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Losing My $60,000 Birkin While Buying Drugstore Makeup

Losing My $60,000 Birkin While Buying Drugstore Makeup

what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel! hi how are ya? Now today we are in a taxicab in a foreign country and we
are on the way to find some amazing drugstore makeup! now I attempted to do this video last year it didn’t happen so we’re trying it again now you may ask
yourself Jeffree why the hell are you in the UK?
well me and one of my best friends Mmmmitchell we are doing some makeup
master classes and they’ve been amazing you guys that’s been so surreal to be
back here in another country and just celebrate our love for makeup so today
we’re on the hunt for some amazing drugstore finds! maybe an amazing
foundation that cost less than the fingernail I don’t know what we’re gonna
find today but let’s hope and pray nothing ruins the skin because after
that kindly ask interview girl I was about to retire yes there’s actual
makeup ads on the taxi cabs here that is so cool I feel at home okay so in
America we have Duane Reed, rite aid Walgreens Walmart CVS thank you I’m lit and here
there’s something called superdrug no it’s not where you buy a really good
marijuana it’s like a cute little drug store but it’s a huge massive chain and
then there’s something called boots and no not like normal boots it’s just
called boots there’s an amazing drugstore finds and
are we here yeah oh my god we’re here so let’s pray they have some good shit
hello world all right where the hell is ray oh my
god okay here it is hopefully they don’t kick us out for filming let’s give it a
whirl oh my god this whole aisle is all makeup
undying it’s like a playground okay guys there is a lot of stuff here oh my god
this is an enabling foundation I’ve actually never tried so let’s give it a
whirl bourgeoisie is a drugstore brand I’ve used this stuff in so long so let’s
let’s grab as much as we can and let’s do happen there’s so many foundation
formulas I’m like give me the fullest coverage one please okay oh my god I
almost knocked the whole display off Zach tolby Jesus gosh this is so weird
okay let’s just keep going and makeup revolution is from UK but
we’re as big an American and their packaging is so filled with a little
boring it also be a deadly weapon if someone tries to do
okay so Barry M is a drugstore brand that they do not have in America so we
are just gonna grab a bunch of stuff and really try it out we’re gonna just get
every shade as well now Mitchell actually used to use this concealer on
me rock I really loved it and I was like what is this and he’s like it’s seven
dollars we just got to try it I don’t have to have a concealer here
let’s pray America for makeup like any drug store
anything cute that we don’t have anything you can’t loose it like
drugstore we have berry thank you yeah what do we got what do we got oh you can
the Tia spell I think it has come from Walgreens the Bhoots Walgreens okay but
I would actually never heard of it okay I’ll grab a few just continue yes I love
a good cheap fine okay so this brand is available in America now but they’re
from UK and they have some products here that I’m obsessed with
this is an OG highlighter you just on my channel a few years ago so that’s so
cool that’s your a beautiful is on my channel I love that we’ve got it give it
a whirl again this is the lady began the gasps honey okay let’s grab a brush oh
it’s good a peachy one Mitchell but a lot of peachy moment thank you so much does it ever end I don’t think so you
may be wondering why are you trying the make up yet
well we landed Saturday night it’s now Monday afternoon and there’s no luggage
so all the makeup that we bought five seconds ago in this video by the way we
judge your Sunday you know came home Saturday night that are here Sunday
yep still can’t review the makeup yeah hoping the beige we should gonna show up
that didn’t happen KLM airlines I’m a little shook at you
oh okay real quick Zack you’re actually gonna die because
your luggage is lost right yeah okay so I don’t know how to read Dutch but um look our little luggage I know I’m like
where’s mine ah so it’s not just us it’s a whole bunch of people and then
remember our friend from morphe hit us up today and goes my friend was on your
flight his bags lost and I was like no what are the so I can’t translate this
I’m actually gonna call nikkietutorials because she’s from Amsterdam and I’m
gonna have her translate this article but you guys will see whoo all right guys it’s Tuesday now we
are almost four days in and I think I have some good news first of all after
yesterday we turn off the camera the airline did not tweet me for hours but
they actually responded finally like y’all were really going in on them which
the star family is the best so Calum wrote me and they said we apologize for
the inconvenience that this has caused you Geoffrey due to a big malfunction at
the Amsterdam Airport the baggage system basically is broken all day so yesterday
you guys we heard like was that like 500 kids or by primary like my mother people
got affected right I woke up this morning 14,000 passengers or more were
affected I’m like well I’m never getting my bag back so I had some insecurities
they also said that they deployed extra staff who had been working day and night
