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Lee Day from Moss Civil Engineering shares his thoughts about Rototilt®

Lee Day  from Moss Civil Engineering shares his thoughts about Rototilt®

Since we’ve had the Rototilt we’ve really seen
how much production we can get with it. We didn’t realise it could do what it could do. I’m Lee Day,
plant operator for Moss Civil Engineering. We’ve been currently running over 10 years.
Predominately in the housing industry, but also the civils and now the rail. We’ve been looking at the tiltrotators
for quite a number of years, but we never had the opportunity to try one
until we got in touch with Rototilt Ltd. We could see the benefits of it,
not only from the production side of it, but also from a health and safety side of it,
reducing manual handling and such. We’ve had one fitted
and it’s doing everything that we hoped it would do. A couple of features on the Rototilt we really like; one being the SecureLock™. We’ve got full confidence that when the bucket has been
exchanged, it’s securely locked on and the system will not stop
sounding the alarm until it is. So that me as a driver knows that it’s safe
and it’s safe to work with the men on the ground. Also the grapple.
We can’t believe how much we use that. Laying out kerbs with it. All the manual handling the men were doing before,
we’ve managed to limit that down to virtually zero. When we looked at buying the Rototilt,
one of our concerns was, would it be durable? And when we’ve had it,
we’ve put it through every test we can. We’ve done deep drainage with it
and put it through its’ paces, and it has not let us down at all.
The build quality is absolutely fantastic. Obviously when you’re buying any sort of machinery
or attachments, service and the backup is as important as the price. We run the Volvos
because we know the backup’s brilliant with them and that’s why we chose Rototilt as well. After we spoke to them
they know the product inside and out. Nothing’s an issue
and we know that if any future issues did arise, which we don’t think they will, that they’ll be straight to us
and having us up and running. When we first arrived on the site
with the machine with the tiltrotator on, we felt like a bit of a movie star really! Because everybody was coming out of the cabin
and wondering what was happening. They couldn’t believe what we could do with it. Now the site managers have seen
what more we can do with it, and how much more productive it is, they are starting to ask now
for that machine equipped with the Rototilt. For anybody who’s thinking about
installing a Rototilt on their machine, I’d definitely say, ‘yeah, it’s a winner’! The money and time you save
in the day-to-day working life on the machine on a site, totally outweighs that price.

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