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Luxury & Exotic Wholesale Car Auctions

Luxury & Exotic Wholesale Car Auctions

greetings folks [email protected], [email protected], saving you up to thousands on your next luxury vehicle purchase. now back in the year 2000, who would have thought that
millions of computers would be sold sight unseen through, based on
nothing but reviews detailed photos and specs. in the year 2000, who would have
thought that eBay Motors would sell millions upon millions of vehicles every
year via the same exact concept, detailed condition reports and specs. today, new
car dealers purchased a large chunk of their pre-owned inventory via dealer
only auctions after viewing detailed condition reports by an independent
third party. and for dealers, it really is as easy as logging into a dealer auction
simulcasts, purchasing the vehicle, online, and having it transported to our lot.
it’s as easy as that. so, I can be sitting in my Las Vegas office and bid on a
clean two-year-old Acura MDX in, let’s say Pennsylvania, in
the dead of winter, via the Internet. the age of buying your next vehicle via the
Internet is here, and let me tell you my friend, it is a beautiful thing. now folks,
let me remind you these are dealer only auctions that you cannot get into on
your own. in fact, do me a favor in order to confirm that go down to Carmax and
ask them to give you access to dealer auction inventory and pricing, then just
tell me what happens down in the comment section below
ok, now most of the luxury vehicles you see here are between two to four years
old, being sold by the leasing arm of manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Porsche,
Mercedes, Cadillac, Lexus, Infiniti, Acura, anyone
else you can think of Lamborghini, rolls-royce, Ferrari, Maserati… the sources
from which they come include the cream of the crop…
off lease vehicles, we’ve got expired leases, you’ve got a lot of program
leases – those are extra clean, dealer trade-ins, rental units, and a lot of bank
repossessions. now, as you may know, the warranty on a luxury vehicle usually
extends over four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first, so in an
overwhelming majority of cases, the vehicle will have been very well
maintained, both mechanically and cosmetically, and all that’s left is that
we look at the condition report, make sure it has both keys, the books, stock
wheels, no alterations that would void the warranty, the correct tires, and
determine what, where, and to what degree any imperfections may be present. now ,one
of the reasons for why pristine vehicles are sold from much less at dealer only
auctions is mismatched inventory. for instance, mercedes-benz will take in a
perfectly good, let’s say two-year old Ford f-250 on trade, then quickly take it
to the dealer auction and sell it to a Ford dealer, who will mark it up $3,000
on his lot, and then retell it to you. why? because nobody walks into a
mercedes-benz dealership to purchase a 3/4 ton domestic pickup truck… it’ll be
sitting there forever. now, on the flip side, a Ford dealership will take in a
two-year old Mercedes, let’s say the big body S550 on trade, and promptly
sell it to a mercedes-benz dealer at the dealer only auction. the Mercedes dealer
will then mark it up $5,000, and retail it to you. so the dealer auction is where
all of the new and you car dealers, franchise and independent,
meet to swap inventory and cater to their customers tastes and needs, now, want you
to keep in mind that these are often the same exact vehicles sitting on a new car
dealers lot for five days a week, with a big red balloon tied to the windshield
wipers. they’ll be priced for thousands more and people vastly overpay for them
five days out of the seven day week. but for one or two days per week, the dealer
drives some of those same vehicles to dealer only auctions and offers them at
wholesale prices to raise working capital and make room for more
profitable inventory that’s coming in… okay, those are opportunities for you and
I. now, another beautiful thing about the dealer only auction is that new car
dealers can’t afford to be too patient. they get a little bit jittery they have
huge overhead, revolving credit lines and floor plans, they remember 2008, and
sometimes they hurry into making big mistakes by unloading a vehicle at the
auction for much less than they should, especially if the vehicle has been
sitting around on their car lot for a little bit too long. now, lastly a lot of
these new and used car dealerships go out of business. it happens every day, and
what happens to their inventory?… well, you’re gonna love this, because it gets
repossessed and liquidated at the dealer only auctions. Hey,
hope you don’t mind coming out ahead that way ,you know, bidding on a dealer’s
repossessed vehicles for a change, because I know I’ve sure enjoyed it over
the last 15 years. now, let me put it another way, okay…
these same vehicles that you see here, in this video, first find their way onto a
new car dealership, either off a lease or as a trade-in, most of the time. now, some
of you may have even turned a vehicle in at the dealership at the conclusion of your lease, right? what happens then is that a detail crew at
the dealership will vacuum, wash, wax, touch up the interior, exterior, wheels
and tires, inspect it for safety, change the fluids, and resell it to you for
several thousand dollars more, versus dealer only auctions.