to get the remaining luggage of the passengers as quickly as possible
okay well good news is you guys allegedly the bag is one hour away
Madison talked to someone at first they were like we don’t really know we can’t
track them down and I was like okay it’s a rap it’s over no video no makeup no
Birkins it’s over but it’s on the freeway and it allegedly will be here
with shortly so oh by the way it’s delicious birthday snack me and Nate got
delicious I was our first dog together he’s four
years old he’s living okay you guys so the luggage is almost here and by the
way Zach tell them where all the drugstore makeup is actually my bag was
in my bag so thank God Zach’s and Madison’s with
mine as well so let’s pray everything safe oh boy mr. Starr I swear the bags
will be there at 6:30 that’s like 16 I really want to review the makeup I’m
like sitting here my youtube channel is dying no one watches it anymore no one
cares just kidding um but I really just want to play and make up and have fun
today I had a facial today my skin is glowing I want to cover it cheap fucking
makeup yes please send them through well who does it was dumb thank you Delta
it’s like the president of Delta I am so sorry mr. Starr Yeah right
I wish can you imagine so they’re here okay they got to the guard yet you guys
we deny them right that’s so funny he’s a delta let’s pray the makeup and the
Birkin is still in the bag is it the Birkin is invisible and you
guys oh I’ve leged Lee oh my god oh my suitcase is broken this is not a good
sign but we’re gonna pray really hard before we open it this has the UK makeup
Venice’s acts Sookie’s ate a minute that’s Colin’s so your bags missing yeah
with all the makeup in it that I’m supposed to review right now Wow no yeah
we do know we had a mixed up on the names oh my god tried to shoot the
drugstore make a video last year did I not Christian you did with Mitchell here
we are again at the only bag okay is your bag dude dude how they go they
confirmed Meadows mine like all certain that it was line that was missing okay
they had one marked down is missing for us already
we just reviews across the street and let’s see if I want the makeup I was
just like ten minutes ago they gave us the wrong name at least we got calling
bad thing yeah Christ but look at all this oh my god
well that’s definitely mine see what happened to Joe this oh I’m a simple ass
bitch I just want a sturdy good suitcase oh my god out of the fund early case
like someone opened it up and looked at know I kept it half open so it didn’t
get squashed cuz I didn’t get held by the netting oh
my god ultraviolet ms Birkin 30 with palladium
hardware oh my god okay anyway where’s the fucking makeup holy Sh it’s here sorry for the 11
minute intro y’all but this is a crazy journey and before we even get in this
bag an earthquake just hit Los Angeles actually San Bernardino County while we
were about to click play and start this video as 6.6 earthquake hit
so it’s 4th of July by the way we’ve been filming this video all week our
house was moving everything was shaking I was like ok Christian I’m traumatized
ok well let’s pray another earthquake does not happen and if it does I guess
won’t get it on camera ok so I guess there’s only one thing to do is try this
drugstore makeup alright after a week of agony we finally have the super drug and
the boots makeup oh my god I’m just oh there is so much stuff here so we’re
just gonna pull it all out I’m just gonna line it up and we’re just gonna
try to do as much as we can to create a little full face and I don’t know what
is about to happen I’m like the journey to get here is very insane so let’s see
if we have a primer to cure my anxiety all right everybody what is about to
happen I got my receipts here and this primer let’s start off with the primer
you guys it is from a brand called gosh and of course I’ve never seen this
before until I went over there this primer is $14.99 and it is a Velvet
Touch foundation primer just from looking at it almost looks like the
Smashbox one maybe it’s poor filling but let’s see what happens oh my god
literally feels like the Smashbox kind of like ok okay that felt very kind of like
slippery I think it’s in my pores let me do a little look I’m like okay pores are
a little minimal not too crazy no I really need some foundation because it’s
been a long week and um I’ve been dying to try this so I got two brands I don’t
know what I’m gonna try I wish I could do a poll right now but there’s a brand
this actually used to be in Sephora this brand is called bourgeoisie and they’re
from Paris this is the healthy mix anti fatigue foundation now it’s supposed to
be 16 hour where there’s vitamins in here what does that really mean let’s
give it a whirl so I have a damp Beauty sponge we had a foundation brush and
let’s see what happens now this says flawless fresh and a healthy looking
complexion up to 24-hour hydration yeah we will not be wearing this for 24 hours
oh okay so that’s what it looks like I’m just gonna take my morphe Jeffrey star
foundation brush and let’s just do a tiny bit and see what happens
how is the coverage is just a good match I try to buy as many shades as possible
to try to match myself but you guys know how it is in the store sometimes you
just got to try it at home and see what happens okay
