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Mazda RX-8 my-2003–2012- buying advice

Mazda RX-8 my-2003–2012- buying advice

The Mazda RX-8 was introduced in 2003. It was the RX-7’s successor, but at the same time
it was a 4-seat sports car with extra rear doors. The most important thing
about the RX-8 is the engine. It is a Wankel engine, which is
a rather unique phenomenon. You don’t see them often. More so, I think
the RX-8 was the last car with such an engine. It looks like it won’t come back anytime soon. They stopped selling the RX-8 in 2012. If you want a Wankel engine, the most
modern one you can find sits in this car. There are rumors about an RX-8 successor,
which would be called the RX-7, but it is still unclear what is going to happen. The RX-8 got a facelift in 2008. The looks did not change much. It has slightly different bumpers, a different looking headlight, but no major changes. A big change is the technology, though. To start, the chassis has been modified. The chassis got an extra
crossmember to improve stiffness. It also has different springs, etc. The most important thing may
be the modified engines. The gear rations were changed. They were shortened to make the car go faster. And the most important thing:
an extra oil port was added. There’s a reason why.
The RX-8 has a Wankel engine. The Wankel engine was designed to burn a little oil. The lubrication of the engine is essential,
so they added a third oil injection port to better lubricate the engine. The RX-8 was available with two different engines. One with 189 hp and one with 228 hp. ENGINES
gasoline At the moment about 30 Mazda RX-8
are for sale on There is a lot of choice in colors. That’s nice. A lot of blue and red was sold. That is nice. You don’t have to
choose a black or grey car. You can, but you don’t have to. Parking sensors are rare. They are not a bad idea, because
there is poor visibility to the rear. It is hard to guess the car’s length. Prices start at approximately 2,500 euros. This goes up until 9,000 euros. Reasons to buy an RX-8. The Wankel engine can be one. If you like the genre… It has
a distinct sound and it runs smoothly. This could be a reason. It is rather useable for a sports car. Thanks to the small rear doors you
can stuff your kids in the back seat. Moreover, the handling is good. Especially with the 228 hp engine
it is a quick car as well. It is not a car with super sports car performance, but you can easily do something about this. There is a buzzing tuning scene for this car. Of course there are things to watch out for. A lot have to do with the Wankel engine. To begin, a Wankel engine
was designed to burn a little oil. Always check the oil level. In the beginning, check it every time you fuel up. Take into account you have to add a liter every time. The engine was designed to burn oil. With an easy-going driving style
or your specific driving style it may not be necessary to add a liter oil
every time you fuel up, but you’ll find out. Check regularly in the beginning. A Wankel engine is an unusual engine. It is a triangle turning in a circle. This has its advantages, because it is vibration-free. The engine runs smoothly. It has disadvantages as well.
It is not a normal circle nor a straight triangle. There is some play, so the seals
on the tips of the triangle wear. That is why it burns some oil. If they wear too much, the engine breaks. You won’t easily find a car with more
than 200,000 km (124,000 miles) on the clock. The engines don’t last very long. Do not drive like a grandma in this car. The engine needs to be hooned
sometimes to get rid of old oil residue. Of course, never do this with a cold engine. Always warm up the RX-8 engine,
but don’t do this while idling. It will build up more oil residue, which doesn’t help. Just warm up the engine by driving. Don’t warm it up while idling,
because that is not good for the engine. Also, do not switch off the engine before it
has reached its optimal operating temperature. Make sure the coolant and oil meters are all… Don’t park it after driving 200 meters;
that is really bad for the RX-8 engine. Another thing to watch out for are the ignition coils. Keep in mind they need changing
every 50,000 km (31,000 miles). And the pipe of the oil cooler is prone to rust. So yeah, check this. If it rusts through, you will quickly lose all your oil. I won’t have to explain what will happen then. The engine will be ruined. There is a problem with
the mounts of the strut bar. The strut bar’s mounts sometimes
break due to rust and stress. The car leans more, which you
will find out on a test drive. Check this, because broken mounts won’t
pass the periodic technical inspection. The xenon headlights may
fill up with water, so check this. There was a recall for cars built before July 2005. The heat shield between the exhaust
and gasoline tank may come off. This could be a fire hazard, but
the car has to get really hot then. All cars should have answered that recall, but check if this really happened. There was also a recall for the
very early cars, the cars from 2003. Those cars may have cracks in the front
wishbones, causing them to break in the end. Again, this should have
been fixed for all cars already. Lastly, to wrap up the things to
watch out for: the rear doors. They allow better access to the back seats, but
they weren’t made for people 1,90 m (6′ 3″) tall. You can’t be too tall when sitting in the back seat. 1.75 m (5′ 9″) or something. The access is easier, but not ideal. We borrowed the RX-8 we’re driving today
at Wensink’s Occasions Center in Heerenveen. It is a grey one from 2004. It has the 189 hp engine under the hood. It has less than 100,000 km (62,000 miles) on the
clock, so the engine has plenty of life left in it. This is a desirable car for the enthusiast. It is a little under 7,000 euros. If you’re interested, go to Wensink in Heerenveen. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale for which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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32 thoughts on “Mazda RX-8 my-2003–2012- buying advice

