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Man Sells Vadapav at Traffic Signal

Man Sells Vadapav at Traffic Signal

You all know that in traffic jams people are restless and counting down the minutes to reach home. Some are stuck in traffic jams waiting to meet friends or for a meeting. Gaurav Londhe – a food delivery boy – too was stuck in traffic in November 2019. While stuck in traffic, he yearned for a glass of water and a snack to satiate his hunger. That’s when he got the idea, that there are many like him who must be thirsty and hungry. 4 months later he launched his start up called the Traffic Vada Pav. So here’s the story of the hardworking, determined entrepreneur. The tired delivery man used to leave his home at 9 am every morning and reach home tired and exhausted by 9 pm. This is why he thought to start his own bussiness of vadapav. He informed his family that he wanted to leave his food delivery job. His family surprised by his decission, told him not to quit. But the determined man told them that he didn’t want to work under anyone and wanted to start his own business. His family was shocked. His wife Sonu Londhe was really surprised and thought it was a good idea to start a Vada Pav business. Londhe’s mother Ranjana Londhe told him it will be very difficult to manoeuvre the traffic and there are risks involved in this. The concerned mother told her son to rent a shop and start his business there. But Gaurav was adamant. With the help of the accumulated money from his previous job and some financial help from his mother, he worked very hard to start up the bussiness and it wasn’t easy. He took 50 vada pavs from home, neatly boxed with small bottles of water. He tried to sell these boxes on the road but people were quite apprehensive about the contents in the box. It was very difficult to sell and no body was buying from him. So Gaurav smartly gave all the Vada Pavs and water bottle for free in Thane while vehicles were waiting at the signal. People really liked his food and slowly Gaurav became known for selling vada pavs. Soon Gaurav became famous for his tasty vada pavs and his sales increased drastically! Gaurav sells around 400 Vada Pavs a day along with small bottles of water, all priced at just ₹20. He sales increased and so did his profit. Once a woman got out of her car and clicked his photo. In no time, his story took social media by storm.

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