from blending it in and easy more light to medium coverage but you guys know I’m
not mad about that we’re all into layering but look at this making my
discoloration and vanish look at that one more comp all right looking in the monitor and in
the mirror it is definitely way lighter than I’m used to but I’m not mad at it
it definitely gives you that kind of like healthy looking glow right there
you see it on the brow bone obviously I’m gonna do the sponge on the other
side but look at the difference I’m like wow hmm oh by the way you guys this
foundation is only eight dollars and forty nine cents I’m like Jesus lower
that’s not bad at all you know it’s crazy though I know if I
try it with a sponge is just gonna look even more sheared out so this is
actually cute it’s really pretty but there’s another foundation sitting
here that is really piquing my interest because it is the all night long full
coverage foundation from a UK brand called Barry M now you may be like why
have I heard of Barry M before well mamma Mitchell has been on my channel of
course several times my amazing friend an extraordinary makeup artist from the
UK and he has used the Barry M concealer on me once or twice this little guy
right here and I really loved it at first we pulled it out I was like what
the hell is this so they have a foundation I’ve never
tried it the shade is not my color bitch but I bought a bunch of shade and I
really want to try it so let’s give it a whirl this foundation is only $7.99 and
the concealer $4.99 I’m like you better work okay let’s give this a whirl so
this is allegedly going to cover everything up into the early hours
smooth creamy easy to blend feels lightweight moisturizing vitamin E
antioxidant okay now see what happens should we just go
in with no shade matching like let’s see how good I am at matching this in the
store if it’s a flop you all can laugh at me together okay oh hello coverage goodbye discoloration
mmm I like how this one smells more than the other one
to be honest the other one wasn’t a bad fragrance this one just kind of smells a
little more like mm-hmm okay now for fun hmm let’s go in with the sponge and
blend this out okay this is blended out look at my mess over here um let’s talk
about you guys so this side was the bourgeoisie and then over here we have
the berry and I don’t know what to think yet I really like how the berry em side
looks over here it’s definitely little bit more glowy it’s a little bit more
kind of like cakey around my nose area it still looks pretty everywhere else
but it just kind of sat weird right there this side is looking a little
better I’m ready for the barium concealer oh I’ve been trying to open
this concealer for five minutes you guys when you have nails who else I’m over
here like I’m gonna stab my eye out all right let’s try this
full-coverage berry and concealer it’s called all night long
it’s $4.99 it looks like this packaging is very simple there is five milliliters
in here and no fragrance really got it okay cool
let’s see if it’s gonna cover what I need it to cover no I chose the lightest
shade you guys there was like 12 to 20 shades I just grabbed the three lightest
so it goes on light I remember Mitchell like layering this on me and I was like
oh bitch okay like you really laid it down so let me just try one side let’s
see what happens so we don’t go overboard actually I’m impressed you can really
see of course with my vanity tattoo how well it covers of course we’re using the
morphe beauty sponge so it will sure how it I need bit but I really like it I
think it needs a little bit more and Wow bitch is impressed with this formula Wow
okay as I’m blending out the other side I did my chin in the nose this is a
really nice formula for the price I’m like bitch if you live in the UK you
better be snatching this up because it’s hydrating it looks really pretty and it
isn’t cakey like I know right away when I use a concealer I’m like okay bitch I
was gonna look – to sleep in my eyes this formula is beautiful
alright concealer is late now I did not find any setting powder that I could not
buy in America so we’re gonna go in with the iconic magic star of course setting
powder in translucent and Rose I love combining these they’re so good and if
you want to set your life in a place bitch you know mama has you covered so
let me just do a quick little set and I will be right back okay face is looking
really cute now we have a powder foundation anti-fatigue again from
bourgeoisie this is supposed to I’m just gonna set everything and give an extra
boost so let’s go back in with the same powder brush and look that color looks a
little dead looks a little grey okay look at that brush hair my face
okay let me just try this a little bit is it doing anything I’m like packing it
on and I’m not really seeing anything okay maybe it’s just lightly setting
everything don’t really see much of a difference um
let’s move on all right now there is no contour kits that I could find there is
this little highlighting palette from gosh oh hello there um okay we’ll give
her a little whirl we also of course you guys revolution
and makeup revolution is from the UK makeup revolution is so big now an Alta
and drugstore stuff but this is a sprinkles blush and a highlight palette
I have no idea what that is going to look like let’s give her a whirl okay
