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Mein neues Büro – Roomtour!

Mein neues Büro – Roomtour!

The camera is tilted. Is it recording already? I don´t know… Somehow I still don´t like the lighting. Is there a shadow on my face? Hello and welcome guys. Nah.. Again! Hello and welcome to my new Office! Finally I´ve got my own office. I´ve been searching for it for so long. I was searching for this type of office all the time. I´ve found it only by chance. Of course I will be doing a room tour for you in a second. First I wanted to explain to you why I´m having this office. Why didn´t I continue working in my home office? Working at home I felt a bit shut in. I was searching for an office for quite a bit. I didn´t want to have “any” office, where I´m sitting alone on my own. I wanted to join a place where other
people from other businesses are working. That´s exaclty what I found right here. ‘It is called Office and Friends’. These type of offices can be found in different cities. This concept is called co-working. You can either rent only a working space, rent an entire office room, or you can rent only a time slot of the conference room, you can also only rent the postal address, telephone answering service and so on. That´s all you need. You can have all that without the
obligation of building up your own building or renting an entire building for your company. You don´t even need to have extra personnell to
answer your phone or accept mail or deliveries. The best thing is you´re never alone in here! Except today – but today is saturday so that´s okay. But that´s exactly what I wanted as
I felt a bit shut in working at home. Some of you might think that I could´ve
counted myself lucky to work at home. Some might start their own business to do so. I´ve been working at home for 2 years now. And I can tell – that´s not for me. I need steady procedures like driving to work in the
morning and coming home after work in the evenings. Because in the past I´ve been working so long all
day that I somehow forgot to have a private life. I´ve started in the morning cutting videos still wearing my pyjamas and after hours of working at approx. 2 PM
I realized that I have to shower and dress. Here in my office I don´t have any distraction. That was a point which annoyed me working at home. You have your house hold and other things to do besides working. There´s always something going on that interrupts your work. Just like ‘I should do the laundry and stuff’. Here´s no distraction at all. Here´s only
me, my office, my computer and my camera. That´s what I need! I don´t want to talk for too long. I bet you´re excited to see what it looks like around here. Just for explanation: This room right here is my own office I´ve rented. All the other things I will show you do not
belong to my room, but I can use them anyways. There are more people renting a room in the building. And there´s the meeting room and the kitchen we´re all sharing. My office is only this room, but I will show you everything in the building. Let´s go! Before we start the room tour I have to introduce you to my new employees. This is Maylo working very hard on YouTube. We won´t disturb him doing his work, right Maylo? Let´s move on. That´s his colleague Chopper presenting
his ideas on the white board. Now that you know my team – let´s start the room tour. Let´s start at the entrance. First thing you see is the foyer with a kitchen, which I´m able to use. Here is a small lounge area. That´s chic. Here you find everything you might need. Coffee maker, dishwasher and a cooker. I could cook me some lunch if I want to. There´s a microwave. Here you find a small dining table. Even with a view – but that´s not ready yet. They are
building up something. So we will leave that one out for now. That´s the bathroom. That´s not that exciting. Let´s go on. That´s the corridor. We do have glass walls everywhere. I really like that open look. The first room is a conference room. If you want to have e meeting or conference with some people you`ll
find everything you need in here like presentation boards etc. This is a room where you can rent the single working spaces. This is a fireplace room – it doesn´t have a real
fireplace but there´s a tv showing flames gererally. This is made for people having meetings only with 2-3 persons. You can sit here together having a brain storming for instance. The room has a very cosy atmosphere. I like the lamp by the way. Coming to the most important part – my office. This is the doorman I´ve hired. Okay guys – that´s what my office looks like. I would love to show it to you properly with a wide angle camera. I´m starting from outside so that you can see more of the whole room. At the moment there are 3 tables in my office. I´m working at that one. I arranged myself a little filming set. This means I will sit here filming myself what I formerly did at home. When I´m for example configurating a new car with you or whatever. There´s my ring light. That´s awesome because it creates those nice bright rings in your eyes. This is my little cabinet, where I´ve placed by calendar on. And this Lamborghini right here. There´s a shelf where I´ve put on some
decoration and the cover of my calendar. I´ve placed two plants right here as visual protection. I did that because when I´m fiming from the angle I did in my intro you would normally see
the people sitting in the meeting room in the background. So that´s their protection. The best thing for me right here is the illumination. Over there´s a window. And when I´m sitting here I´ve got very natural lighting conditions. I like that kind of illumination best,
because to me it looks most beautiful. Just in case it´s too dark outside I´ve
got a lamp over there to help me out. The most important tool is my huge screen. That one´s really huge guys. Just for you to compare… I need it to cut my videos. I will show you why. When I´m cutting my videos with Adobe
I can see the whole time line at once. This is really helpful while cutting the videos. For those who are keen on knowing that: I will
mention below which screen that is in which size. This is my charging station. Many of you
already asked me about it on Instagram. Just search for charging station on Amazon and you
will find those things. It´s not even expensive. I think it was about 30€. I can charge my AirPods, my Apple Watch and my iPhone at the same time. It´s all inductive. I´ve got a very fancy wall over there. I´m not too sure where it´s from. I guess
it´s from IKEA or something like that. I can place the particular items where I like. I´ve put my head phones on it for example. You can remove all elements seperately and replace them somewhere else. You can do that with each and every element on the board. So you can organize the board as you like. I will show you the most important thing in my
office – It´s the most important tray ever. I couldn´t work wothout it. Everything in here is designed ergonomically. I can even adjust the hight of the table. Down – Oh it´s almost the lowest
position as I´m so small – and back up. The chair is ultra comfortable. The furniture was already existing
in the room when I rented it. That included: table, cabinet, shelf, the organizing board, the chairs. What I brought with me was the decoration like this one. Also the plants. What I like in general is the whole set up like the wooden walls. They make you feel very comfortable in the room. That wall is quite dark. I´m not sure which material this is. It´s a wall made of dark single elements. I think that fits perfectly. Of course there´s the dog bed for my dogs,
because I can take them with me into the office. I have to watch out the glass door.
Me and my dogs ran into it several times. I didn´d show you the nicest part of the building yet. I have a direct access to the terrace of the building. It´s winter now – but imagine that during summer. Let´s have a look. Because its just amazing! It´s just a huge rooftop with a view. Of course everybody has access to it but I have my very own door to it. And the best thing is – let´s walk round the corner. I can see my car! My office room is not completely finished. I need to redesign some parts of the room to build up my studio. This table might leave as I can built up a nice backgound over there. Might be some nice poster or something so that I can
sit in front of a nice backgrund while talking to you. This corner will be redesigned as well, as at the
moment I´m using it as a storage for anything. Alright guys – that´s my office. I´m really looking forward recording videos for you at this location. Leave a comment what you think about my stunning office. It is really stunning – I don´t have any other words for that. I´m feeling very comfortable in my office. I´m looking forward to the future in my office and many cool and new projects. Many new videos for all of you. I´m hoping you´ll stay tuned to see the videos which will be created right here. In case you don´t do it already: Don´t forget to subscribe! See you next time! Ciao!

