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Manzanillo Costa Rica – Rent A Car and See Manzanillo Beach, Costa Rica

Manzanillo Costa Rica – Rent A Car and See Manzanillo Beach, Costa Rica

Oh, actually, she’s on the phone.
Oh, the waves are kicking up down here. Oh this is nice.
I don’t know if we ever saw waves down here. Approaching Manzanillo – the end of the road
along the eastern Caribbean side. Very cute little town.
Warning rip currents. Woof woof!
OH! I got it, it’s okay I got it . It’s okay,
we’re good. Well he ran right in front of you boy. Back
up , back up, back. Back up. Thank you. Nice dog. Back up boy, that’s it. That was exciting. Ha ha! Did I say you *never*
know what you’re gonna to see in the road in Costa Rica. Let him go by.
I really like this place. I do. You never really have to make any plans
– just have to get in the car and go. Look at that cute little place with the windows
and stuff. Look at the watercolor across from the eh…
Lady walking her baby on the beach in a stroller. Alright, and as soon as you get to the end
of this road, and you say, “Whoa, there’s a restaurant right in the middle of the road,”
nope, that’s the end of the road. The road end here. This is the southernmost part of
the Caribbean side. You go back there and you park and you can walk, but ah, this is
ah, pretty much the end of the line here. And the world famous Maxi’s and next to Maxi’s,
here we are, we’re at the beach.

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11 thoughts on “Manzanillo Costa Rica – Rent A Car and See Manzanillo Beach, Costa Rica

  1. this is one of the MAIN reasons why I can't take my family, because if I take them we need a rental and I can't afford it. Sily and sad because I rent cars all the time here in the U.S, Canada. and the most I pay is like $180 a week, no deposits or sometimes the most is a 200 deposit, no hidden fees. but in Costa Rica they are on CRACK I refuse to pay all this stupid HIGH deposits of 1000 bucks and another 500 for a week of rental. I'm not poor but I'm not going to thow my money .

  2. Dear Melkyloco,

    I understand your frustration in regards to the car rental rates in Costa Rica. As a car rental operator, I do see the other side of the coin as well. There are a few items to consider in regards to rates and security deposits:

    Vehicle purchase cost. All imported cars are subject to a fifty percent (or higher) duty. Where in the US, you can purchase a decent 4X4 for say 30,000 USD, in Costa Rica that same car will cost you 45,000 USD, so $15,000 more.

  3. Taxes: Costa Rica has relatively high vehicle registration taxes — paying an average of $800 per year for a $30,000 car.

    Maintenance: Parts, oil, tires, etc. are more expensive due to the same 50% import duties mentioned earlier.

  4. As you will agree, these additional costs all add significantly to the cost of maintaining a rental fleet. Car rental owners do not earn a higher margin than in the US, it is just the cost of doing business that is higher — and therefore reflected in a higher rental rate.

  5. In regards to the vehicle deposit being so high, it has to do with the fact that a $0 deposit (in Costa Rica) exposes a car rental agency to myriad of potential issues. Please remember that a renter is receiving a $30K to $50K vehicle, and in return car rental operators need some sort of assurance that the car will be returned, without uninsured damages or expensive traffic tickets.

  6. In the US the deposit is lower, but then there are different laws, means to enforce regulations and prevailing attitudes. Often renters are under the impression that Costa Rica is the proverbial "Wild West" and traffic citations (often $500 to $600) do not apply to them. When people skip the country without paying these infractions, it leaves the car rental owners stuck with the fines.

  7. It is simply the cost of doing business in a tourist industry in Costa Rica. If you were in our shoes, you'd understand why it is, the way that it is.

    Now that being stated, if you are interested in renting a car, please email at "[email protected]". I will try to accommodate your specific conditions for renting a car (reasonable rate and acceptable deposit).


    George Schwarzenbach
    General Manager
    Vamos Rent-A-Car

  8. I will say, my friends and I rented a car from Vamos almost three years ago, and they were very friendly and very helpful in getting us a Pathfinder. We looked around, and determined this was the best deal to be had, and we have zero regrets about doing business with them, and if/when I return to head back to Manzanillo, I will head back to Vamos. My name is Jason Hammond, I live in Seattle, WA, and I am not being paid in anyway to write this.

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