packaging is a normal drugstore it’s cheap it’s cute nothing spectacular
honey okay BAM let’s touch one flap else dry okay I’m
not too mad at that doesn’t have any pigment that were pay off oh there we go
a little bit I was over here I was like mmm
cute okay great and of course you guys saw I bought the iconic highlighting
palette from sleek I use this on my channel years ago it is so good it’s
really blinding and they have exploded all over America UK everywhere so high
sleek congrats are you guys my face is looking a little dull now there’s no
contour kit there’s nothing like that but we do have a little bit of blush and
a highlighting moment so let’s highlight let’s use some blush
I found this ex1 I don’t even know what the fuck that means but it’s called
pretty in Peach it’s made in Italy sold in London work okay we need a blush
blush alright it’s going up in a little old-school iconic Mac now hello pay off
but is it gonna look good on these cheeks let’s see Oh cute hmm actually
love that it’s not like so intense where right away I wasn’t like screaming like
Hello yeah sometimes you swipe the cheek and you’re like oh my god this is
actually really pretty oh this is proper blusher right here
okay Wow its sheer it’s cute it let me build and I kind of live for it okay
moving on I think it’s definitely time to highlight I have way too many things
going on here so let’s just see what happens here I’m gonna go in with this
little sprinkle moment oh I’m not mad at her oh wow how much oh my god this was
for four dollars literally four dollars well cute I get it
oh I like it a lot alright now let’s open up the sleek one
this one is about line ding I remember this shade being like otherworldly let’s
see if it still does the job oh yes I love this formula it looks really wet
looking as well yeah whoa okay Wow no I found these eyeliners and I kind of want
to either use it as an ice pick for someone’s eye or I don’t know maybe some
wants to sit on one of these but these are for a revolution fantasy eyeliner I
can’t imagine me like swiping this across my lid and living for it so I
will definitely swatch these for fun oh wow mmm
easy that formula I’m not so sure about that one okay well next so for the first
time in the history of my channel I did not find a really sick eyes shadow
palette you guys are probably like what are you out of your mind I know but
don’t worry I’ll be back there in a few months but I just want to do a really
simple easy look like mascara lip face fresh BAM so that is exactly what we’re
gonna do today this is basically like products you can really get ready with
in 20 minutes now mascara there was a lot of mascara in that country Lord we
have revolutions the mascara the gloss okay bitch the mascara and then we added
bourgeoisie eye-catching eye opening vol so these are cheap like they are
really cheap so one of them is only ten dollars and one of them is eight you
better work okay let’s try the mascara look at that brush so much product is on
there hmm it smells like normal mascara but clumpy Jesus yeah the stopper is in
there I was looking like oh my god I just look at all that products coming
off oh okay let’s give it a whirl it’s like this is
called Willy clumpy I’m scared hmm
okay actually not that bad look at that already clumpy the house
this is like for bottom mascara ooh I’m being really delicate all right now when you look at the
before and after really cute but it took a second to get there wait longer than
normal the wand girl this right here held away too much product so I had to
be so delicate that I didn’t bump under my eye let’s try the bourgeoisie eye
catching what does this look like Oh way different and the product is not
everywhere so let’s see what happens okay you know what’s crazy this one is
more like full it gives you more volume whereas this one is like queue but it’s
not giving me the same effect definitely not living for this side I’ll be honest
what’s new I know I actually like this like more that it’s so crazy the
applicator was a flop obviously it got it on there it was just so but this it’s
alright it’s cute I’m just not living for it it’s not giving me really what I
need the bottom one kind of that’s alright but uh okay I would love to even
take it there with more lashes and then really you guys we have a lip left
because the drugstore was not popping over there but actually so far so good
my face is feeling really nice and fresh I would love to put on a lash and you
guys know I was of course it just overseas with Mitchell and Tati lashes
who presented and hosted our entire tour and we had so much fun but Mitchell BAM
he just released new lashes with Tati this is his collaboration I am so proud
of him he did a collab with them last year it got really big and this is a
uk-based brand and they are so amazing we had the best time so thank you talk
to you for hosting our classes now these are massive if you love a crazy full
lash Mitchell has you covered but for today I am gonna take out that glue and
I am gonna use it hi magic trick today as well but Tati
has so many amazing other styles of lashes and this TL 3 is a very hot
seller so let’s try them on alright I’ve cut the band and now I’m
gonna put this lash glue on here now Mitchell use this
every day on me in the classes and these lashes like his new ones the TL choose
