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Las Vegas Travel: 10 WEIRD Things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Travel: 10 WEIRD Things to do in Las Vegas

– [Narrator] Yellow Productions presents– – The weirdest things
about Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m Chris, this is Topher, together we make Yellow Productions. We do travel guides that
are fun, informative, and entertaining, and in
this video, we’re going to be telling you some
really weird attractions here in Las Vegas. The first really weird
attraction in Las Vegas is a Denny’s restaurant with
a wedding chapel inside. This Denny’s is located on Fremont Street, and in the first two
years of it’s operation it has hosted 33 weddings. If you want a cheap wedding, you will find it at this Denny’s. It is $95 to get married at Denny’s. And after you’re married, you’ll even get a photo of your wedding up
on the photo wedding wall at the Denny’s with a wedding chapel. The second really weird
attraction in Las Vegas is the Erotic Heritage Museum. It is a museum that is founded between a partnership of a pastor and a pornographer to preserve the history and art associated with
the erotic industry. The museum houses 24,000 square feet of permanent and featured exhibits through the wonders of
the erotic imagination as depicted through artistic expression of acts of sex and love. Ha. The third really weird
attraction in Las Vegas, is you can actually
urinate on the Berlin Wall. Yes, you can. Because, if you’re a man, and you go to the men’s bathroom of the Main Street Station Casino, the urinals are actually attached to an old piece of the Berlin Wall. Wow. Well, and if you’re a woman, you can actually go in and see it, just ask the bathroom attendant, and they’ll let you go in and see it when they’re aren’t any
men urinating on that wall. The fourth weird attraction in Las Vegas is the Gamblers General Store. It is a general store dedicated to just paraphernalia related to gambling. It is literally the largest
gambling store in the world, and it’s only a short walk
from the Las Vegas Strip. They have over 5000
items that range anywhere from hard to find games
to custom poker chips to casino quality equipment. If you ever wanted to
open up your own casino, now you know where to get the supplies. The fifth weird attraction in Las Vegas is the Strip Gun Club. If you’ve never fired a gun in your life, this is a place that
you can go to fire guns. It’ll satisfy anyone’s
itchy trigger finger. They even cater to bachelor
and bachelorette parties. That is a very interesting
pre-wedding activity. And they don’t just have hand guns, guests can choose to
fire automatic weapons, hand guns, shotguns, and rifles. Another really weird
attraction in Las Vegas is called Axe Monkeys. It is Las Vegas’ premier
ax throwing establishment. They have 23 lanes that
you can throw axes. You know, the kind of things you use to cut down trees, well there, you throw axes at a target. And as you’re throwing it, they will train you on how to throw axes. And they also bill themselves as North America’s premier
ax throwing facility. I mean I really wonder how many of those there actually are. Another attraction that is really weird, it’s in the MGM Grand Hotel, it’s called, Reviv Wellness. It’s located in the underground and it is a spa that gives it’s treatments via intravenous infusions. You can get intravenous vitamins, you can get intervenous things
to give you more energy. I have never seen a spa
that gives it’s treatment via I.V. before, so, that is really, uh, something that I think I’ll pass on. But if you’ve tried it, let me know. Another weird attraction,
it’s called Dig This! It is a, I don’t know if
theme park is the right word, but it’s a place where you can go and rent a bulldozer or
one of those excavators. You can use it to make a hill of dirt, you can crush a car. It starts at $189 to rent the bulldozer up to $400 if you want to crush a car. And if you want, you can
come by and dig this, like with these big excavator
toys, and machine guns. They have a package that
includes the bulldozer and firing a machine gun. Las Vegas has a really weird piece of art work at the City Center, it is called, Big Edge. It combines over 200 aluminum
canoes, kayaks, rowboats, and sailboats, each weighing
between 60 and 125 pounds. It’s described as a bouquet
and a big metal flower. The final weird attraction in Las Vegas, and I moved the camera for this, ’cause I wanted you to
actually see the hotel, it’s inside the Flamingo Hotel, located right at Center Strip, inside the Flamingo Hotel, 15 acres of a flamingo habitat. While Las Vegas is a desert and it celebrates everything
artificial and neon, and nude as strippers, in there, it celebrates natural life. Flamingos, koi fish, gardens, just a place that seems very unlike
the rest of the Strip. Well hey, I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did, you can follow Topher and I on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, links and descriptions below. Or you might consider subscribing for new videos every week,
we do videos that are fun, informative, and entertaining, or, you might enjoy clicking over here to watch one of my other
videos from Las Vegas. Alright, thanks for watching, bye bye.

