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Mahodand Lake – 2019

Mahodand Lake – 2019

Aslamualykum/Greetings! My name is Syed Salman and today I am taking you to Mahodand Lake. Mahodand Lake is at distance of about 35 kilometres from Kalam in Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Its very important that whenever you plan out to visit Mahodand Lake, Please hire Four Wheel Drive or any Rent A Car as road conditions are not good for personal cars. It will cost you between PKR 2500-3000 only for a round trip from Kalam to Mahodand Lake and then back. Mahodand Lake`s weather is unpredictable. When we reached there it was bit warm, but after some time strong cold winds started blowing so we had to rest/hide from it in a camp as we were not carrying warm clothes with us. You will find many water falls on your way to Mahodand Lake where you can stop by and enjoy spectacular views of Nature. You will find famous Water Fall of Aab-e-Shifa (Water which cure diseases) according to locals, and it is said that many people got cure from different diseases as this water comes from different mountains having pure and effective herbs. Road to Mahodand Lake is beautiful and some of its part is bit dangerous also. Road is closed during winters due to heavy snowfall. There are so many restaurants at Mahodand Lake where you can enjoy food and take a tour of boat ride. So, Lets go and enjoy boat ride along with these beautiful views Please feel free to let me know if you need any kind of information through this Youtube Channel. Until the next video, Take Care Of Yourself. Allah Hafiz/God Bless You!

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