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Los Angeles (LA) | LAX Airport – International Arrival and Ground Transport Info | Episode# 1

Los Angeles (LA) | LAX Airport – International Arrival and Ground Transport Info | Episode# 1

Los Angeles, California, USA . LAX airport
arrival process and ground transportation information Los Angeles International Airport is the
fifth busiest airport in the world and the second busiest in the United States.
LAX has eight terminals, most international flights will arrive at the Tom Bradley
International Terminal. If you are arriving from an International flight, follow the
signs to US Customs and Border Protection. If you are arriving from a domestic flight exit directly to baggage claim. Once you’re clear immigration all,
passengers must claim their baggage and clear customs regardless of their final
destination. If LA is your final destination, follow
the signs to ground transportation. If LA is not your final destination, after
clearing customs you will have to recheck your baggage at the transfer
counter in the customs area. Once you recheck in your baggage, go to the terminal where your gate is
located. The Tom Bradley International Terminal is connected to Terminal 4
which has a connector bridge that connects to Terminals 5, 6, 7, and 8 which are all closed security if you go that route. If your flight is in Terminals 1, 2, or 3 you will have to go outside and catch the free airport shuttle marked
A to switch terminals. If you prefer you can also walk the U Loop to your terminal.
Walking from terminal 1 through 7 will take about 30 minutes. If you are
changing planes in LAX it’s a good idea to have at least a
two-hour window to change terminals as it could be a lengthy and complicated
process. If LAX is your final destination outside the baggage claim area, you can
find taxis, complimentary hotel shuttles, Flyaway buses, and rental-car shuttles.
If you want to take the Metro (subway) take the free shuttle bus to the Metro Green Lline Aviation station. Wait under the LAX “shuttle and Airline
Connection” sign on the second divider There are various shared van companies like Super and Primetime shuttle, but you will have to pre-arrange this online or by phone before you arrive. This is a good and cheaper option if you
are traveling alone. You can catch these vans at the first divider. Rental Car
pickup locations are located outside of the main airport area. You can catch Rental Car shuttles from the second divider under the shuttle signs. Renting a car in LA is a good idea due to the geographical distances between attractions. Happy Travels. Go to for
more information or go to our Hipfig Travel Channel on YouTube and be sure to
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17 thoughts on “Los Angeles (LA) | LAX Airport – International Arrival and Ground Transport Info | Episode# 1

  1. very practical, I am arriving In a week on KLM, due to Hurricane Irma ruining my carribean plan then i had to have a back up. why not.

  2. Hi There, and good afternoon from New Zealand! We are travelling there in California for a short 3 week family vacation next month. May we please solicit some information regarding how many minutes would it take from Arrival/Deplaning, Customs Clearance up to Getting Out of the Airport and going to the rental car company to get our rental car? We just wanted to know the total time involved so we'll know what time we will book and pick up our rental car. Much obliged and thank you for this vlog. Cheers!

  3. And what happens if I'm arriving to connect with a different airline? Cause I will need to check my baggage again.
    Will transfer counters help me in that situation?

  4. HELLO.. from airport to downtown..with shutlebus.. how much is the price and how long times its take …thx

  5. That moment when LAX is so bad, you have to come to watch a video. 1:49 is where it gets confusing. You might as well step outside and get hit by one of the shuttle buses.

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