now, although car dealerships have enormous overhead and may be perfectly
justified in asking for thousands more than I will, it doesn’t mean that you
have to overpay by thousands for the same retail ready vehicle that I can put
into your garage, again, for thousands less. hey, saving up to thousands on a
luxury vehicle, still under factory warranty is great, but yet another
benefit to you, for going through me, is selection. now, some of you guys and gals
value quality more than price. now, I’m looking at 12 thousand vehicles, weekly,
in your behalf, in my region… and through me, you actually have access to 250,000
to 300,000, depending on the time of the year, quality wholesale units
every single day, and that’s nationwide… it’s giving you the absolute best
selection, anywhere. now, if you’re looking for that rare exotic or classic vehicle,
or a certain color scheme in a unique options package, keep in mind if the
vehicle is rare, the odds are you won’t get a huge discount anywhere, including
the dealer only auction… okay, it’s limited in supply, with relatively high
demand, but what you will get at the dealer only auction is a fair price, and
much more importantly, for those buyers with exquisite taste, a much better
selection. pssst, hey… here’s your opportunity. move in a
little bit closer to your speakers… the relative cost of buying a vehicle with a
factory warranty from the dealer only auction, and having it touched up and
detailed by a professional of your choice, is a drop in the bucket, compared
to what you will pay for the same quality finished product at a new or used
car lot. now, whenever possible I try to purchase vehicles in Las Vegas, in
Phoenix, or in Southern California. this way, I can touch an eyeball the vehicle,
and post a short video, just for you, so we’re crystal clear on the value added
options and so forth. I also put a paint meter to the higher priced vehicles and
I identify the panels which may have had paintwork, so you’ll have a trained
eye inspecting the vehicle in your behalf, as well. now, I know what you’re
saying, you’re saying yeah Bob, what about the extended warranty included at the
dealership ?… and that’s a very good question. as far as the extended warranty
goes, do the research, online, and you will see that you can often, if not always,
find a better aftermarket service contract or “extended
warranty,” with lower deductibles that do not render the warranty useless, covering
more common issues with your vehicle, again, not rendering the extended
warranty useless, for less money than what the finance and insurance guy at
your local new and used car dealership wants to charge you. now, let me share
some common imperfections seen on virtually all the vehicles at the
auction, and you see these on really all pre-owned units
at a new car dealership down the street from you, only they may simply have
detailed out imperfections so as not to appear as noticeable to you at first
glance. the flaws will also be disclosed on the auction condition reports, and
they include I would say small paint chips on the hood, scrapes under the
bumper, front and rear bumpers, you’ll see minor surface scratches… again, you see a
lot of those in the video I’m showing you here, you’ll see minor dings, minor
chips on the windshield, minor blemishes on the wheels, some tire wear, minor
carpet and upholstery imperfections, imperfections that you will see on
virtually all vehicles with twenty to forty thousand miles. now, let me give you
a real-life example here… through me, your savings on a late-model Mercedes Benz SL,
you know, the convertible, still under factory warranty, with under fifty
thousand miles, can easily be as much as six thousand dollars below Kelley Blue
Book retail, before before your local Mercedes dealer adds documentation fees,
preparation fees, reconditioning fees, bank fees, interest on the loan, and taxes.
