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Live PD: Badass Car (Season 2) | A&E

Live PD: Badass Car (Season 2) | A&E

– Commonly we have, you know,
people come through here. They’re making narcotics drops. Kind of circling the
neighborhood here. Let’s stop, see what’s going on. [dog barking] [sirens] Just suspicious at this time. [dog barking loudly] Looks like the owner might
have a suspended as well. [dog barking loudly] [knocking on window] How are we doing tonight? – [inaudible] Warwick
police department. Are you lost? You look like you’re
kind of circling around. – Which park’s that? – There’s a couple of them. – You looking for the
basketball courts? Are you looking for the– You’re going to go
down a little further. You’ll get lost back in here. Give me a minute, we’ll
get you out of here, OK? – Think he’s making
a drop over here? – For sure. – OK. All right. You want to just hop out
real quick so we can talk? – All right, so you said you’ve
been down this way before, right. – Yes, sir. – What, did you
play ball down here? – Yeah, I played
ball over there. – All right. Would you have a problem
with making a quick look through the vehicle. – All right. Come on, buddy. Yeah, check. Fetch up. Do you think there
would be any reason why my narcotics canine
might scratch? No? – It’s– it’s easier
if you say it. You know what I mean? Get it off your chest. You don’t seem like a bad kid. We all make mistakes,
all right, but. – Oh, [bleep] – These things happen. – What’s that? – It seems like a badass car? – All right. All right, well we’re going
to make a search, all right? If at any point you
feel that you need– there’s something you need
to tell me, just let us know. He’s talking about,
it’s a badass car. I don’t even know where the
hell that comment came from, but that just comes with
the whole nervousness thing. He’s got a large
amount of cash here. This dude’s definitely
been busy tonight. This is all consistent
with narcotics dealing. 1022, Jed. – Yeah. – Just as I suspected, got
a bunch of cocaine here. Every one of those is
individually packaged. This gentleman’s
going to be going to jail tonight, possession
with intent to deliver. [dog barking] – Is that was
in there? – OK. – You can follow me
right over here, sir. – He started talking about
the car, and he’s– his brain must have been spinning. He doesn’t have a
very good poker face. [chuckling] – He was talking as if the car
had a mind of its own, right? You know, I don’t know. That car is–

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100 thoughts on “Live PD: Badass Car (Season 2) | A&E

  1. It is now confirmed this is all scripted again I will say it THIS IS ALL SCRIPTED. Watching these clips Live PD on YouTube same cops seemingly always coming across these miracles discoverys, crazy questions being asked from the get go lol. I my self have never been asked if I had drugs in my vehicle of the get nor have I ever heard of any/from leo asking that from the start, always license registration & proof of insurance followed by do you know why I pulled you over key signs in the attention to detail it's all FAKE, funny but fake! Check out the video of lil rob being shot if you don't believe it, where was the blood after they cut his shirt? They attempted to keep the camera on the LEO holding his hand as a distraction. Same LEO Racial profiling a black Male in a blue shirt to the arrest of lil rob a few weeks later. ROTF!!!!🤣😂🤣😂👍👍

  2. Just a good rule of thumb to go by for all you idiots out there.. . If you have drugs in your car dont tell the cops that its okay for them to search your vehicle…..cmon people

  3. I've been stopped hundreds of times EVERY where I go, and NEVER get nervous 'i got nuffin to hide…except my Buzz🍺🍺🍺👅

  4. All he had to do was say NO.
    No I'm not getting out,
    No you can't search my car
    Then he would have been free. Stupid people

  5. This guy is a dumbass. Illegal stop suspicion is not a reason to be charged or detained. No warrant for search couldve denied the request. He would finished his batch if he was a little smarter smh

  6. Once that siren goes off that k9 already knows what time it is. K9 was all pumped up. To be honest it sounded like the k9 said let's get this mother ucker

  7. and the dog passed over that right in plain sight, just goes to show you the whole dog sniffing thing is a sham just get into your car and search, if that dog really hit on it, the cop would have grabbed it. it was just sitting there in the door pocket?

  8. Special ed star wearers police officers doofy mc clown and his special dog cona ready to go for non violent crimes

  9. Funny the dog hit on the glove compartment on passenger side and the drugs were on driver side door smh

  10. Cop : is there any reason why my dog would scratch at your car?
    Suspect : "it's a badass car"
    Cop : He started talking about his car. Idk we here that came from

  11. Very impressed with the officer doing the talking! Very kind, easygoing respectful. Gave the subject lots of opportunities to tell the truth.

  12. So let me get this straight. They bring the dog in which has been proven to be up to 73% false on alerts to sniff out drugs. They let the dog rummage in the guys vehicle and he alerts on the open glove box. That gives them probable cause to search his vehicle? But he already gave consent …… They find drugs in the driver side door no where near where the dog alerted…. I'm pro law enforcement but I hate seeing abuse of power. And the k-9 is abuse of power.

  13. Drugs under the nose of the doggy and still it didnt found it, if the guy hadn't give consent he would probably sleepin in his house that night

  14. If he just said that they can't search the car he would be on his way, free. Shame, honestly seems like a cool guy.

  15. At 1:36, the cop approaches the driver in the car while the cop is holding the flash light in his gun hand? Not good.

  16. Whole video is confusing! Feels like drug thing is set-up too !!! Guy know police is doing dishonest work even though he thinks jail is safer than dead by police on the street!!! K9 is fake too !!! Siren too !!!

  17. Are these not the STUPIDEST IDIOTS ON THE PLANET

    Why in the world would you consent to a cop searching your car – freaking FOOL ……….
    Welcome to "mericka"


  18. All these people stating telling cops no to search your car isn’t a good idea is wrong. I said no multiple times when they ask to search my car and they let me go

  19. that's what you get when you give a officer consent to search your car. people think they look guilty if they say no. but really it's the police officers finding drugs in your car after you gave them permission to search it that makes you look guilty.

  20. This is staged or that evidence was planted, you mean to tell me a K9 cant sniff out crack less than 3ft away and is more interested in the glove box? This whole county is a joke wherever it is.

  21. He's definitely been getting his Hussle on today 😂 he was probably be going to the courts to go serve the feines around the park 😂😂

  22. 2:31
    Officer: "It seems like a badass car?"
    Guy: "It's a badass car."
    Dude thinking the cop has an issue with the "it seems" part of that sentence. LMAO WTF?!

  23. He definitely had way more behind the glove box 😂😂 “ yeah that’s all that’s in there” he said that quick

  24. This dude dume the cops need permission from the owner of the car to search if they don't have permission they need a suspicion

  25. Your right "you can search" was his famous last words.I imagine they let the dog inside of the car becuase he didnt smell anything on the outside. The dog would have never got to go in the car if he said no to the search. The dog is poorly trained so I bet he never got a scent on the outside.

  26. Cop made the stop because “it was just suspicious at this time” why or how is that an actual reason to pull someone over and what made it so he couldn’t refuse a search…

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