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Last to Leave GAME MASTER ESCAPE ROOM w/Rebecca Zamolo and FaZe Rug! (Mystery Device Found irl)

Last to Leave GAME MASTER ESCAPE ROOM w/Rebecca Zamolo and FaZe Rug! (Mystery Device Found irl)

– FazeRug, are you
working for the quadrant? – Quadrant. – What’s the quadrant? Wait, aren’t you Rebecca Zamolo? And Matt? What are you guys doing in my house? Are you taking my car? – No, no, no, no, we weren’t taking it, we were, you know what? Can I talk to Matt for a sec? We have a lot to tell you but, I just need to talk to Matt first – I guess go for it. I’m super confused but you
guys would go ahead and talk. Should I go outside? – Yeah, you could. Just real quick, we’ll be there in a second. – Okay. – Hey Zam fam, right now we are at FazeRug’s house and this is his car right here. We heard that there was
a tracking device from the quadrant on it and so we tried to debug
it by calling Daniel so he could hack into the system, but then FazeRug just came out
wearing a quadrant mask and took it off which is really confusing, you guys think he’s
working for the quadrant? Matt? – I mean he’s too nice to be working for the quadrant. – Yeah, that makes no sense or what if he is the actual YouTube target? – Then why would he have the mask? – I have no idea. I wish we had a professional
lie-detector test right now, but we don’t. So, Zam fam we’re gonna
need your guys’s help, we’re gonna go in there
and question him and try to figure out what
exactly is going on. So smash the thumbs up button
right now as we go in and you guys are gonna help decide
if he is telling the truth. Let’s go! Hey, Rug? – Yeah. – Hey, um, could we talk out here? – Sure. – Yeah. Just like real quick, we have a few questions. – Okay, yeah, yeah. – Here, you can have a seat. – You don’t want to sit too? – Nah, I’m good, I’m good. – Okay. – Okay, I have a couple questions. Do you know where the game master is? – The game master? – Yeah. – What’s the game master? I’m actually confused right now. I don’t even know what the game master is. – Did you know he was missing? – Not at all. Zam fam comment below if you think he’s telling the truth this and if he’s not this. Sorry, I don’t have a lie detector test, so I don’t really know you, so I just… – No, no, yeah, but like I mean I just don’t know why you’re questioning me in my house, like, what were you guys doing here? – Okay. Okay, I’ll let you ask questions in a sec, but I actually have one more question. – Okay, go for it. – Whyy were you in a quadrant outfit? You’ve got the quadric mask, you have all black. Why are you in that? – I don’t even know what the quadrant is, but I just got like a mystery
box left on my front porch and I just tried it on. – Oh, so someone sent you that. – I’m assuming so. I didn’t order it. – You’ve got the I
threw the address or…? – No, there was no address
from where it came from but… – That is so weird. – Wait, wait, wait, back to my question. Why are you guys here, like, were you guys stealing my car or anything? – No, no, we weren’t stealing your car, actually… – Well, kinda. – What? – No, no, we weren’t stealing your car, we were just, we just wanted to make sure you were, oh, hold on. It’s Daniel, Matt, he’s facetiming. Hold on one sec. Hey Daniel. – Hey Rebecca. It looks like FazeRug
wasn’t the only reason why they were down there – Oh. – I’m right here. – He’s right there right now. Why else were they down here? – It seems as though the
event was just the beginning. There are items hidden
in school buses not far from your location. – A school bus? What is it for? – These are important pieces of what make up a new quadrant device. It’s critical that you
intercept these eyes before the quadrant can
get their hands on them. – Okay, okay, we’ll get right over there. Can you send the coordinates? – Sending it now. – Okay. Thanks Daniel, bye. Looks like we have to get going. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Wait hold on, I’m confused, like, is the quadrant bad people? Is it a group or what? What’s the quadrant? – There’s this device that we need to get that they can’t get before us, so we need to get to… It’s supposed to be in a school bus and we need to frame the school
bus before they get it. – I want to come along, I want to help you guys. You guys don’t trust me, you think I’m a part of the quadrant, I really have no idea who they are, but I really want to help you guys get to the bottom of this. – You guys comment below what you think. Matt? What about? What do you think? – I mean, it seems like he’s telling the truth. – Yeah.