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100 thoughts on “Las Vegas Travel: 10 WEIRD Things to do in Las Vegas

  1. You mentioned that the gamblers general store is a short walk from the Vegas strip, but I would highly discourage anyone from doing it. The gamblers store is really cool (I get all my books from there), but it is located in a very drug infested part of Vegas, and a walk from the strip to that store is right in the heart of some pretty bad streets. Instead, drive to the store during daytime hours, which is much safer.

  2. This was fun. I liked the Berlin Wall mention… There is a legit brewery in that hotel. The bar there is good, too. Good stuff. Glad I found your channel.

  3. Reviv is for hangovers or beauty treatments. Plenty of cities have those IV clinics, some are even mobile and come to you. I'm a RN and would love a kush side job in one of those places haha. Bought my husband one the day after our wedding since he got so drunk. He was able to function and felt well after!

  4. thanks i knowed only about the Flamingo and the Gamblers General store i bout some custom poker chips there shop was amazing.

  5. Revive type places are all over vegas. Most will come to ur room. The treatment is for hangovers. Your recovery time is accelerated, and you don’t have quite the awful hangover.

  6. YOUR video's are fun and I love the stuffed animal. I collect Build A Bears myself. Keep up the great work and ignore the haters. 😝🐰🌹🐩💗🐎

  7. Been doing rideshare in Vegas for months and drove through the aria dozens of times and never realized those were canoes

  8. Thanks! I’ve been to LVN lots of times and wanting to try something a bit different this next trip!

  9. I am so happy I found your channel and thus found out about Dig This. A place where I can drive a bulldozer and shoot a rifle in the same day? 10 year old me is dying of excitement.

  10. A friend and myself used to sit on the Strip, watch the people walking by and play "Pro/Am." That's a game where you look at a woman and decide if she's a whore or just dressed like one.

  11. Everting about Vegas is about taking people’s money and I’m not pissed I’ve been to Vegas about 50 times every thing about it is corruption never will I go back they are killing the town but the water will kill it faster

  12. 15 acre flamingo habitat???? More like .15 of an acre. It's actually quite small….obviously you've mis-read about it vs actually going there.

  13. 15 acres of flamingo habitat. Wow. I grew up in Vegas. If that was the case there wouldn't be anything around that area if it was that big. Do you go to these places and walk around and do some research or do you spout nonsense like your trying to make yourself sound like you're a world traveler. Come in actuality do your research.👎👎👎👎👎

  14. Don't forget #ReBarLV, a bar with an antique shop. You should do a piece on First Friday and the Las Vegas Arts District sometime 😎

  15. Axe throwing is fairly common at least in Alberta here there’s about 3 or 4 places I think in my city. It actually is a lot of fun though but best to go in a group of 6-8 because it’s more fun when it’s competitive

  16. How can you mention the Denny's with a wedding chapel and not mention the Taco Bell with a wedding chapel?
    It's next to Planet Hollywood.

  17. I tried the IV Therapy at the Link it was amazing after 2 days of late Vegas nights my wife and I were tired and sluggish we got a 30 min IV drip before our last night out and we felt great all night and even the next day on the flight home. Would definitely do it again.

  18. As many times as I've been to Vegas, I can honestly say that I now have something new to do! Oh…. Except the needle thing. (ain't gunna happen….. EVER)

  19. Your videos are so great because you don't put in a lot of fluff and you get directly to the point. I feel like you've been my personal tour guide before I even arrived!

  20. I would just add the McDonalds in Excalibur and Luxor, which are the only two McD's in the world that serve Pepsi instead of Coke.

  21. Your videos are very imformative! Im making my 2nd trip to Vegas in a few months and your videos help with ideas.. Thank you!!

  22. We love Topher! And so does Socrates our lovable Panda snuggle pal!, keep up the great work, very informative. Just subscribed!,

  23. You needed to talk about indoor skydiving at Did it many years ago and it was a blast. People in there are very much watching out for your safety and still want you to have fun.

  24. i`ve been in Vegas many times,but it´s a city that never stops having new things,good or bad, but it´s a ultra dynamic city,i like that. your videos are great for new turists.

  25. Nice video! Seen the Flamingo Habitat and been to the Strip Gun Club. They've got some awesome weaponry there, such as a huge sniper rifle (.702 I think) and a gatling gun. Neato!

  26. 2:19 just make sure if you have a kid fire the gun, you're not in their line of sight.

  27. Lol, gun ranges and axe throwing places are not weird. Lol you are in Nevada, where you just go shoot in the desert.

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