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Live PD: Stolen Car for a Candy Bar (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Stolen Car for a Candy Bar (Season 3) | A&E

– So right now, we’re
behind a stolen vehicle. At least it come
back stolen NCIC. – Copy. En route to you. [music playing] – Go ahead and step out. – [inaudible] sir? – Come on back here to me. Whose car is that? Keep your hands up for me. Come on.
Put your hands right here. – OK. – Whose car is that? Your uncle’s car? You ain’t got no needles
or nothing on you to stick me, poke
me, hurt me, right? Nothing?
All right. Do me a favor again and put your
hands behind your back for me right now. You’re not under arrest,
you’re just being detained, OK? All right. Well right now, that
vehicle’s coming back stolen. I’m telling you right now
it’s coming back stolen. Is there anyone else
in the car with you? All right. Yeah, bro, I’m telling you, this
one’s coming back stolen, boss. – [inaudible] – You got a phone number
you can call your uncle at? If he still got the same number? All right, well I got to make
a couple phone calls myself, so just hang tight. When was the last time
you talked to your uncle? Two days ago? And he knew you had the car? This is Deputy Mulcahy with
the Richland County Sheriff’s Department. I’m sitting here with
your vehicle right now. Yes, sir. Do you know who stole your car? – Who’s your nephew? – Do you know a Norman? – He says that you
gave him permission– – He says you gave him
permission for the car. – What is Kenneth’s number? – All right, thank you. I think his cousin might have
been the one that just tried to call me. [phone ringing] Deputy Mulcahy, Richland
County Sheriff’s Department. – Hey, what’s your name, bud? – Hey, Mr. Kenneth. I was actually just on the
phone with your uncle, Oliver. His car was stolen,
the green Cadillac. Who’s supposed to have that car? – Is he supposed
to have the car? – All right, awesome. That gives me everything I need. I appreciate it, boss. So here’s the deal. I talked to Mr. Oliver and I
also talked to Mr. Kenneth. Both of them said that you were
supposed to take the vehicle to go get a candy
bar and come back, and you never came
back with the car. So you’re going to jail for
the unlawful use of a vehicle without the owner’s consent, and
they’ll work out the rest of it later. Which falls underneath
the unlawful use. Not stolen vehicle,
unlawful use. He’s going to be charged with
unlawful use of a vehicle without owner’s consent. The vehicle’s
going to get towed. We’re going to make
contact with the victim so they’ll be able to come
pick up their vehicle. And thankfully, no one got hurt. There’s no damage to the vehicle
and everything ended pretty well.

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100 thoughts on “Live PD: Stolen Car for a Candy Bar (Season 3) | A&E

  1. Seems most stolen and car jacked vehicles are done by the 13 percenters. Why don't folks of color BUY a car?? Are they that terrified of getting a job? Now that the traitor Obama is out of office, we have plenty of work. So lazy blacks can't use the old ' cant find a job excuse'.

  2. That kid better not tell the other inmates how he got there. The older lnmates might offer him candy but not in a good way.

  3. The dude in the caddy forgot to tell the cops 👮‍♀️ that the candy 🍭 bar was in California crack ally.

  4. You are cotdamn correct, sir. Never give somebody named 'Chucky' a razor blade. I'd like to also include 'Jason' 'Edward' & 'Freddy' to that list.

  5. Lol wow! 1st time I've ever seen someone to be told to step out of a stolen vehicle without them being held at gun point!

  6. Guy driving multi states going store to store to find that one special candybar he held so dear to his heart through his childhood n longed for during his incarceration only to never find it, he got word it was in stock at a corner store down old town road but got intercepeted by police on the way….he never got to taste that sweet sastisfying confection.

  7. They should've just given him the vehicle—it's a Caddy with a Northstar engine, so it probably had a blown head gasket anyways

  8. As usual, the tow company will be the big winner here. Massive $ to tow it to their yard, then start charging ~$100 a day if owners can't bail it out of car jail immediately.

  9. His not wrong he shouldn't get arrested the give him the car he dont matter how far he go or how long he take🤔

  10. Been watching this channel for a while and I don’t know but I just noticed that most of the people getting arrested or involved are AfAm’s. Is there any particular reason why?

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