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Lightning Makes His Big Comeback! | Pixar Cars

Lightning Makes His Big Comeback! | Pixar Cars

– Hey guys – Hey there he is, good
to see ya Lightnin’. – Thanks guys, wow, you’re all here. – Sorry buddy, did you want
this call to be private? – No Mator, this is perfect. Listen, thanks everyone
for sticking by me, took me awhile to figure it out, but I know now that it’s time
for me to make some changes. – Changes? What kind of changes? – It’s feudal to resist change man. – You’re right Fillmore. – Really? – Which is why I have
an announcement to make. I’ve thought long and hard about it, done a lot of soul searching, and considered all of the options, and I’ve finally decided – You do, want to keep racing? – Are you kidding? Of course I want to keep racing. (crowd cheers) – Man for a second I- wait a minute, I knew that the whole time. – Guys I’m talking about
making this my best season yet. – We were hoping you’d say that. – The thing is if I’m
gonna be faster than Storm, I need to train like him. – We’re way ahead of you buddy. Lightning, we want you on the road, first thing in the morning. So you can come out and see the brand new, Rust-Eze’s Racing Center! It’s wicked awesome.
– Wait what? Rust-Eze’s Racing Center? – Yeah. – It’s got all the
fancy bells and whistles that the kids are training on these days. We’ll send Macky boy all the directions. Now get movin’ all right? – Okay. Yes! (crowd chattering) – Aye McQueen, you can’t
race in primer man. Come on let’s go. (machine whirring) – Ramone you have done it again. – It’s like, the Sisteen Chapel. On wheels. – I’m coming for you Storm. (upbeat music)

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