  1. Naar deze RX-8 ben ik wezen kijken schitterende wagen superblij dat jullie een video over mijn favoriete wagen hebben gemaakt 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  2. Hoge CO2…….2.6 liter!!!…….hoog verbruik…….en enorm traag!
    En dan nog te zwijgen over de vele technische problemen…….

  3. Don't buy review. Het is gewoon een wasmachine met hogere onderhoudskosten. Revisie hier en dan daar..

  4. dusss. 2e hands kopen boven de 150.000 kilometer is niet zo verstandig? balen joh, dit is echt mijn droomauto 🙁

  5. There's one in my mom's neighbourhood, it's black and registered in january 2007. It's been sitting for like a month now, and yup, it's probably because it was not maintained as it needs to and something went wrong. Rotary cars aren't for everyone or for every day, you need to have money and be willing to spend it. Also, my local roads probably don't help, since you only do short drives here (usually less than 10 km / 6 mi per run).

  6. This engine is more an inconvenience then a "hoot" , not worth it , and this is ONLY the engine , other stuff can go wrong.

  7. Won't see another Wankel engine in the US ever again on a production vehicle.  It's dead.  Severely poor gas mileage will keep it out for good; and unlike perhaps V8's with poor gas mileage, this doesn't come anywhere the performance specs to satisfy an enthusiast.

  8. buy a modded one instead. With a swap or with the reliability mods(Straight pipe, sohn adapter, bhr ignition, and the greddy oil pan) and you'll be set. More Reliable than your mom's honda lol

  9. Okay I was going to buy this car but I am concerned I am not going to be able to maintain it that's a lot of shit you went over man! 😮

  10. Elke tankbeurt een litertje, van welke wereld kom jij? Ik hou het olie goed op pijl en gemiddeld heb ik er 6 liter olie in gegoten in de laatse 10.000km. De blokken gaat stuk vanwege de slechte onsteking. Bobines moeten regelmatig vervangen worden, incl kabels en bougies. Een defecte bobine kan al snel voor misonsteking zorgen, welke onverbrand mengsel de katalysator in stuurt en daar ontsteekt. Katalysator raakt verstopt, zorgt voor enorme tegendruk, jaagt de temperaturen omhoog en terug de motor in, waardoor de motor intern oververhit raakt en de seals door de hoge temperaturen zachter worden en vele malen sneller slijten.

  11. Jammer van de zoveel aandachts punten.. was er naar opzoek maar na dit filmpje twijfel ik énorm zijn er leuke alternatieven voor deze auto ? 🙂

  12. Beste Autoblog, ik wil graag mijn eerste auto kopen en ik ben verliefd op de RX-8. Ik zou heel graag een RX-8 willen kopen maar het word mij afgeraden vanwegen de motor en de onbetrouwbaarheid. Mijn vraag is kan ik toch een RX-8 kopen als ik regelmatig het oliepeil controleer en ververs, of moet ik de auto niet aanschaffen omdat het mijn eerste auto zou zijn en de auto niet erg betrouwbaar is? (Ook wil ik de auto als "daily driver" gebruiken) Met vriendelijke groet Paul

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