100 thoughts on “Live PD: The Best of Greenville County, SC | A&E

  1. I'll take the MCM bag for…

    A backpack of course weed!!!!!


  2. Both of the first people were idiots. Never give police officers consent to search your car. Doesnt matter what the situation is. Even if you are a perfect law abiding citizen with a brand new car you drove out of a dealership 15 minutes ago. As unfortunate as it is, cops have planted things in people's vehicles before. And who knows, someone else could have left something in your vehicle without your knowledge. That's why there is absolutely zero reason to allow a cop to search your vehicle. Also, why would that meth user walk into a vehicle that is pulled over by the cops? She was in no way involved until she walked into the vehicle. The cops would have had no legal authority to search her if she stayed outside of the vehicle.


  4. Why does everyone always step out of the vehicle? Consent to searches? And why does the passengers always show id???

  5. I've never seen that much stuff attached to a sunvisor in my life at 7:54 ! Its like a mobile Salvation Army Thrift Store!

  6. I really can’t feel bad for these people. Like they made the choice to try drugs and if they get addicted that’s their fault

  7. it feels like you’re the only addicts … I always thought that everything in America is a cool dream country … or is it not so bad?

  8. “Now, be honest and I’ll see what I can do for you.” – Cop

    Hands cop drugs

    “You’re under arrest” – Cop

  9. I was just chillin and found I see my neighborhood (well old neighborhood) thanks guys

    Just doors away from where I used to live

  10. All these people saying those cops can’t search their cars without a reason they probably don’t have a reason but if they ask the person to search the car the car and the subject is okay with it they can search without reasoning

  11. funny thing is if they dont conesnt they send a dog but in court that evidence is unlikely to be used because there where very weak grounds for that stop and search in the first place. so the evidence is aquried ilegally

    thats why you never consent or talk to the police other than your identification. the passenger dont even need todo that until he get charged with something

  12. jesus christ officer is afraid of cigarettes at a gas station, dude this is not how it works, this is not how any of this works

  13. Man, if you are getting pulled over and the cops dont have any legal reason just dont let them search the car lol. I mean you are basically giving yourself up

  14. Guy gets told he is going to be charged for drugs found in his home after pretending he doesn't have access to it
    "This is all blowing my mind right now"

  15. I have mad respect for those police dogs, they don't play around they don't discriminate they just do there job!!

  16. Military vai pachi jasto hunu parcha ama lai babu Ane babu lai hanue kanon sabi ko hoo Bardeen ko pragiog ramro garnue parcha I’m so proud with Americans military shatter putts yasto lai bhanencha Galtee gara afno chora choree lai panee Karnak garnue parcha ani matra mannish sudrencha

  17. yeah you probably might as well eat the meth from what i understand those mexicans cook some clean crystal! anyway that's basically what pharmaceutical meth is supposed to done – Desoxyn. Pervitin. Black beauties.. at least the cop didnt say "methamphetamines" – that's very annoying when ppl say

  18. “Y’all weigh the bag and everything? That’s messed up man. I mean them bags weigh man, I’m gettin charged for a baggie?”

  19. I live in Tayors, which is in Greenville County, and this made me sad and laugh. Cops here are honest and respectful.

  20. A gram is distributing? SC always had ridiculous drug laws. Why I moved out to cali so I can smoke weed in peace

  21. Man, Deputy Gibson did a quick change from laughing with the guys at the gas pump to serious as can be while holding that "dead end" sign when he looked to his partner,

  22. Carrier weight laws. Imagine 1 hit of acid on a sugar cube. The weight of the cube bumps it up to traffiking. For 1 hit.

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