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LEGO Creator 1967 Ford Mustang review! 10265

LEGO Creator 1967 Ford Mustang review! 10265

hello everyone this is the lego creator
classic Ford Mustang now if you were to pass judgment on this entire set based
solely upon what you’re looking at right now just the exterior the first
impression at that I would say that would be okay as a matter of fact I
would very much support that because for me having built this from it’s over 1400
pieces many of them small some of them fairly large having spent time going
through it looking at it checking out all of its features and researching
pictures of the real source material on the internet for quite some time I can
tell you that to meet most of the value that I get from owning this right now is
what you’re looking at right now just that external appearance which is really
nice what did you say it just has a very commanding presence a lot of confidence
and I can tell you having researched into the source material the more you
look at this specific vehicle and you look for specific details of this
specific vehicle I’m talking about the 1967 Mustang GT Fastback full option
with big-block the more he understand just how much respect went into the
design of this respect for the source material and respect for its fans now
personally I am NOT a hyper fan of first-gen Mustangs but I can definitely
appreciate the amount of effort that went into this not just making something
that looks very much like a Mustang but trying to make that specific vehicle and
capturing all of its key defining details accurately now the set does come
with a sticker sheet but most of the important details are covered with
prints so the stripe going all the way down the
top is done with prints these 67 GT specific louvers on the c-pillars are
done with prints and that had to be two separate designs for the two sides these
lower stripes are all prints not the best work there they don’t all line up
just perfectly but from any reasonable distance they look pretty decent I think
they look better in person than on camera and you know when you’re not
looking at them up so incredibly close as this bad GT logo right there is also
a print the Prancing Horse in the grille is a print the license plates are
stickers on the back the filler cover flap also
uses a sticker and then in the engine compartment there’s one more Prancing
Horse logo print or that one by one round tile that represents the oil
filler cap there are a lot of nice details all the other decorations that
you see here aren’t done with stickers so got your air filter cover right there
the valve covers are also adorned with stickers the fan shroud has a sticker
here but there are a lot of nice details that are put in the right places and
with roughly the right shapes here the thing that’s most off is the distributor
cap which is a little bit large but look they even got the vacuum advance stock
sticking out on the base of it this is a full option car so they’ve got the AC
pump over here the radiator is shaped up nicely got a coolant line they’ve got
the battery terminal set up with proper colors there this is a horse rain piece
done in black to give you some of the spark plug wires going across you know
only four of them not eight but it looks pretty proper I think it would have been
a bit a bit strained to get a full eight in there that may have been possible
even have the belts suggested in there with a couple of rubber bands and one
more detail over here you’ve got the windshield wiper fluid bottle the washer
reservoir that has the light aqua color to represent the fluid that’s actually
inside that is full the radiator also uses textured bricks so that looks extra
good if you come all the way back around here to look at the the back on view in
the marketing of this car they made a big deal about the doors and how they
don’t have gaps at the back to leave room for them to open normally they have
to have those gaps for legal connections and you know proper non-stressed
operation of any you know any movable item on
an official legal model and they talk a lot about how special pieces had to be
molded to make that possible and could never have been done before we’ve got a
2×8 curve here which is very nice and you see that up on the roof as well for
context so this is a classic 2 by 10 curved piece here has the extra little
extension at the end and these two by eights follow that same curve I got that
nice long long slope to them so that’s used here that’s really not necessary
for the operation of the door and also this 1 by 2 by 1 curved piece with no
studs on it so it’s attached its its top is here and its base is down here on one
of those dark blue plates you know that just fits right into the area right
there where it’s closing up but I mean this could have been built without that
completely that part is not necessary for this to close up the reason that
this is able to close up is that the hinges are placed all the way out here
so you have enough room and the door is thin enough that it’s able to fit within
the allowable tolerance between LEGO pieces now there is some friction in
there but it does not bother me at all I mean this this just works fine and looks
good also simulated on the inside is the actual hinge on the real thing when I
was growing up one of my parents had an old Ford it was a 68 and it had this
exact same door hinge so I’m very familiar with that it wasn’t a Mustang
but it was the same mechanism so it’s nice to see that and familiar to me to
see that in action and you know it just looks cool to check out the rest of the
interior I’m actually gonna pop the roof off here and it has a rear view mirror
which is celebrating a little bit the chase scene from the movie Bullitt
that’s supposed to be a 68 Charger but here it’s in the rear view whereas the
Bullets Mustang was what was in there the rear view of the charger in the
movie and this one also has its headlights exposed but I’m sure that is
a reference there I’m also going to pop up
use frames just to give you a nice clear view of the very tan interior got some
nice shaping for the seats there got the shifter for the automatic transmission
you’re able to move that forward and back that’s pretty cool the radio unit
there has a sticker and the two dials just are printed pieces that we’ve had
for quite a long time now this does have working steering which is fantastic
especially we can consider all the details that are in the engine
compartment this was hidden away pretty nicely and that is rather fancy in fact
how that is done is one of the more interesting things and the entire build
you can see the mechanism well I guess the best way to look at it from
underneath this huge gear is used here and that’s what’s connected directly
ultimately to her nearly correct nearly directly to the actual steering rack and
the components that are going side to side and these wheels are also new for
2019 that’s also a pretty big deal actually you can see brake discs behind
there but these are very small to be allowing the rotation within or at the
hubs the hubs are actually inside the wheels so that’s actually pretty good
engineering they’re a nice part design to enable that to work it has a pretty
good range of motion as well and it’s all hidden away pretty well so this is
definitely a bit of a design when I’m a major design when in fact a lot of Lego
vehicles have had working steering but this is probably the fanciest that
