100 thoughts on “Lift up CARS like ZACH KING | Premiere Pro Tutorial

  1. Jordy, the most hilarious part of the video is in your acting. You pretend like you have no ideas for the video, then you make a video. That is good.

  2. who watch there from indonesia one of them me, i am less proficient english but i like to see this chanel please no indonesian language please

  3. tal vez nadie lea esto,o tal vez solo 1 persona lo haga.
    Quiero pedirles de corazon que me ayuden con mi canal en youtube y que tambien me den tips,ya subi algunos videos, vayan a verlos y no olviden suscribirse 😭 les pido que me ayuden, todos merecemos que nos ayuden❤❤ estoy empezando en este mundo de youtube y me encantaria que me apoyaran!

  4. I think those Hilarious Editors should deserve to have 1M Subscribers already Because they are so funny 😁 on YouTube and Check out my channel and my videos I hope 🤞 you like them😎👍 AWESOME!!!

  5. You might know something about this editing stuff, but you and your camera man are definitely not funny……more like douche bags. Thanks tho.

  6. You made me to not blink my eyes while watching your videos .
    I would love to join your online editing course.

  7. The cutout was a good idea but why didn't you make it looks like he was in the toy car yelling at you to put him down in a squicky voice, by recording him in a video from his car and shrink it down to the size of the toy car and mask out his car except him and the window?

  8. One question Jordy are you Dutch cause I am?

    Pls like so Jordy can see this

    En Jordy ik weet dat jij van België komt

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