every drag queens fantasy I like to kind of get the base down and I’ll go in with
tweezers everybody hi if you have long nails you know tweezers are our best
friends and just start laying the lash down oh I love how fool these are
especially with like no eye shadow it’s like giving me everything I need hi all
right lashes are on oh I love these because now I love supporting indie
brands and indie companies so if you want to support Mitchel and talk to you
lashes I will link their site down below okay I think it’s time for a nappy now
there’s a lot of stuff here at bourgeoisie again had lip products they
had a lot of really pretty nudes liquid lips not the iconic driver store
cosmetics liquid lip formula but hey you never know this might be sickening also
there is a crazy 3d gloss from bourgeoisie they just had a huge retail
space so I grabbed a bunch of it and then we have a lip oil from gosh and
then a holographic lip topper from Barry M so there’s a lot going on here let’s
try it liquid lip and we’ll put a topper over it let’s do this one yeah okay now
this shade is called velvet number 31 no it’s cold flora beige got it really
doesn’t have a fragrance not bad I mean I don’t know I’m like I expected
something wild basic the color looks cute very safe formulas
all right now what I’m gauging from this formula
is that it isn’t like a long lasting liquid lip because it does say velvet on
here I think it’s just like literally liquid lipstick without the staying
power but we’ll try it in a second all right I’m gonna have Nate see if this is
a long-lasting formula or a basic ass hey dude over here thank you and look in
the camera it’s on your mouth pretty color it’s just not long-lasting which
I’m not mad about man hey looks forgot our luggage back yeah okay let’s quickly
try on this berry M holographic lip topper of course it’s in this crazy
packaging that I can’t open Nate come back all right Nate got the packaging
off for me now this made in Taiwan work okay let’s see what happens with this
one what does it smell like whoa it smells
like candy like oh my god it smells so good love that okay I’m not getting a holographic and I
thought it was gonna be way more blinding and I’m kind of falling flat
right now and it’s removing the lip obviously it’s lip gloss but when you
mmm you guys are talking about this is not
always happening okay not living for that one let’s go in with you
bourgeoisie 3d effect gloss and shine elixir please work bitch oh oh we may
have a winner hmm or the brush is so easy hmm let’s do
one more dunk okay
way better I love this hmm that’s all that great but the other one this one’s
not so good um besides that you guys I’d only found a illuminating finish spray
from Barry M for makeup setting and body spray I didn’t find anything else this
one is supposed to be City proofs they are see is protected from dirt and
pollution I think it’s only fair to set this space and give it a whirl girl let
me get my Patricof fan bitch and this look is complete all right we finally
got to finish and complete a little full face of a drugstore at UK and makeup now
I love this this is like my kind of everyday wearable makeup lashes gloss
high extreme foundation and concealer so if you’re someone that loves an everyday
moment like this girl there are some gems so all the stuff that is not
jeffree star approved we’re just not gonna mention any more bye you’re in the
graveyard we’ll see you later girl now everything that I really loved I’m gonna
mention I do want to know though you guys ready for this
Christian let’s zoom in right here on my nose now right here of course this was
the bourgeoisie side now there’s some cracking right here not I mean it’s cute
it looks good I have good skin so a lot of foundations will wear out nice but
we’re doing all of that no ma’am and then when you go on this
side like barium foundation honey it looks really pretty Wow
okay now besides that the barium concealer I really like that as well
so the all night long foundation girl it was like a little watery when it was out
of the component but it laid so nice the concealer this combo they did something
right high work I loved it besides that this random ex1 blusher I don’t know
where you came from girl I remember grabbing you in one of the stores and it
was really pretty I’m gonna keep this on my station and use it
we know sleek is this shit we live for them miss lip color I thought was really
pretty not my favorite liquid lip formula so
actually I am gonna just kind of go over that this last almost step this gloss is
so beautiful and the only other thing obviously is lashes I think they kind of
stole the show – the concealer I really love them they just make me feel like a
little doll and I love it okay you guys it was a journey to get here excuse a
long video I had no idea all of that was going to transpire all I wanted to do
was try some makeup as usual let me know what you guys think about every single
product down below what did you hate on me what did you love sound off I want to
hear from you guys and thank you for watching another review I took a few
weeks off because traveling has been really extreme so I’ve officially back
on YouTube and I’ll see you guys in a few days mwah bye guys

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