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Mercedes S Klasse W221 buyers review

Mercedes S Klasse W221 buyers review

At every introduction of Mercedes S-Class
it’s called the best car in the world. The same for this generation
with code name W221. It is a really great car, depending
on what you’re looking for. It’s very comfortable and luxurious. This
car is 8 years old, but lacks nothing. It’s all still up to date. The engines range from a lot of hp
’til a ridiculous lot of hp. There are some sensible choices,
including the diesels. There was even a 4-cylinder diesel
after the facelift in 2010. It went fine with 201 hp, but a 6/8-cylinder
suits the S-Class better. A V12 is also possible. ENGINES
gasoline ENGINES
diesel About 200 S-Classes of this generation
are for sale on AutoScout24. More than 50% is a diesel;
7% has a V12. There are 2 versions:
the AMG and regular V12. Too much for in the Netherlands,
but very nice. The S-Class is very luxurious. Automatic
gearbox and leather upholstery is standard. There are different packages, but they
don’t show well on AutoScout. You can find different packages,
but you’ll have to read the car’s description and look at pictures of buttons, etc. Prices start at 15,000 euros. PRICES
minimum, average, maximum The prices are OK, but it’s
not a car to drive cheaply. You have to realize that. It’s heavy as well. Road tax
and insurance aren’t cheap. Parts aren’t very cheap either
and there are a lot of parts. I’m not saying it all breaks, but you’ll
have to check everything. I’m talking about the buttons. A lot
is electrically adjustable and operated. Seats, sun screen, massage function; check
everything because it’s expensive to fix. There are a number of engines with
things to watch out for. For example the M272 engine, the S53 gasoline.
Its camshaft may wear; an expensive fix. They’re the first model years, but not
excluding the later ones. Keep an eye on it. The related V8, the M273, has a comparable
problem, but is less expensive to fix. You’ll have to be less worried about that. With the diesels you’ll have to listen
for rattles on a cold start. It may indicate a stretched timing chain,
as we often see in these videos. When the timing chain fails,
the engine parts run into each other because the chain times the cylinders,
valves, etc. If not, it clashes. That’s very expensive to fix when it happens.
Change the chain when you hear the rattle. There are different stories about
the automatic 7G-Tronic gearbox. Some say they all break down, others
have no problems whatsoever. The truth will lie in the middle. You can give the gearbox a longer lifespan
by changing the oil regularly. When flushing, all the junk will come out
and it’ll shift more smoothly. It’s how you fix starting problems as well. Check if it changes gears smoothly
when on a testdrive. You should be able to drive an S-Class
as if you’re not moving at all. As if nothing happens. That should be
the feeling you get in the car. Check the AIRMATIC suspension
with older Mercedesses. The W221 got a more sturdy system
and it’s less expensive to fix. Still, if it’s leaning, there’s usually something
wrong with the air suspension. Usually it’s the pump, which is
not that expensive to replace. While driving you should listen for strange
sounds, especially from the engine bay. When the wishbones start creaking
they need replacing. The last thing. It’s not really rust, because most
parts are aluminum, but corrosion. There are little blisters in the paint.
Tiny ones are OK, but with the water-based paint
it may be a problem. Especially when the car wasn’t well maintained. Check the car all over for strange things. We found this car at Auto Wust. Classic colors, wood inside, a diesel.
A very nice car. It has a SterOccasion warranty. THIS CAR Thanks to
Auto Wust B.V. Subs – Maru

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    I'm sure a lot of people are interested in this model as it's still a very nice car and you can find them very cheap.

  2. Fuck this car!! Elektro Problem Mechanik Problem //Problem Problem Problem Problem! And 80.000 €car!!! Japan car is the Best of the World!! Europe cars is shit!!! I living in Berlin und Born!!

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