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Lego Train Crashes | Hot Wheels Remote Control Cars

Lego Train Crashes | Hot Wheels Remote Control Cars

Gordon coming around the truck we’ll see
how he does on one two three diff acrossing trying to definitely not crash
this guy because we don’t want to crash right buddy
okay you ready to race these guys maybe baby
ready William Gordon speeding down the track whoosh. Come on, Gordon, you’re never gonna
get hit what happened that looks like Gordon’s front wheels are off and he
falls Gordon whoosh right around you Hot Wheels are
you trying are you aiming for the car now
oh wow Express car Oh for Star Wars characters not good for the Jedi move
buddy you should be used the Force Gordon still he’s just got a huge lean
Gordon pulled that Express whoa whoa whoa Oh Gordon nice he’s not even affected whoo Gordon looking freaking strong Gordon derail Gordon back on track
that was a good derail last time whoosh Oh Gordon still on though
ah that was too far away but Gordon unreal oh wow that was a great crash Wow
Gordon just got destroyed tender and car man I think it’s time for a new train
after that one Lego metro line or a much slower train
going around this should be an easy target much easier than Gordon was au jus slow to hit him look at this he’s
pushing you Oh not fast enough nice look at that great
crash oh he’s stuck oh look at this! Got him off the track match aligner slowly
creeping along whoa manage that Oh Veronica oh wow look at
Veronica she freed him up oh he’s going a little bit faster now the Metroliner
what’s gonna happen now he’s pushing his train oh that is a hard dough for the
Lego badger liner now that was really close this is a slow train but it’s a
little bit heavy it’s hard to knock off nice barely what’s gonna happen here oh
it looks like the front wheels are off oh man
let go Barry oh and a hot wheels Barracuda and he’s breaking up the track
will it be a big crash here whoa breaks right through I’d real look at this oh
oh he’s trying to get off track Oh train words are exchanged ah the Hot Wheels
car gets its revenge ah badoo badoo just take it a try oh wow there you have to figure out how to
derail it oh that’s one way back those are still off there folks
looks like we’ve had a problem with one of the race cars
no problem says the race car though dopey duper do what could happen here
whoa-oh-oh last car down now we’re going a bit faster without that all that extra
weight oh no oh that’s jus vehicles look how fast he’s going now this guy’s still
racing without a body Oh perfect hot hit let’s get the body back on this guy
let’s leave the body off this guy the driver looks a little bit worse for wear
now he’s shell-shocked Spencer I know that body anywhere holding a private car
along here he is folks Oh Spencer knocked off already Oh big a skew fun oh wow you met right
off track oh that was so fast that guy’s going crazy
Oh Spencer stuck on track Oh unreal look at that
knock that ender right off oh and the people in the dining car must not be
happy with that folks unreal took a tender right to the wall Spencer coming
along now folks whoo oh wow you got you got the dining car but it
looks like one wheels back off the back wheels oh he got himself back on job
Spencer that’s our doing very well
look at this Barracuda Oh spats are lying on the road now bats are
lying on the road now no help for him whatsoever Spencer this is a very
dangerous track Oh Spencer oh hey crash yes let’s get Spencer back
on Oh Spence are coming around Spencer going twice as fast now the big boss is
tender at his car I don’t know if anyone’s going to be able to catch him
now all that was close Oh close here is the holiday train leaving the
station getting ready let’s see how this train does the station again who’s in
presence here folks is he gone oh yes back on with the
Christmas tree oh great crash and the Christmas tree car is not the presents
off but that means that the holiday train without the added weight is only
going faster and faster Oh

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