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“Lopez Rent a Car” | Corto FADU – Montaje I Bornia

“Lopez Rent a Car” | Corto FADU – Montaje I Bornia

Lopez Rent a Car. Yes. Yeah here it is. No no, don’t worry, it’s all done.. just come and get it. Um.. Santa Fe Avenue. fifthy three, fourty nine. Five A. Yep. Great. Okay, see you, take care. Hello, i want to rent a car- Raúl, isn’t it? Come in, come in. Close the door! So… Raúl. No, but- Don’t worry, it’s all done. Here are the keys. The car’s parked in the garage.. ..front of this building. Just say you come from Lucas.. ..and that’s about it. We cool? Excelent. Pleasure to meet you. Thank you. On your way out, could you please shut the door? How’s it going? Yeah, my name is Raúl. I came to get the car. We just talked on the phone. Can i come in? Hey dad. How are you? I’m fine. Yeah, yeah. Listen. Remember what happened a month ago? Well..

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