg350. Im looking at a universal boss QR kit 6 bolt and a 345mm 6 bolt steering wheel. Am I missing anything? or is there anything I should check or that I need to know before I do this. Its difficult to find anything aftermarket for this car. Im assuming that I would just bolt on the boss kit like in this video then bolt on the steering wheel but I cant find that anyone has done it with this specific vehicle.

  19. If i install it like in the video does a car with airbag and horn will both work as if it was a OEM sterring wheel?

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