they’ve done and the most work that they’ve put into pulling off such a
fundamental feature so they deserve significant credit for that that was an
effort that involved multiple people not just a single designer even in the back
the seats are pretty cool they’re nicely textured the colors are pretty good
and you can even push those down I don’t know if this was the original intent but
you can turn them down like that now you see there’s there’s a gear back in there
there’s a little bit of a mechanism at the rear and this is this is odd this is
strange to me because there’s actually a lot of work that goes into building that
I’m sure there was a lot of work that went into designing this feature the
ability to jack up the rear of this thing significantly and you know you’ve
got suspension linkages there I’ve got this whole cantilevered mechanism you’re
turning right from here it’s rotating a worm gear so moving all these linkages
around so much went into that just to be able to give it an any aggressive rake I
will admit that looks pretty cool you know it’s it’s something that was fairly
common for old hotrod jobs to lift the vehicle up and give it some extra room
for some more weight transfer it actually goes a little bit higher that’s
the maximum right there that’s definitely too far but you know you can
go in between I think it looks a little bit better if you if you don’t take it
all the way to its extreme but you can also bring it down to its lowest point
it’s an interesting feature it was definitely very well done personally I
would have preferred just working suspension even if it was just at the
rear you know a little spring system would have been nice but yeah the
designer went above and beyond I don’t mind it
now while I’m back here speaking of going above and beyond also included are
the parts to build this and the instructions to build this a Shelby
style rear spoiler that just connects directly to the trunk lid there doesn’t
look so great from the back with all these anti studs exposed but you have to
compromise there it has to look good from one side and in this case I think
it looks good from the correct side the shaping there is is
very good for the Shelby body kit and upfront they I would have expected for
an aftermarket lower section air dam or front splitter section I would have
expected something inspired by the are the gt350r that one was available in
this exact year but instead you get this road-racing splitter air dam thing which
actually looks really nice as well but it just it just demands side skirts to
go with it you know something that I would expect to see not in 1967 but more
recently for not necessarily in absolute modern days but at least late 70s for
road racing purposes I think most of the the classic road racing Mustangs in in
67 or thereabouts were notch backs and the fastbacks that were raced were the
the ARS which had a different look entirely different designs back here
different stuff on the side little things but this is pretty cool
nevertheless and it’s not the end there are more things that you can do to
customize this pop the scoop off that comes off as just one sub-assembly
they’re very easily I’m also going to take the air cleaner off an entire unit
put this back and add in this big old supercharger got the three butterflies
up there got even the linkage on the side they don’t give you an extra belt
for this but I mean this will pop right in there it’s quite oversized but I
don’t mind it definitely helps to have the spoiler back there to help balance
things a little bit I personally wouldn’t run a an air dam with that I
think those don’t really go together quite so well but that’s entirely up to
you you can mix and match as you like and if you’re going to do that you might
as well do straight pipes you know and just run your headers right on down
it was actually attached very securely so now this is getting very very hot
routed no add a little extra rake to it I don’t want to go all the way with it
just in between yeah so it’s pretty hot look also this is definitely too big but
you know totally get what they’re going for and the builds are pretty proper you
know proper LEGO pieces everything goes together nice and tightly and it changes
the look pretty significantly which is great good pieces to include stuff that
I think a lot of fans will appreciate as options yeah definitely good stuff and
for just one more detail let’s open this up and throw in a bottle of NAS so get a
little extra boost from that place that wherever you want I think that I think
that’s like a good spot anything after you move it back just one to get it to
fit down in there a little bit better there we go
it’s more secure yeah and that does it oh yeah if you’re running your headers
out the sides then you probably want to remove the stock exhaust as well and
that’s made to be done quite easily since there was a sticker sheet used for
this set they went ahead and used it some more for some extra license plate
options this is a double entendre right here with a reference to the designers
last name and also a p-51 being the mustang prop fighter from World War two
here’s a little bit of love for Australia something that we don’t see
very much from Lego unfortunately this is for the UK and this is for Germany
here are the spare pieces that I was left with including one of the precious
new prints the oil filler cap part right there and the rest of the stuff is
pretty much what you would expect you know just the one by one in smaller type
items VIP club members who ordered this we’re also able to get this exclusive
keychain which is a very weighty piece and it’s got the two sides to it very
the produced and you can kind of spin this around let’s see if I can get it to
do it’s up there you go do its thing like so yeah it’s a nice little add-on
well special collectible so all in all this is pretty fantastic you know I I
always try to look for things that I don’t like even in sets that I do like
on the whole and similarly I try to find things that I like even in sets that I
dislike on the whole or I’m not interested in on the whole but there’s
very very little to complain about here I’m sure if I was a Mustang superfan I
think it looks like I should have turned to these exhausts back I should’ve
thought of that a little bit but if I was a Mustang superfan classic Mustang
superfan I’m sure that I would be able to go through and nitpick a lot more of
the the small details but as it is being someone who has seen these vehicles all
my life you know for for some decades now and who did spend a fair amount of
time looking at pictures of different models of the gen 1 for Mustangs and
also this specific one the 67 Mustang GT Fastback
full option with the big-block 390 I just can’t hate on it I I mean just
looking at this I see Mustang I see what I’m used to seeing of classic Mustangs
on the street at car shows having these extra options is is just kind of icing
on the cake I think that the stock form of it is is the best form although the
Shelby style spoiler back there is a very nice touch yeah just just a real
real triumph it’s just it’s just done right definitely the work of true master
builders and master designers who really cared about what they were doing and
that’s about it from me if you want to check out the build process for this I
did record that and put it up in a fairly long video on my build channel I
will link to right now and I’ll talk to you again

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