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Live PD: Car Full of Everything (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Car Full of Everything (Season 3) | A&E

This vehicle I sppoted just a
little while ago driving a
little reckless. He swerved into an opposite
lane, or outside of his lane a couple of times. He’s driving way
underneath the speed limit. I’ll pull him over,
see if he’s OK. Hey, how are you? You’re doing OK? What’s going on? Do you have a driver’s
license with you? Do you have an insurance card
with you as well, please? So the reason I stopped you is– you show to live off of West
Palmer Lane, which is close. So have you been
drinking anything today? Have you had anything to
smoke, any medication, anything like that? Because if you’re
this distraught and you’re making these
mistakes on the roadway, you’re going to
cause an accident. It’s raining out here. It’s wet. All right, not a good thing. Do me a favor and step out
of the car for me real quick. Do me a favor and step out
of the car real quick, OK. Yes. Yes. I’m not going to tell you again. Come back over here
so I can talk to you. – Yes, sir. – Right over here. Back here. Sure it is. I got a legal stop,
detention on you, all right. So I’m going to tell you
what’s going to happen. Detective Dirner is going
to bring his canine. He’s going to run around the
car to make sure that you don’t have anything in this vehicle
that you’re not supposed to have. All right. All right. Do you know what that means? That means that dog just
alerted to that vehicle, OK. I saw him alert. – Hm. – Hm. Yeah. Do me a favor. Turn around for me. Turn around. Run around. That’s a lot. Is that meth? Meth. Oh. Bulk bags. What’s up with all the baggies? Not your vehicle? [music playing] – Sure. Heroin, fentanyl,
morphine, oxycodone. – We found a ledger that
was names and amounts owed. Located a bunch of money
in the vehicle as well. There’s probably some drug
dealing involved, obviously, here. She claims this stuff
doesn’t belong to her. We just found some pill
bottles with her name on them. – Gun. – Obviously, located a firearm. – One of the chamber. – One of the chamber
loaded, obviously. A 9 millimeter. Oh, just some syringes. How long have you been using? You don’t talk anymore? OK. That gun didn’t
come back stolen. We did contain a test
a lot of the stuff that we were locating. At this point, she’s going
to go to jail for possession of heroin, the UCW, which is
Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon, and possession of

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100 thoughts on “Live PD: Car Full of Everything (Season 3) | A&E

  1. Not bad shell get ARD or a year of probation if it's her first offense. But with heroin and meth most people including myself get caught more the once.

  2. Lol yoo i felt her when the dog alerted and she asked “did he really alert tho?” Cus my car was walked around by a k-9 which also alerted LOL, got searched and nothing was found, car didn’t smell either, my eyes were red and my speech was jittery lol. Stupid pigs

  3. Trying to read up on this. A dog sniff is considered a search. You have the right to refuse a dog sniff and a car search. The traffic stop is over when they give you a citation for the initial stop. If they don't have any probably cause from the initial stop, they can't call out a dog or search your car. Any thoughts?

  4. "Did he really alert, though? How would you know?"—smart question! The dog "alerts" 100% of the time, even if it didn't. Cops use that gag all the time

  5. I just hope people make sure to time how long it takes for the K9 to get there. That could be a life saver in court.

  6. What a nation of car lovers. If I was doing this, I would atleast be a little smarter not to take drugs into my car with a note of heroin formula XD

  7. FYI: They do LivePD here to avoid being denounced by the libtard hellhole of the county south of them. (Travis County, Austin, TX)

  8. Never front drugs to people that don't have cash and then there is no need to have a ledger! I wonder why she got evicted

  9. Well I mean, dad always said, “if you’re going to go out, make sure it’s with a bang”
    That’s a bang alright…I’m more ways then one.

  10. Listen, I'm not a fan of Black Lives Matter. I understand the essential cause and actually support shining a light on inequality shown towards the black community. I think they go about protesting and engaging the wrong way but to each their own. I also just cannot stand the mobs who use BLM as a battering ram when it comes to social issues. WITH THAT BEING SAID. If this woman were a Black woman or a Black Man, they would never see the light of day again. They would lock them up so fast. But hey I could be wrong, I could be missing something, but from what I just saw that girl got off light.

  11. She seems like one of those what do you call them oh yeah Democrats yeah she seems like a Democrat hahaha that's funny not that she got arrested but that she seems like one of those Democrats

  12. Do they even have intent. To search with a K9 for a traffic stop wen the k9 wasnt with the officer who initiated the traffic stop? Jw

  13. These shows crack me up at times . Reasons for pulling vehicles over – driving too fast , driving too slow
    Too many lights , not enough lights
    And so on – why not just admit – Hey , I need to hit quota , good video , I am bored etc so I pulled you over.
    I have cops in my family , and they have admitted that no matter who or what they stop they can always come up with a reason.

  14. Le voy a decir a Mi que pare de acosarme que pare de perseguirme el es un sicopata y le pido a la policía y altos mandos que le pongan un stop o me veré obligada a sacarlo completamente el es un demente.

  15. El hijo de GR se anda haciendo pasar por policía necesito que lo arresten ok..lo más pronto posible y el hijo De MTGG también se anda pasando por policía también arrestenlo open door..

  16. The K9 sniffing law is the most blatantly corrupt violation of the fourth amendment since the patriot act. Supreme Court should rule that unconstitutional however they never will.

  17. Well carrying a gun without one in the pipe is just stupid. I mean what if you have to use it in a hurry😂 Was that thing in the trunk? You’ve got to be pretty serious about your dope to have a kit like that going on. Wow!

  18. I dont understand why people run their mouths with cops. They are not your friends. They will not let you go for honesty. Yes sir, no sir. Outside of that, I dont elaborate. I stop answering when I want. No sir I do not consent to a search. Why? Just exercising my rights. People talk so much..

  19. The dog was so awesome…even smell the drugs on her clothes! Dog's don't lie, hon. Your weeping victim plot failed big time.

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