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Leading Indicators for a Record Month in Car Sales

Leading Indicators for a Record Month in Car Sales

So, you had a record month
congratulations. Now what? I’m Tim Kintz and I’m here in New York
City down on Wall Street, I got the New York stock exchange behind me man it’s where all the action, all the
activities, it’s where they make the magic happen when it comes to the stock market.
You know you think about all the stock brokers in there and all the
information they look at, you know its, information is power the more they know,
they’re looking at things like like commodities and futures, and
estimates that businesses are giving on their future earnings.
They’re looking at consumer confidence. They’re looking at all these things that
I call leading indicators. Right, those leading indicators, on where the
stock market’s going to be in the future and once they have all that information
now they can take it and can make educated decisions. They can they can buy the
right stocks based on what its gonna look like because what’s going on right now was
determined 30 days ago, 60, 90 days ago How’s that apply to us in the dealership?
Well how many times have you seen dealerships or sales people have record
months and then the next month they fall off and you see it. I always tell guys in
the stores, be aware be careful of a record month, because
typically the next month we crash and burn you know you sell 25 cars in one month
next month you sell 10 why is that, why is that happen? Well I
mean there’s a lot of reasons. Look you always hear guys say, well
because they got lazy or they were comfortable because they made a bunch of
money and they just kicked back. Look some of that is true, but the reality is when
you have a record month it takes a lot of work doesn’t it? I mean think about it, how many deliveries do you got? If you sell 25 cars, how many deliveries
you have? You’ve got 20, 25 maybe even more deliveries if you have split deals. you’ve got to stock in trades, you’ve got
“we owes” you got to chase down, you’ve got stips you gotta chase down. so what don’t you have time to do when
you sell 20, 25 cars a month? yeah, right you don’t have time to follow
up you don’t have time to prospect you don’t have time to fill your funnel. so
then you get into the next month and you look up on the 15th of the month, you’ve got four five six cars out and you’re like, “man I got to get my act together.” here’s why it’s because we have the
leading and lagging indicators in a dealership. this month isn’t determined
by what you do this month, this month is determined by what you did the last 30
60 and 90 days the leading indicator this month is a
lagging indicator of what you did the last 30 60 90 days.
so realize this, congratulations you did a great job
doing all your follow up and all your prospecting on that month that wasn’t
the best, but that’s not going to affect this month. you’re going to get a little
bit of pop out of it, but really it’s gonna it’s gonna give you a good next
month and a good next and the next what you do now is going to determine
what the next 30 60 90 days even more is going to be. so if you have a bad month
don’t look at and say I had a bad month no no you didn’t have a bad month. you
had a bad 30 60 90 days ago so if you want to have a good save
august you need to make sure that June July you’re doing all your activities
you’re doing your follow-up calls, you’re sending out your 20
emails, your 20 texts you’re filling your funnel that way you
can recession-proof yourself by doing all the right things all day every day,
and look I understand you’re selling 25 cars there’s a lot of deliveries, you’ve got a
lot of work to do but you gotta make the time to do all those activities, you got to
make the time to fill your funnel and once you make the time to fill your
funnel, to focus on those leading indicators today, you’re going to
guarantee your success every month and every year so what you do today, your activities
today are going to define who you are and what you achieve tomorrow, and the
next day and the next day. So what are you going to do today the
guarantee your success tomorrow?

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