– I am. – He knows San Diego really well. – Yeah, you do, right? – Yeah, I can help you guys for sure. – Is it okay if we drive? – Oh yeah, let’s do it, let’s go. – Okay, let’s go. Okay Zam fam, so it looks like we’re
at the location with the school buses. We need to get in and get
out before the quadrant does, we need to find that device. – Yeah.
– Wait, so like, can you stop and explain
who the quadrant is, but I’m kind of getting scared now. – It’s not, how do we explain it, Matt? – Let’s just get inside. – Yeah.
– Are you sure? – Yeah, we just need to find the device and then we’ll explain everything. – Okay. – Zam Fam, smash the thumbs up button
if you think we are going to find the device. – Matt, that’s a quadrant logo that we found on our roof. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – On our roof. That means this is the quadrant location. – You’d be super safe. – So look, this is what we’re looking for. – Oh, okay. – You can’t really like see because it’s a little encrypted but… – Wait, what is this for? – We don’t know and that’s why
we have to go search for it. Matt, do you know how
much of it will find? – I have no idea. – I don’t know but we have to find it. – Thanks for coming by the way. – Yeah.
– Oh, yeah, of course. – Okay, this is just the… – Wow.
– Wow. – Smile you’re on camera. – I’ll be on the lookout for… – Zam fam comment below if
you see any cameras at all, we need to move fast though because the quadrants gonna be coming. – Look at all the gadgets, there’s so many things here. – Which one do we know to go into? – Oh no. I mean, do we have to
check out all of them? – I don’t know if this is safe. – Well there’s like over 10 buses here. – Gosh. Where do you want to start? – No look, there’s like a sign, kids? Is this a school? – It sounds like kids. – Yeah, I hear kids. This is such a weird location-
– Yeah. – to be sent to – Start here and then we’ll
work our way to the back? – Is this even a school bus? – No. – It doesn’t look like it, but this is the only one that looks like it’s not a school bus. – It’s definitely a school bus. – Oh yeah. – This is like a vacation bus. – Is it locked? – It’s locked. – The windows are tinted. – It’s like they’re unlocked. – That one is locked too.
– It’s locked. But there’s a window. – Why would the window be open? It looks like it’s gonna rain today. I can’t see anything inside it, it just looks like seats, like a normal school bus. Zam fam, did you guys see anything? Comment below. How are we supposed to
figure out which bus has it. – This door looks unlocked. – Yeah, this looks unlocked for sure. – Okay. – Oh, no, no, no. – Do you want to go first? Do you want me to lead the way? – No, go ahead, go ahead, – Okay.
– Go ahead, go ahead Rug.
– Alright. Wow. – What is it? – I mean there’s a lot
of signs right here. – Let’s keep an eye out for a device. – Alright, well look
for any clues Zam Fam, if you see anything let me know. Alright. – Looks just like a bunch of seatbelts. – Yeah. – We need to get going. – I found something. – No, no.
– What? – What is it? – I don’t know, what is it? Was that in the blueprint? – Like a spy gadget I think, but what is it for? – Is this part of the device? – I don’t know, what do you guys think? – Check the rest of the bus. – Oh yeah.
– True. But why would they hide
multiple clues in one bus if there’s more than one
piece in this device? – Maybe this is the bus that the hide all of them in. Do you see anything? – Matt! – Oh! – They’re already here, the quadrant is here right now. – That’s the quadrant? – Yeah, that’s the quadrant. – Hey, let’s try and get out the back. I think they went that way. – Is it open? – Okay. Sh! Okay. – So that’s the quadrant. – Yeah. – Why are they after you? – Actually, they’re after you. That’s why we were at your house. – Wait, what did I do? What do you mean? – They’re taking top youtubers and they’re trying to replace them and you’re the next target, we figured that out and
it gave us coordinates to your house and on your car, your Lamborghini, there was a tracking device put on there. – What, they’ve been tracking me? – Yeah, well, we don’t know how long
they’ve been doing it, but our cameraman Daniel was able to hopefully hack into it and stop it. – What? – Yeah. – We’re not supposed to be here. – No, we’re not supposed to be here at all but we need to get… – But we should be here. – Yeah. – Because we need to get something. – We need to get the
device before they do. – Alright, let’s do it. – Okay. They’re over there let’s try
to get to the bus with the net. Straight in there. Okay, ready? – Three, two, one, go! – Rebecca,
– Okay. – Three, two, one. – What do they want from me? – I don’t know. I think they might be trying to clone you. – Clone?
