Local dealers react to 4,300 car hail damage story

C1 3 One dent can drive a car owner crazy. Eric Hanson found out when hail the size of baseballs start falling, it’ll attract attention from dealerships across the midwest. He’s live at five. Tuesday night’s hailstorm had Blair, Nebraska in its bullseye, damaging 43- hundred cars. But it’s also impacting how dealers here in central Iowa are getting inventory. THEY WERE ALL HUDDLED UNDER COVER, WATCHING THROUGH A WINDOW, HELPLESS. JASON PITTACK / WOODHOUSE CO- OWNER: Inside it sounded like we were almost getting hit by machine guns. SOME THOUGHT THEY MIGHT AS WELL HAVE BEEN BOWLING BALLS. THEY WERE ACTUALLY THE SIZE OF BASEBALLS, SHATTERING WINDSHIELDS AND RIPPING APART ROOFS AT ONE OF THE NATION’S BIGGEST CAR DEALERS. JASON PITTACK / WOODHOUSE CO- OWNER: The wind was almost driving them like railroad spikes right into everything. BY THE TIME THE STORM PASSED, NO ONE COULD BELIEVE THE EXTENT OF THE ICE ATTACK THAT CRUSHED 44- HUNDRED CARS. ONE WOULD MAKE AN OWNER SICK. Wow. SHOW THIS VIDEO AT A CAR DEALERSHIP– That’s insane! AND IT’LL TURN STOMACHS– That’s just sad. AND MAKE THEM CRINGE AT THE THOUGHT. But that windshield is just destroyed. I mean it looks like it got hit by a deer or something. When you get to that severe of damage, that’s a difficult thing to deal with. PARK 300 CARS UNDER THE IOWA’S CLOUDS LONG ENOUGH, AND ONE OF THEM WILL DROP A LITTLE HAIL. WHICH IS WHY THE OWNER OF AMES FORD SAYS INSURANCE ISN’T OPTIONAL. You have to have the coverage. The amount of loss is just too great to roll the dice. MOST ARE INSURED THROUGH THEIR PARENT COMPANY LIKE FORD OR CHEVY. THAT’LL COVER SMALL DENTS. BUT HERE, BUMPER TO BUMPER WAS BASHED. So when you start adding it up and you’ve got to replace this piece and this piece and the fenders and the doors, and then painting them. And then putting it all back together and then disclosing all that to the consumer. SO SOME WILL JUST BE USED FOR PARTS. OTHERS WILL BE FIXED AND BRANDED AS SALVAGE, IMPACTING THE SALE PRICE. You know if I want a new car, I want a new car that hasn’t been touched. If I want a car that’s been previously repaired and fixed, I want a great deal. AS ONE OF THE MIDWEST’S BIGGEST, WOODHOUSE TRADES WITH DEALERS ALL OVER IOWA DAILY. SO WHILE THIS WICKEDNESS IS MAKING SHOWROOMS WINCE– Holy cow! 4000 DAMAGED CARS WILL IMPACT INVENTORIES AS WELL FOR MONTHS TO COME. In some parts of the country, insurance companies have told dealers to build covered shelters over their cars because they get hit so often. Here, it’s just part of the deal. And in Nebraska, the hail sales have already begun. Thanks, Eric.

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