– I lost? – Now you must go out
one door and in another. – Payton, this is not gonna be easy. (gulping) – We can stay in here forever! – It’s raining, and I
am on top of the roof! – Did I just eliminate half of the family?
(camera snapping) – Uh, you sure did.
(camera snapping) – [Children] Hi SOTY Family! – Don’t forget about Baby Blake. – Alright guys, today
we are going to be doing a last to leave challenge
(whooshing) and one that we have not done before. – We haven’t done one in our car. – So we’re doing it today! – Last to leave the car wins. – Are we gonna be doing this challenge in a rain storm? – [Girls] Yes! – Alright guys, before you can
do the last to leave the car, you need to go collect some supplies! (stomping) (door creaking) (door slamming) – Alright guys, here’s what I’m thinking. I’m gonna bring this speaker, because it’s awesome. I mean, like really awesome. I’m gonna bring my phone, of course. I’m gonna bring some earbuds, some Fortnite toys ’cause can’t go without ’em. And finally, my remote control car! I can still use it outside of the car while I’m inside of a car. Oh, and Bop It. – Alright guys. Here’s what I’m bringing. I’m bringing this coloring set, because I like to color, and I might be bored. And this pillow and a blanket, because I might be cold
and it’s raining outside. And if this lasts a long
time, I’m gonna sleep there. And I brought a bag full of crazy stuff! And I’m ready to stay in
there for the long haul. (door clicking) – Alright guys, I got some coloring, some kits and also some Yahtzee. A Yahtzee game, because who knows how long
we’re going to be in there. – Um, I am going to be bringing my bag, has a few stuff. It has secret stuff inside. I have my notebook, a piece of paper, and a JoJo pen and a JoJo game, and a ukulele, so I can play sweet tunes. (strumming) You’re welcome everybody. – I bring my Barbie, my
teddy bear and my blankie. I’m going to win. (upbeat music) We’re ready to go. (Blake shouting) (Blake sighing) – Let’s get to that car! (children shouting) – This is awesome! It has so much space! – I’m never leaving this thing! You might as well call this my new home. – I’m going to sleep in here. – Alright guys, we have our
entire family in this car! We’re sprawled out. Everyone has their stuff. We are gonna see which kid
can stay in the longest, guys. This is a competition. – That I’m gonna to win. – One of the best parts
of this challenge is we have a built-in theater. – We get to watch movies? – Uh, I’m not sure how long
the co-pilot’s gonna last. She may have had an accident. – Uh, Blake did you plan that on purpose? Are you trying to get
people to leave this car? – Something stinks. – Uh, on my second thought here, I think she might win
because of this accident. – Stink and all. I’m not leavin’. – Well, one thing I’ve realized
while being in this car is that I need to clean it. These kids are messy. – Alright guys, let’s
get this party started. (upbeat music) – Wait, see what I can do on here. (strumming) – [Parker] Can I get this? Can I get this, okay?
– No. ♪ Old Macdonald had a
farm, eh ah eh ah oh ♪ ♪ Old Macdonald had a farm ♪ – This is gonna be a long day. (upbeat music) – This car may be getting
a little too comfortable. No one’s ever gonna leave. So guess what? No more movies. – [Children] What?! – Oh, it’s stinky. Can you get Blake away from here? – Sorry that’s part of the challenge. If you don’t wanna smell the stinky, you need to get out of the car! – Never! – Who’s up for a game of Star Wars Bop It? – [Girls] Us! – Not me. – I’ll miss how to play. – Whoever loses has to go out one door and come back in another without touching the ground. Or I guess you’re out of the game. Here we go. (squeaking) – [Bop It Toy] Bop it to start. Blasting, Pass It. (drumming) Bop it.
(bouncing) Twist it.
(horn hooting) Pull it.
(whistling) Pass it.
(electronic vibrating) (drumming) Bop it, bop it.
(bouncing) Twist it, twist it.
(horn hooting) Pull it.
(whistling) Pass it.
(electronic vibrating) (drumming) Twist it.
(horn hooting) Bop it, bop it.
(bouncing) Pull it.
(whistling) Twist it, twist it.
(horn hooting) Bop it.
(bouncing) Twist it.
(horn hooting) – [Children] No! – I lost – Now you must go out
one door and in another. – Payton, this is not gonna be easy. (gulping) – Alright guys, let’s see
if Payton can do this. And guys, it’s raining. This is not gonna be easy. (car door clicking) (sighing) (upbeat piano music) – There’s nothing to hold on to. (mumbles), guys. I am pulling through this. Whoa! I’m gonna go to– I’m goin’ to die. Okay, um, is there any where I can stand? – [Girl] Hey. – [Dad] You can do it, Payton! – [Child] Payto! – [Payton] I’m doing hardcore right now. Okay, how am I supposed to do without– – [Child] Oh, oh. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
(Payton grunting) (bright music) – Oh yeah! This is.