– Yeah. – Is that even real? – I mean.
– I don’t think so. – No, oh, okay, yeah, okay. – Well, the bus door’s open right there. – Okay.
– Yeah? – Can we make it? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Should we go? First, do you want to go together? – Okay, let’s do it. One, two, three, go! – Oh! Hold on. Oh, it’s just my shadow, guys. – It’s his shadow. – Oh! – Look! They’re in the bus right there. It looks like they don’t know
where the item is either, they’re searching for it. – There, and there. – So, it’s our job to get it. – Exactly. So, let’s check this bus. Look, seat numbers, one, three, five. – Sit down, sit down. There are number up everywhere. – There’s something inside.
– There’s a box. Wow! – It looks like it’s locked in. Do you think they
probably came in here and grabbed something from here? – Oh.
– There’s a chance, but no, we saw them arrive, they’ve only got into that bus. Comment below where you
think the next device would be hiding if it’s on this bus. Rug, where did you find the last one? – It was just on the seat, under the seat belt. They definitely wouldn’t
put it in this box. – No, there’s no way.
– There isn’t? Okay. Look low. – You see anything? – Look, look! – It’s an emergency exit. – No, no, no, Matt. – This. – What? – Hold on. – Is it a trap? – Do you think that this
is one of the devices that we’re supposed to find? – It’s like a mystery box. – Can you open it? – Guys, I just got a text from Daniel. – What? What does it say it? – Says 37. – 37? There is only 26. There were numbers on the buses, what if it has something to do with that? – Ooh!
– Ooh! – We have to act like spies
right now because quadrant is in that bus over there. Okay, look, that says 176. – 176. – Right there, huh? So, we’re looking for bus 37? – Zam fam it looks like
they’re in bus 172 right now, which means they’re not
in the right bus, Matt. – Do you think Daniel sent us the coordinates for the device? – Maybe, maybe he’s acting upon more information. Yeah, I see that. – Oh, right there. – Get down, get down! Zam fam, I really hope that they’re not going to 37
right now because that means they’ll get the device before we do. – It’s only one person. – I know but it’s one right now, but there’s more of them. They might be coming. Look, he’s getting out. He went past it, he went past 37 you guys. – Are you sure? – Yeah, yeah, look. – Let go in. – Sh! – Let me look and see where he’s at. He’s at the front buses
the ones that didn’t open. – What if he has a key? – Maybe. What if he thinks there’s
something inside that he has no clue that it’s in 37. – Should we make a run for it? Comment below if you think that we should either run for it
all at once or go individually, what do you think? – I say we make a run for it. – All of us? – Yeah.
– Alright Zam fam, smash the thumbs up button for good luck. Looks like we’re clear for the moment. Alright, three, down, down. – Police, police. – Okay, it’s getting really creepy. – I thought it was a police car that Use the noise as a cover right now, okay? Three, two, one, go! – Wait, wait. Look, guys. – What? – One two and three four. – Grab them, grab them, just gram them. – Okay, okay. This is it. Wow! Look! There’s like candy, ooh! We’re running out of time
and they’re here right now, so they might come back here at any point. There’s, like, and umbrella. Do you guys think this is a clue? – Open it up. – It’s bad luck inside. – Oh shoot, okay. – Let’s not do that. If you guys see anything, let us know. – Guys, lades and…
– Wow! – Maybe it’s in here. There’s bags. I feel like the device would be hidden. Daniel told us 37, this is the 37 bus. – You think it could be wrong or…? – I don’t think so, he
hacked into their system, he got more information. – It’s probably hidden, for sure. – Okay, if we can’t
figure it out we need to facetime him as soon as possible, is there anywhere that
we did not look, Zam fam? A book? Maybe there’s, like, a clue? – And they put it inside of there. – What about in here? – What is it? Oh my gosh. Oh, be careful. – Oh, it’s empty. – No Matt, there’s like… – Water bottle. – Wait, hold on a second. There’s something wrapped in here. – Are you serious? Stop. – Oh, wow, wow, wow! – Is this the device? – Looks like a light saber. – Is that the device we
saw in the blueprint? – It looks like it for sure. You gonna take it? – I’m gonna take it. What do you guys think this is? And why are there two numbers
on each of these rocks? – Yeah, the rocks are tripping me out. – I have no idea. This is what we were
looking for, right Matt? – I’m guessing. – Yeah. – We have three devices now. – So we should escape, we should get out of here
before anyone else comes, right? – Okay, okay. – We should put this back.
