100 thoughts on “McConnell: This is the greatest threat to US jobs since Great Depression

  1. A federal agency should be able to freeze the assets and bank accounts of congress people when they filibuster or delay crisis Bill's while national emergencies are active. If you make us wait for help to pass campaigned topics the people or senate voted against during a time of crisis, you will have to wait too. We should allow some random federal agency to prosecute like the FTC. Trade commission wont like delay. Then they should be charged with subverting elections & law gouging. Using crisis to pass out-voted ideas the people or senate dont want in normal times.

  2. Don't pass no bill the Democrats slip stuff in that we don't agree on.
    Especially abortion and the stupid climate change crap😡
    Please vote these people out.

  3. Should be more concerned with getting doctors and health care professionals the sh!t they need to be able to do their job. Therefore, stop bit€hing about petty little check payouts that aren't going to help anyone! And do your ducking job!

  4. Stay inside and when we come through this let's invest trillions annually into renewables and off fossil fuels…2 million net increase in US jobs.

  5. What if you push back rent? Will that cause any problems or will it just help the ones with no jobs during the pandemic? Is it even possible?

  6. Trump dropped the ball, it is very clear that he is not qualified for the job along with all his party members.  Trump is hero of the stupid.

  7. These Senators need to understand that WE pay their wages and it is us that need help not some huge Corporation which The Republicans and Democrats are fighting over. The Republicans don't need a 500 Billion dollar slush fund to help their Big Business Friends.

  8. Everything is going to be alright. You all just wait and see—be patient , strong and positive!!😁

  9. Republicans want to send 1.7 TRILLION DOLLARS to Wall Street. That's your money and my money going to millionaires and billionaires. Democrats refuse to let it pass. That's why Americans can't get relief now. Don't let this asshat lie to you. They're all just like Burr

  10. Were turning the world upside down why? To save a minute fraction of the global population. My state lost 67 people in March… not to Corona but the general flu. Only 3 to the Corona virus. This is a totalitarian global maneuver.

  11. The Corona Virus Stimulus Relief Bill should address only those issues dealing with the crisis. Besides getting the virus under control the most important issue is combating the economic fallout from this emergency. People are losing their jobs, hours are being cut and many businesses are or will be going bankrupt. This is not the time to be playing politics with the well-being of the American People. Addressing the the crisis does not require over a 1,000 pages of pork. Every legislator and lobbying group responsible for these unrelated proposals needs to be identified. What does increased bargaining powers for unions have to do with this crisis? Increased fuel emission standards for airlines? Expansion of wind and solar tax credits? Really, voting regulations, employment guarantees for foreign workers? These legislators are holding Americans hostage to promote the policies of their special interest groups. It is time to go to work for the American Citizen.

  12. Andrew Young had the right idea – give Americans $1000 every month. Let businesses go to bankruptcy, take the shares of these bankrupt companies, and give it back as stock options to the employees to run the corporations or sell off as needed. This will create whole bunch new startups and ventures, and create a just and equitable society. Also, medicare for all.

  13. Republicans are holding up the bill. Why let Mnuchin hide where and how $500B of our money will be spent? Trump and Mnuchin want to give to to their favorite crony capitalists who are going broke. Let these corps go to bankruptcy. Give the shares of bankrupt companies to the workers. Institute $1000 a month UBI.

  14. The Dirty Delusional Democrats better start working for the American Citizens, instead of playing Political Games!
    The Dirty Democrats are trying to make the economy fail, in the hopes of winning the election in November.
    This is not about an election!
    The Dirty Democrats need to do what we pay them to do and that is represent the American Citizens!!!

  15. The only person in Washington that represents anything I believe in is the president , everyone else can go straight to hell !

  16. Stop all current payments out of banks and the like then replace them temporarily with out of work retirement checks so people don't have to come out this will last until the pandemic is over NO USA money is allowed to leave the county

  17. They outsourced for 40 years, we're no longer needed. Start digging mass graves. The rich will be fine, don't worry about it.