(car door clicking) (car door clicking) – [Dad] Whoa!
– [Payton] (screams) Whoa! (car door slamming) Oh yeah, I’m the bomb. – Well guys, she miraculously made it. I thought it was
impossible, but she did it. – It’s time for another dance party! (electronic dance music playing) I’m getting kind of bored
since we don’t have movies. I’m pulling out the Razor. (yelping) (rattling) – Ah! (rattling) Open uo the back! I’m heading out! (rattling) (car toy engine revving) (automobile engine revving) What is that? Don’t run over my Razor! – Let’s race! (automobile engine revving) – On your mark, get set, go! (automobile engine revving) (girl laughing) – [Stephen] I have won the race! – You’re goin’ in the grass! – [Stephen] I can’t control it. (automobile engine revving)
(Payton cheering) (automobile engine revving)
(screaming) (upbeat music) (automobile engine roaring) (girl laughing) – Who wants to go for a ride in the Razor? – [Children] Me!
– [Stephen] I do! – [Dad] Let’s go! – [Mom] Oh! You’re eliminated! You’re eliminated! – Did I just eliminate half the family? – Uh, you sure did. – [Girls] We’re still left! – For now. Alright, well they’re eliminated, but they do get to ride in the Razor. Who’s ready? (children shouting) Let’s do this. – This is awesome! I think this is amazing. – Turn! – Ah!
(screaming) I love this Razor! (girl screaming) – Mud! Alright guys, was that worth
getting eliminated for? – Yeah, I think so.
– Yeah. Yeah. – Alright, looks like
the Razor is a good time. Let’s see how these other girls do. – Alright guys, so we are
getting closer and closer to seeing which kid is
going to win this challenge. Taylor. – Mm. – Payton. – Hm? – And Blake, kind of, are left! – Blake kind of does what she wants. (rattling) (Blake laughing) We can stay in here for ever! – It’s raining, and
I’m on top of the roof! – Best challenge ever! – Ho, ho, ho, it’s freeing! (whooshing) – So, the two girls in the back, I know why they’re still in here, because they are crazy. But this one, I’m surprised
that she’s still in this car. – She normally gives up by now. – [Mom] Are you holding strong, baby? – I love baby. – Yeah, you are a baby! (upbeat music) – I thinks she’s getin’ bored. Blake, what’s this? – [Mom] Blake. (rattling) – What’s that, Blake? (Blake mumbling) – [Mom] Blake, are you trying to leave? – I know how to tempt her. Blake. (rattling) Are you gonna do it? (clicking) She’s pulling it. – Blake’s gonna leave! Did she do it? – She opened it. – [Mom] Blake, are you
leaving the competition? – [Blake] Bye. – [Mom] Bye!
(Dad laughing) – She’s out. – [Mom] She’s out. Alright, bye Blake. (upbeat music) – Did Blake just leave? – It’s just us two! (mouth clicking) – Alright guys. (sighs) We have seriously been in this car for quite some time, and these girls, – Aren’t goin’ anywhere. – That’s the problem, so we need to come up with
something that is going to want to get them out of this car. – Whatcha thinking, guys? – We can either push them out of the car. – I like that idea. – [Girls] Or. – Maybe I give out all
the money that’s in my (giggling) wallet. Come here guys, come sneak a peak inside. Oh-hoo-hoo!
(girl laughing) – I caught a glimpse, and
girls, that’s tempting. – So many choices! I’m taking the money. – No, I am.
– No, I am! – Only one person can take the money, and only one person gets to win. – Lets see. I guess there is only way
to solve this problem. – [Payton] No. – It is the last to leave this car. First one out gets my wallet! – [Mom] (screams) First one
out of the car gets the wallet! – So this whole time, I’ve been trying to get
them to leave the car, but this time they want to leave, so I put all the child safety locks on. They can’t get out until I open the back. And we’ll see who can get out the fastest. I bet they’re comin’. – [Taylor] Ouch! – [Dad] (gasps) Payton’s out! (upbeat music) – Thanks for watching today’s video. Hopefully, you enjoyed it. – Wait! What did I win? Did I win $10,000? – Subscribe to our channel.
– Ah, $10,000! – Comment below
– [Taylor] That’s not fair! – Give us a big thumbs up,
– [Taylor] I won! – and we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – [Taylor] Mom, what is the plan?! – Bye! – [Blake] I love baby. (upbeat guitar music)

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