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Maud Le Car Surfing Paradise in Mozambique

Maud Le Car Surfing Paradise in Mozambique

I’m thankful to surf these waves with no crowds to be in Mozambique and I’m thankful for the universe I started writing in this journal one year ago and I read it every
day, three things I’m thankful for and it
makes me appreciate and focus on the positive things in my life I cannot do the drive without my snacks I know, I used to do like that much surf
trip with competing on the QSL years, so it’s been a really nice break for me to
come here and surf good waves and just enjoy and surf and not think about the
competitive aspect. This place is just magical and I’m just
blinded by all the beauty of Mozambique and I’ve been surfing this magical wave
with only two people out and it’s been amazing and yeah just crazy place where I really feel like reconnecting with nature and like reconnecting with myself
too and just living life simple with authenticity and I really like this After a few days up north, We came to Tofo and that was so nice to see all the local here, surfing all the Mozambique young generation coming up and how nice and stoked they were in the water and
sharing the good vibes I like how real the people are and
just the smile you share and on the line up with the Mozambique local people that was really awesome for me and just stocked where I am right now and I had so much practice so much good rides that I’m yeah.. That’s just awesome for
starting the year!

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  1. Классный сёрфинг . Супер .✌️✌️☀️☀️☀️👌👌👍👍🌹💯💯💯💕

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