100 thoughts on “Live PD: Groin Pocket (Season 4) | A&E

  1. The problem is that they spoke to officers when should have started shooting it out the minute they pulled up its work 10/10 in gta v guys

  2. I don't get it. So they found a AK in the car but the driver gets set free and the passenger doesn't? Shouldn't both be arrested? Jw…

  3. They cut him lose and took the passenger for possession with intent. Neither one got charged for the draco did I hear that right? I thought they both would of been charged and got sorted out in court. They laws most be different are they cooperate off Camara to set some people up.

  4. She said i should probably wash my hands# lol u should wash my hands an i thought if police find something in your car and no one is owing it the driver get the charges because its his car

  5. Outside a chicken shop, black lives matter t-shirt, car full of drugs and guns. "Police targeting us cos we are black, we ain't done nothing" yea yea these stereotypes exist for a reason.

  6. since when do they let em loose if they cant prove whose gun they found? they always take the driver whos in possession of the vehicle or everybody. tf lmao

  7. I hate when idiots rack the slide/charging handle a ridiculous amount of times, pull it back, watch a casing eject if any, let it go forward, put it on safe lmao.

  8. You know you going to jail when you fire up the 🚬🚬cigarette soon as you get flicked he was trying to puff it long as possible 😂😂😂

  9. Why do all brothers. Swear on their mommas. When they are lying !? And for heavens sake, pull pants up ! Drugs, gun, u. Busted !

  10. If weed was legal there wouldn't be armed dealers roaming the streets, and these guys really aren't a threat to the general population anyway they only carry weapons to avoid getting robbed

  11. I'm glad I live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. The police can expend their energy fighting real crimes instead of wasting time busting stoners.

  12. In California dudes ride around with ak47s the difference is they would of each got 10plus years for the am with that clip

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