  18. I highly recommend everyone watch the “dirty money” – Donald trump episode on Netflix which show the way trump and his company con others and the country. After watching it, think to yourself, wow this guy is our president?

  19. Here's more proof that Democrats don't care about America and American citizens. Schumer and Pelosi only care about themselves, money, and power. Same with all the Democrat "leaders".

  20. we have to suffer at the mercy of the likes of Pelosi…… flies in on her broom and destroys a bipartisan bill to help us

  21. ♥️ listening to McConnells speeches cuz they always share a good moral to it in the end and makes you think – 🇺🇸

  22. Republicans put in a 500 billion bailout for the airlines specifically written up that they don't have to explain what they did with the money until 2021. The same airlines that used 96% of their tax cut to buy back stocks, which is why their cash reserves are low

  23. most of those jobs are gone for good. the economic bubble has already popped. there needs to be a full-scale reindustrialization and slap economic sanctions on China like we do with Iran.

  24. And make no mistake about what Trump means about the cure being worse than the disease. It's why Tucker just had a guest on saying don't worry about the elderly getting it, they should be willing to sacrifice themselves for the children

    They don't care how many die, they want people back to work so they don't fall into only the top 2% of the most wealthy people and so a recession doesn't hurt Trump's re-election chances

    Nobody is expecting you to suddenly embrace liberals. But please keep this in mind in November. Your lives mean nothing to them.

    And if you want to use whataboutism even though Deme at least will provide help even if it's just for political reasons it's still better than the cult worship of a man that would sleep like a baby and sacrifice all of you to win a second term

  25. No it's not the greatest threat since the depression.
    It's the greatest threat since outsourcing. Back up there a bit, McConnell . Some of us are still around who remember the beginning of that beast.
    How about the y2k mergers that cojoined companies and stole pensions and handed out severance packages instead ?
    How about railroad shutdown that forced workers to retire or relocate and retrain ? That was late '70's.
    Water under the bridge, right?

  26. Shame on this guy. Shame on the Government for allowing These lies and manipulation to feed America.. This is true manipulation. The Americans needs he’s talking about Money to help Families is what The Republicans are cutting Out of the Bill. He’s 🤥 Lying. The democrats are trying to help YOU PEOPLE!! Shame shame shame. 🤥

  27. Where's our Medicare for all that want it? We want it now, there couldn't be a better time with millions unemployed and millions more facing a heath care cost crisis. Congress pushing policies with no regard for human life, corporate profits before people.

  28. Cuomo literally said he wants New York to get all of the ventilators, and he'll give them to the rest of the US when he is done with them.

  29. It IS a threat, which the house demwits could have prevented if they didn't keep trying to play politics, and tack riders onto the stimulus bill. 🤬

  30. Anyone, anyone who votes for a Democrat this November is beyond stupid! Their mission is easy to see for some of us: Crash the economy, hope the virus gets worse and worse than blame it on Trump so he will be defeated in November. Than Biden who suffers from dementia wins. They will make sure he picks a left-wing radical as vice president and then find a way to get rid of him during his first term and take over. People in the United States have no idea what they're in store for if the Democrats succeed.

  31. Old people? Babies? Pregnant women? Who needs ‘em? We need to artificially pump up the stock market so Donald looks good for Election Day… and hey- if 9% of all pregnant women, babies and old people have to die for that – who cares? We must get handouts to wealthy people and irresponsible corporations to juice the stock market- stat! Forget those nurses and delivery people! What about Steve Wynn??? His Vegas casinos are closed and he is suffering … he needs free money… free taxpayer money

  32. Then why are they jacking up and expediting 85,000 more HB 1 VISAS? Gimme a break stop importing cheap labor and cutting our throats?

  33. Yes and why haven't you stopped ALL visa lottery, HB1 AND any other foreign citizens from being allowed in the country for employment. Stop lying about asylum seekers not taking jobs. Either do right or get out of the United States government we need Representatives and Senators that protect Americans against these threats!