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23 thoughts on “Mein neues Büro – Roomtour!

  1. Ich habe an dem Gebäude mitgearbeitet als es gebaut wurde. Interessant zu sehen wie es jetzt aussieht. Kannte es nur als Rohbau.

  2. Ja genau ein bureau ich habe damit eine frage was machts du mit den hunde ja hast du jetz mehr arbeit und in dem beruf ist ja kein feste urzeit

  3. Ich habe grad mit dem Nicos Rosberg der neue electro BMW geschekt in Munchen der ist super aber live ist besser von Munchen per vidéos und die probe fahrt

  4. Dein Mercedes hat schon 6 monates das ist schon ein halbes jahr du hast ein super cars ok buro gut gutes gebit gleich im wald und frische luft auf terrasse das ist gut ok schau

  5. Das Büro ist mega schön eingerichtet! 🤩 Gefällt mir sehr gut 👌🏼 Darin kann man es sicherlich gut aushalten

  6. Mich wundert das du so viel mit Youtube verdienst trotz der geringen Anzahl von Abos trotzdem gönne ich dir es sowas von

  7. Das finde ich klasse. Abstand, Freiheit, Loslassen. Typisch Wassermann. Kreativ sein. Wirtschaft. Super. Sehr gut. I Know what you need. Freedom.

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