86 thoughts on “Live PD: Best of Texas | A&E

  1. "You either don't comprehend or you don't wanna comprehend."
    "I don't understand-"
    💀*sigs and walks away*💀
    😂 LMAO😂

  2. Dire street, or however you spell it, was the street you walked off to from the Hill at Ft. Bliss when you were in basic or AIT. Nothing but cheap hotels, dive bars and hookers there in 89.

  3. Its funny how that cop didn't even care about that one kid who ran away from the group, and then began to say there were only three xD

  4. The way he moves to get the crack from “in him” 😂🤣🤣🤣. . But wait there’s more ..“ it’s in front of my nuts 🥜 😳😭😭😭

  5. whats up with all theese criminals… if they gonna have illegal stuff on them atleast follow the fkn traffic laws ..

  6. Seeing those cops laugh at "they be shooting people nowadays" is kinda gross.

    Also how are you wanted for something you're already on probation for?

  7. so what I've gotten from all these live pds is that if you're a criminal just drive correctly and avoid being stopped and you'll be fine lmao

  8. That was the weakest attempt at running by those four guys 😂😂 like the officer wasn’t even going that fast. The guy in the beige is big dumb lol

  9. Also that guy should have said “he must have got inside my house while I was at the store. The door was unlocked because I don’t have a key” lol he didn’t play that well

  10. It amazes me that people are still getting arrested for weed in 2019. Coming from Maine it's like staring through a portal into the dark ages.

  11. Cannabis should be federally legal in all 50 states, it should be for sale on the store shelves next to your vodka. You can't tell me you believe in freedom if you're okay with locking people up for having a small amount of plant material.

  12. Seems a stretch that they can lay the cocaine on the guy who evaded.unless they actually saw him throw it and can prove it as n his possession, the is no chain of evidence to link the item and the guy in the car. But, hey, US "justice"……

  13. " I don't do drugs " BWAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAA OMG ::rolls on the floor dying of laughter :: HAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAA OHHH MY GOOOD please I'm dying over here !

  14. So sick of hearing “because I’m scared of cops” bro you’re running from cops, u should definitely be scared now lmao

  15. I don't have a criminal background. Moved my daughter and i away from rougher city.. and STILL completely respect police being respectful to open gang members. It's awesome.

  16. With that first stop, i just wanna say. See how important it is to be 100% honest with the police in stops like that? Its not that hard. And he was a gang member, and they just got a warning. Being respectful and being a decent human being is so easy. Total respect to how everyone acted in that stop for real👏🏻

  17. bet you the dude who started punching the window got a 5150 no normal person turns on the gas and starts punching a window

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