okay, now again, stay with me my friends… if detailing the vehicle to perfection
and reconditioning it costs you a whopping thousand dollars, and I don’t
charge you any fees, whatsoever… what amount are you saving, on a front line
ready, retail ready vehicle? ok, I’m putting my hand to my ears here, folks… go
ahead and tell me in the comment section down below.
now, before you contact me, make sure that you look up, make sure that you look up
your luxury vehicles Kelley Blue Book retail value, because that is the first
question that I will ask when you contact me, what’s the retail on your
vehicle before we even talk price… the second question I’ll ask you is are
you ready to buy right now. because as much as I’m a people person. I love
talking to people. I have a wide variety of topics I love to talk about…. I don’t
like to waste time, though… I only deal. I only deal with luxury vehicles. that
means no Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Chevy, Ford… okay, only luxury vehicles, still under
warranty, so we completely eliminate any mechanical issues, leaks…you know, air
conditioner not working, you don’t need to worry about any of that stuff.
I only deal with luxury vehicles still under warranty for out-of-state
customers, and that’s out of the state of Nevada, of course, and keep in mind that
your local franchise dealers and used-car lots add over $1000 in doc
fees, prep fees, reconditioning fees, and taxes to that Kelley Blue Book retail
price, before they might offer you a two percent price break, unless they’re
absolutely eating your lunch on your trade-in. okay, now let me help you
determine right here and now, if calling me is worthwhile for you. want you to go
to, punch up your vehicle specifics, that’d be the year,
make, model, trim options, and mileage, in good condition, and take a good look at
the retail price, before the dealer adds doc fees and taxes we already discussed,
that’s your option number one. option number two is me picking it up, picking
your luxury vehicle up, still under warranty, at around the high Kelley Blue
Book trade-in, the high Kelley Blue Book trade in, the HIGH, not the
low or the average, the HIGH Kelley Blue Book trade-in
to the Kelly Blue Book private party price, before the auction transaction fee.
the auction charges a buy fee to all the dealers, and before my modest markup,
and of course shipping arranged to you, by you. okay, there’s also a 10% deposit
due upfront, and it’s 100% applied towards the purchase price of your
vehicle. I just ballparked your price for you, as
well, because I don’t like to deal in
conjecture, my friends, I deal in results, and I deal in reality. now, if you’re a
car dealer watching this and you’re looking for a purchaser who travels
between Las Vegas in Southern California constantly, is meticulous, in tune with
the market, carries a paint meter, has zero complaints on file after 15 years
in the business, and a perfect track record with floor plans at every major
auction, go ahead and add me as a buyer on your dealerships existing floor plan,
the existing floor plan, and I will find you the highest quality west coast
vehicles in the right color combinations and packages to match your
inventory. now, on that note, my friends, just wanted to also mention that I’m not
in the business of creating competition for myself, so please, again, unless you’re
specifically in the market to purchase a vehicle, today, and you already have your
financing in place, you have your vehicle selections narrowed down, please don’t
call me and ask me for advice on how to become a car dealer or wholesaler, that’s
not what I do. what I do is I save you thousands on your next luxury
vehicle purchase. but I will say this, though, if it’ll help you out. when I
worked at new car dealerships, I noticed that 80% of the easy sales were
returning customers who were just going back to the same salesman they
purchased or leased a vehicle from, originally, and if that salesman was gone,
now the customer would get handed over to a senior
salesman who is always a friend or relative of Management, that’s who would
get the sale, never the new guy… in fact, the new guys never got to even take
incoming phone calls that were absolute lay downs. okay,
those always went to the friends and family of the owners and management, and
amongst the easy 80% low-hanging fruit, there’d also be customers whom had
already, just like you, thoroughly researched the vehicle of choice and
they would call the internet department at the dealership, they already have
their own financing like you probably do, they already negotiated the price over
the phone with the internet department, like you and I will do, they already set
up an appointment through the internet department to specifically meet with,
once again, friends or family members of owners or management, so all that was
left was for the customer to go down to the dealership, test-drive the vehicle,
and wrap up the deal. so I thought to myself, you know, I could probably pull
this off without a big inventory and big overhead, just a hundred thousand dollar
