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Luxury RV 1291 on the set of “This Is Us.” MMwM Ep.159 BONUS

Luxury RV 1291 on the set of “This Is Us.” MMwM Ep.159 BONUS

(car engine) (mellow rock music) – Good morning everyone, and welcome to a bonus episode
of Marathon Mondays with Mal. Today, we’ve got something pretty special. We’re going to do a party down
at Motorcoach Country Club to talk about custom coaches. It’s gonna be on St. Patrick’s Day, with Coach 1291, a
Coach we know very well, to the Marathon Monday family because we documented a lot
of the build of that Coach, and matching trailer. Coach 1291, a beautiful custom, extremely custom X3-Coach, but also because that Coach
was used in ABC’s hit show, This is Us, recently. Recently, on this season’s,
one of the episodes, Coach 1291 was requested by
the producers of This is Us, by the ABC TV show, to be one of the character’s actual buses. One of the characters, played
by actor Justin Hartley. The character is Kevin,
one of the big three, one of the three siblings
of that show This is Us. He’s an actor on the show, so his character, Kevin, is an actor. So, they needed a bus,
a really nice marathon, to be his trailer on the
set of a fictional movie that they’re using as part of the show, as the storyline of the show. Therefore, they needed Coach 1291 to make it down to Paramount’s back lot in Hollywood, California to shoot a day of, basically, shots for a scene that was recently shown
on one of the episodes. Now, this was done a few months ago, and we couldn’t really talk about it or show anything until that episode aired as part of the deal. So, just to remind everybody, Coach 1291. This is actually the coffee table book that our marketing team does, but it actually has an updated book to show off this beautiful bus, and to show off the beautiful trailer. And, I just wanted you guys to see some of the beautiful shots inside. Remember the desk that pops up? Really a big fan of this. It really showed very well
on the Paramount back lot, and there’s the show
trailer that goes behind it. Now, the trailer was not used, or needed as part of the show. There’s the tandem together. Ain’t that beautiful? Very custom X3 Coach 1291. So, Bernie and Debbie allowed
Paramount to use their bus as part of the This is Us production, and it came off great. In fact, here is the
Marathon Owner’s manual. And, it’s kinda hard to see
’cause all we had at the time was a red pen, but as
you can see right there, several autographs. This one right here in the
middle is Justin Hartley, the actor that used it
as part of his scene. But, you’ve got producers, directors who autographed
this Owner’s Manual for a Marathon Coach. So, that being said everyone, I hope you enjoyed this bonus episode of Marathon Monday’s with Mal, featuring custom Coach 1291,
down at the Paramount back lot, for the ABC hit show, This is Us. – What’s going on everybody? Marathon Coach 1291, here on the set of the This is Us T.V. show, here in Hollywood. We see, here are the trailers for the characters on This is Us. We’re down here, filming a scene on the
Paramount back lot… with Coach 1291. (car engine) (chatter) – Background! – Background, action! (acting commences) – Thank you for watching
this episode you guys, but one more thing as I’m standing here in front of all these great
shirts and Marathon apparel, if you come to any of the
locations of Marathon, Florida, Texas, or Oregan, you can pick up some Marathon
swag, some Marathon gear. And, it’s really a cool thing. We don’t have it online, but that’s what makes it special about visiting a Marathon location. Now, if your interested
in seeing Coach 1291, that you just saw on the
Paramount back lot, email me. Because, we’re having this
event on St. Patrick’s Day, in the afternoon. Email me at [email protected] If you email me, and you are in the
southern California area, I can get you in to Motorcoach
Country Club to our event, so you can take a tour
of the custom Coach 1291, and the matching show trailer. Thanks again, don’t forget to email me, and stop by so that you can
get some of this good gear. (car engine)

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5 thoughts on “Luxury RV 1291 on the set of “This Is Us.” MMwM Ep.159 BONUS

  1. Very cool. I wish i had known earlier about this coach being available for viewing. I would have ridden over but to see it in person but, i have a commitment i cannot break. That coach and trailer are the model for what i want. Thanks for the video Mal!

  2. Mal….This Is Us……airs on NBC….not ABC….other than that….beautiful unit…..nice behind the scenes story

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