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Men who yell from cars | On the Rag: Safety

Men who yell from cars | On the Rag: Safety

(dramatic music) Like Bob Geldof, and Bono before him, Tony donates hours of his time to a truly selfless cause. For the past three decades, he’s been making women feel beautiful by loudly commenting on
their physical attributes from the driver’s seat of his car. Tony, welcome. Now tell me, why do you
yell at women from your car? – Well, I really think of it as a service. I’m here to help ladies, specifically to help them
remember that they’ve got tits. – Now tell me, how long have
you been doing this for? – Oh, since I can remember. It actually goes back a
long way in my family. My great-great-great grandfather used to shout at ladies from
the back of a horse, you know. – You don’t say. – “I’ll ride you next,”
that sort of thing. It’s one of those things
that really is a calling, really is something that, over the years, you have to make sacrifices for. For example, I haven’t
been able to hold down a nine-to-five job, or
any serious relationship. But I think it’s worth it, yeah. – And how does all of this make you feel? – Lucky. Lucky, Leonie, I suppose. Blessed, even, that through such a small gesture, I can have such a big
impact on someone’s day. Just one noise, one kissy
face out the window. – What do you say to people who call this so-called “harassment”? – I do sometimes come
across people who say it makes them feel unsafe, and that on top of the barrage of things that they’re experiencing everywhere else that it’s a really upsetting
thing to encounter, and I hear that, I listen,
I think about it, and say, “What about if you just get
you tits out for the boys? That might be a better way”
of solving the problem.” – Indeed. Now, just for a bit of fun, Tony, what would you yell at me? – Ooh. Tricky one, ’cause you’re sitting down. I find that I normally get more creative if I’m leaning out the car and the beautiful lady is walking along. – Okay. Can we – can you, thank you. – Oh! – Is that helpful? – Ohh. – Great. Great. What a treat. – Okay. (makes car noises) Hey baby! Bet you’d like a bit of
my (beep) in your (beep)! I’d love to give you a (beep)
with my (beep) in the (beep) for a bit of a (beep) in the (beep). – An artist. (dramatic music) – Great. – [Tony] Show us your tits! Fwoaar! Nice ass! (sighs)

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