bond, putting my money where my mouth is, so
the buyer can be confident, and I would also have to have a lot of experience as
a wholesale purchaser, so the buyer can be sure that I’m giving him or her the
best selection for the best price, that’s my business model, my friends… after all,
in 90% of the cases, I’ll be dealing directly with your bank over title and
payment issues, anyway… you’re 100% protected and completely out of the
picture, it’s between me and your bank. also, I want you to think about this… you
see all of these Mercedes and BMWs? I don’t know if you’ve been counting, but
there are hundreds of them here, at this one auction, and this is not my biggest
source for the late model German luxury vehicles. now, name one dealership in your
town with a selection of over 2,000 pre-owend luxury vehicles concentrated in a small
area, without you having to drive all over town… and for those of you with
exquisite taste, I can even give you access to dealer only auctions with
wholesale pricing running hundreds of vehicles, all priced over $100,000, luxury
vehicles, exotic vehicles only. now, watch this video twice and notice the colors
and models in the Mercedes. for example, there are a lot of a lot of two to
three-year-old C and E Class sedans, a lot of BMW 3-series, some 5-Series
sedans, you see the GLk and ML class SUVs, the X series BMW, not so many S
Class big body Mercedes or a big body BMW 7-series,
not a lot of M cars or AMG… if you were looking for those, I would probably have
to expand my search to nationwide inventory with detailed condition
reports, again, all still under factory warranty, and buy them on simulcast. but
the ones you see in this video are very representative of ones that are readily
available for me to, you know, go down to the auction and touch and eyeball, if you
will. now, two more variables to make you aware of… a lot of these vehicles, again,
are coming in off-lease, with some being rental units, so they will be a mid-level
trim, moderately equipped, if you want it loaded to the max, for instance, they may
not come with adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning or maybe the
forward warning collision systems, for example… if those features were over the
top features during a given year, you know, let’s say three or four years ago.
and then color-wise, a lot of black, white, silver and gray, as you may have noticed,
you have to be willing to accept one of those colors as a backup choice for you,
otherwise, you’re really going to limit your
universe of vehicles. now, after you finish watching this video, visit the link in
the description below… it’ll take you to the broker services page at, there I explained to you the entire process and give you the
blueprint for finding the perfect vehicle for you, at the perfect price for
you… just go through steps 1, 2, and 3 on the website, then contact me and I will put
everything in writing, notarized, backed by my dealers license with the
Nevada DMV, a one hundred thousand dollar dealer bond insuring your interests, and
an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, not one complaint on file after
15 years in the business as an owner, general manager, purchaser, and salesman
at new and used car lots, I’m very proud of that.
now folks, let me just leave you with this… Las Vegas just might be America’s
favorite mini vacation destination… the town has evolved into a very
family-friendly environment… we have the best shows, concerts, dining, nightlife,
gaming, we have Red Rock Canyon, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, you know,
people take helicopter tours, you can go to Lake Tahoe, Zion National Park,
Southern California beaches are just a hop,skip, and a jump away, and now we have
NFL and NHL teams playing here, so plan your next vacation… your next vehicle
purchase, around your next vacation would be even better, on your next trip to Las
Vegas… give me a call before heading out, I will pick you up from the airport in
your brand new to you vehicle, tagged with a 15 day drive away permit, saving
you the car rental fees and making your return trip back home a very memorable
one. hey, with the savings on your vehicle, you just might finance the whole
vacation, and that’s a win-win any way you slice it, right ?thanks for your
continued viewership, do me a favor and hit the like button, ring the bell, and
subscribe, so you get heads-up on the newest videos… share it on your social
media, like us on facebook and Twitter, because when I see the
vehicle that you may want, I’ll upload a quick walk around video featuring your
vehicle as part of your decision-making process
on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube… go ahead and comment down below if you have any
suggestions, I’m always open to observations and opinions, also check out
the other related videos showcased at the conclusion of this one …thanks again,
[email protected], Bob Assadi, deals on wheels, I’ll see you on the next

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