– Put it back. – Wait, we put the water bottle like this. – Exactly. – Oh! Okay, okay. – So if quadrant member comes,
they’ll think this is it. – I’ll be honest, how do we know that they know what they’re looking for right now? – Should we go check
and see if this hears. – Okay, everything set for you guys. Is it here? – It’s right there. Maybe he’s coming to 37, we need to distract him. What we do? – Rocks, the rocks. – Rocks, okay. Can you throw? Will make a noise and
then it’ll go out, right? – Yep. – Should we do that? – Yeah. – Three, two… – I think he’s going out there. It worked. Okay, it’s safe now, let’s get out of here. Come on! Okay! Okay, Zam fam, we made it out. You have the device? – We got the devices. – Yeah. You think that I can
borrow that real quick, we’re gonna call Daniel, our cameraman to see if
he can figure out what this stuff is. – Okay. – Yeah, yeah, we’ll split up, we’ll see you in a sec, okay? – Okay, see you guys. – Okay Zam fam, let’s go. He’s just over there. Looks like he’s vlogging. – Zam fam comment below if you
think FazeRug is suspicious, if you think he’s
working for the quadrant. – Think he is? – I don’t know, I don’t know if we
should trust him or not. – Hey, what’s up Zam Sam, it’s me FazeRug, I just want you guys to know that I’m not working for the quadrant and I hope you guys trust me. Right now Rebecca and Matt are talking to Daniel to try to figure
out the devices we found. – We found three things, this is probably something, right? And do you think these other two are? – They look like they’re
part of the blueprint, but bring them back to LA, all right? – I just hope you guys trust me on this. – Hey. – Oh, oh. You’re back.
– Yeah. – Wait, I thought you were over there. – No, no, I… – Wow, what happened to your, are you allergic to something? – Possibly, yeah, just from the all the buses here. – I also have some other info for you. – You did, what did you find out? – Did you go on the bus 62? – I don’t know, I don’t think so. – No.
– No. – Stay away from that bus, okay? – Wait, were you wearing
that before or no? – My hoodie? – Yeah. – My Zam fam merch? – Yeah. – Yeah, no, I, uh, I got cold so I was thinking though, we didn’t check out this bus right here, number 62. – Oh. – We should go in. – Okay sure, I mean, what’s inside? – Yeah. You know what though? I should go get Matt, I’ll be right back. You stay here though, okay? – That’s pretty weird. – Alright Matt let’s go get Rug and let’s get out of here. – Quadrant. – Wait, where’d he go? Matt? – I don’t see anywhere. – Faze? – Rug?
– Rug? Where is he? Zam fam do you guys see him? Did the quadrant take him? – No. – So that would mean the
game masters missing and now we’ve left FazeRug go missing. Wait, he’s on the bus. – Looks like he’s on the bus. – Wait, look, look, 62. – No, no. – Faze, Faze, you gotta get out of the bus. – Rug! – You can’t be in this bus. – Why? – Daniel just told us
not to come in bus 62. – But you just told me to come in here. – No, I didn’t. – Wait, is that you right there? – No, no. – You got a twin? – No, no, I don’t have a twin. It’s a long story but she’s not, wait Matt, is it? Open it, open it. – She locked it it. – What? – My battery is dying. – Okay. – Wait, I’ve got an extra camera. – You do? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay, turn it on, turn it on, we need the Zam fam’s help, Zam fam go and check out our
video of FazeRug’s channel, we’re gonna finish this out, we have to escape this school
bus that my twin put us in. So go there, right now. Okay. – Are you ready?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s get out of here. – Yo, what it’s up Rugrats.

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