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Man Uses Sexy ‘Daughter’ To Sell Car on Ebay

Man Uses Sexy ‘Daughter’ To Sell Car on Ebay

cc rolled can really want to sell his
nineteen seventy seven dot said and c somebody using an interesting model into
photography okay now this was found on you day let’s take a quick look let’s talk soon beauty i’m going to come up into the car most flattering so i’d like you know i
know some dozens of that yet though that you know me i i i don’t
like this it’s so and actually got what they were sent with
the way you like the jeans below where she’s a sticking her ass out
at the camera and interestingly this like a at least i
mean there’s something going on there she’s sex is trying to like there’s a
park or something at or did some men deal hahahaha and i saw it it that’s a part of this as it turns out uh… he claimed that his daughter cell dot also you why he claimed it was his
daughter psyche randomly set it up but actually someone in debate user-posted
does buy the car include a free ride with them warned star that and he responded uh… nicely to talk about my daughter but sure i don’t know if that’s the last
time hit the by now so you know but as the car is though the contract on that dot interviewed and anxiously said he
says rosenthal’s attract people sometimes that is true archetype perhaps worries another girl a
survivor but if it is a starter into one of the lease classy guys the i_r_a_ it looked as magic is wanting
to use your daughter lesson she’s pretty whatever something to say as you can see those
clothes hey honey at could you stick your ass out a little
bit more cuz i’m not sure guys uh… are finished yet okay let me take uh… as shot right
through your crops if this is the order to secrete is the
in the world some later he got interviewed by the media and he said on just kidding i was really my
daughters is a close friend that i have helped me so my cars i don’t know if i’m believing him i
think they are a little bit of criticism and he change his story a little bit
look if it is his daughter of course the allied about it and we will be a good
job guys are as a player dot player that i don’t know recruits another had people who know will notice
is going on right so the mail and we can about it
yet if you haven’t quite worked twenty
matriarch crazy which was a little uh… abuses are are not go uh… from syria well while israel so yeah i’m going to
say no i think he defeated to get attention
this overthrow of the first place like our some little different i’d
rather you federov uh… i think that if he says is not his
daughter every that he knows already knows that this is the order the massive really weird in the last
month this you have said so i’m randomly going with not guilty

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49 thoughts on “Man Uses Sexy ‘Daughter’ To Sell Car on Ebay

  1. I refer to your video 'Women Can Be Sexist Trolls Too' and also to 0:40 in this video and call you a hypocrite. 

  2. I wonder if the ladies would be stoked on buying this if it was the man's son posing? People need to stop thinking buying stuff somehow makes them cooler in the eyes of their peers and potential mates. If people care that much about the material possessions that you own instead of who your are as a person, then they probably aren't worth your time anyways. 

  3. that's awesome..but yeah…. umm.. the way in which his ''daughter'' is standing is obviously….like strange… i get it..incest can be passionate, I've seen Koi Kaze …good show but damn… taking pics of yure daughter… yuu sick fuck! is pretty much the first thought that comes to mind….because the pics are kinda creepy and so is the comment, i think he did this for marketing and it kinda backfired as people prolly said they would inform the FBI, lol.. sorry brua

  4. Thats just sick it's terrible what people do these days what's more nasty is that the daughter actually let her dad take pics like that

  5. Who the fuck cares it's not like she's under 18 or anything media will make a fuss about anything they can I have a friend who fucks his actual blood mother I overseen it and he's not even 18 I didn't run off and call the police cause it's simply not my business what you see as wrong a hundred thousand people disagree with your judgment

  6. and "youtube the young turks" uses 'sexy daughter 'too –
    to get some clicks and earn some money with it

  7. i don't get the issue. she's smiling, she doesn't look to have been forced into it, soooooooo………what, you have to be a gay photographer working for Cosmopolitan to exploit women and sex to sell stuff?

  8. I dont see anything wrong with it…shes not naked and she's pretty. This sort of advertising has been used for many years. There's way worse issues in the world.

  9. i wish yall would find something else to talk about. who gives a shit… i bet he sold that damn car. get money is my motto…. oh yeah and the girl is hot. News lady stop hating

  10. Currently someone is selling Nintendo games on eBay and in the photos they are being held by a women with huge boobies. Clever idea! From Oregon myself; ugly car!

  11. Still not as awkward as Dario Argento's Phantom of the Opera. Which stars his daughter. In numerous sex scenes.

  12. I really don't see anything wrong with this. She's pretty. Willing to do it She's modeling the car. If she was a model then everyone would say oh it's fine she's a model. Well that's just stupid. She's not nude and this is done all the time

  13. yo mo she was not really sellin te car…i was layin te back seat naked…she was thinking about me and lookin

  14. Needless to say, it's somebody's daughter. Personally I didn't look at the car. The young woman was a distraction.

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