  34. Hey Mitch YOU are the one that can do a bill to help families WITHOUT $trillions of Socialist handouts to business. Get help to American familes now if you care so much. Figure out your handouts to Big Business later after American families are taken care of.

  35. The DEMOCRATS has killed themselvws asking for money for themselves that doesn't have anything to do with HELPING people affected by the CHINA VIRUS.
    The Democrat have exposed themselves as GREEDY evil assholes yet again.
    Nancy Pelosi should be exported to Wuhan, China to kick the bucket.

  36. The stock market went up after the Democrats turned down Mitch's taxpayer-funded Socialist giveaways to business.

  37. The Word says that it would come to this. People turning on each other. My son is mad because I was working on a my parents old house and had great nephews and a great niece come help me. Spring break. So a friend of their father went to a major city and came in contact with someone who tested positive for Corona virus. So I get told no one has it just came in contact with someone who tedted positive. I come into it by forth level I guess. I have to tell my son and I get this drama of how stupid could I be. If they don't do something soon someone is going to get hurt due people cooped up in their homes. I'm not freaking over it. I'm not losing any sleep. I have 5 days to show symptoms and be tested. I know my whole family is in lockdown. Ugh!!!

  38. The greatest threat to US jobs was when so many jobs were shipped out of the country due to corporate greed. So quit your whining.

  39. It’s very simple Moscow Mitch! Put oversight on that 500 billion Slush Fund! But of course you want to bail out your Chinese in-laws shipping business!

  40. Mitch and McCarthy come off like student body presidents who still let "The Greasers" push them around even though they have the jocks and the cheerleaders on their (GOP) side. McCarthy in particular always looks like he was forced to give up his lunch money- AGAIN- and can't figure out why he keeps letting it happen. It's also convenient how many GOPers have taken a powder to "self quarantine" thus no voting. Hmmmmm

  41. Remember when Moscow Mitch didn't want to extend unemployment benefits in 2010 because it would increase the deficit?
    But 7 years later he passes a tax cut that increases the deficit to over a trillion dollars that benefitted the wealthy over the average worker.

  42. Isn't it awful funny how country's main reason for its success was the jobs were flourishing and now jobs market down coincidence I don't think so

  43. So everyone tell me where the money is coming from? Seriously does our government have that much money to give? Trillion dollars seriously? Who's being borrowed from? I know none of the governors, senators, representatives are giving up their pay so where?

  44. If the bill is not passed and the people in the U S don't get back to work we will be slaves to the new world system of controlling every aspect of our daily lives. Is this what you want for your kids? Everyone needs thill get back rho work! We are American "fight, fight, fight!"

  45. All of you are such a disappointment. Many of your constituents are struggling and many will be in the not to distant future. You have ALL lost touch with what we are dealing with. NONE of you have to worry about medical care, how you will feed your families, pay the bills, pay your mortgage or rent, put clothes on your families back.
    Lay off employees, lose your business.
    ALL of you need to walk in our shoes for awhile, no pay, no airplane rides, drive your own car, tell your child that no honey we cannot afford that. Go to the grocery store and use a calculator and figure out what to put back. Decide between medicine and food. Many are struggling to keep one house going, and some of you have 2 or more houses. Your pensions for life could support 2 or 3 families indefinitely.
    Shame on you!

  46. It's adorable how the gov't always resorts to socialist solutions whenever our capitalism breaks down. Bailouts are nothing but cash injections for the wealthy.


  48. The WHO has warned the United States, the country with the most cases after China and Italy, risked becoming the next epicentre of the outbreak as the country's President Donald Trump, insisted the country could be back to work in three weeks.

  49. Moscow Mitch nicknamed himself "The Grim Reaper". Never before has a nickname been so apt. How many Americans will die and go bankrupt because that low-life, corrupt, swamp creature?. He is evil incarnate.

  50. we've been watching the reality disconnected reality show for the past 3 years in usa, not it's time for the last episode, the horror show

  51. Has anyone (that has a Geiger Counter) noticed that the 5G has been cranked up to stupid levels in their area? I’m getting a whopping 0.335 mR/h in Suffolk UK!

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