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Lancia Beta Coupe – How to buy a Classic Car

Lancia Beta Coupe – How to buy a Classic Car

Hi guys and welcome to my new show: How to buy a Classic car In which I’m going to give you tips and tricks, I’ll take you along with me to see used cars, And in the end I’m going to buy a car for myself. Let’s be honest: given the chance we would all want to drive Something like this Ferrari or this Jaguar or this Mustang But unfortunately my budget isn’t that high, So we’re gonna stick to something cheaper, And that’s a good thing for two reasons: First of all it’s gonna be perfect for everyone with a tight budget But the same concepts pretty much apply to any classic car except on cheaper cars there are less scams so it’s gonna be easier. Second of all we’re going to go through all the different things that may scare someone that is new to the classic car world from starting with this passion. Since we are already talking about cheap cars, would you rather drive This thing or this car? Yeah me too! So in this first episode we’re going to talk about the Lancia Beta Coupè! Let’s get dressed for the occasion! There we go! I found this one on the website of a local newspaper. It’s a 1974, with a 1.6 liter engine, and it looks pretty good. Here it says that it works, and it’s in good condition. It’s got a new exhaust, timing belt and battery, and the gearbox was checked. Price is 2500 €. Now let’s check some facts about the Lancia Beta Coupè on Wikipedia. There it is! Was built from 1973… On the Italian Wikipedia there are many more informations tho so here you can see that the 1.6 liter in the first generation was 9 hp more powerful than the second generation one I suggest you check out the Italian wikipedia for Italian cars and then translate it with Google translator or something. Now let’s go check the value of the car… This is a specific magazine for Classic Cars, where you can check the value of every car Value is usually higher than this, but this is what insurance would pay you if you total the car. So first generation is worth 3500 € Second generation is 3000. Now we’re ready to go check the car. When I’m going to look at cars, forgive the very poor camera work, But I’m using these ones, so I can just film without telling anyone, and it’s gonna be more real. reality tv… So guys we saw the car and I can tell you why it wasn’t a good deal for me, this brings us to today’s lesson’s tip: which is… and most importantly, if a car wasn’t running for 8 years sure enough when you start driving it you’re gonna find out that everything’s gonna break, one thing after the other You’re gonna go through hell before you can even start to enjoy the car. Bye guys! See you next time!

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11 thoughts on “Lancia Beta Coupe – How to buy a Classic Car

  1. Wow, I didn't expect such high quality content from small youtuber. I liked it very much.
    Small suggestion: please, mark red flags not only with sound but also with notes on screen. When I watched, I didn't noticed rust in first warning because of small experience or dark video.

  2. 1:13 LOL! When I was a little kid I liked those Hyundais, except in my country they were sold under the American brand Dodge. They caught my attention because they were little and unusual for the average vehicles I used to see every day. Later I realized they were horrible cars…

  3. Great work! I love your videos and I hope there will be more of them soon.

    I was in Italy last week to check out some classic Fiat and I have also tried a bit of a video documentation.

    Why Italian cars are always so heavily dented at the sides, but also in places like the hood and roof where you wouldn't expect dents, at least the latter ones cannot happen from parking…?

  4. Hello, about that magazine with that aprox. values of cars… is it for free or is there any paid access? I was looking for that on webpage ruoteclassiche and I didn´t found anything like that. Could you tell me the way? Thanks a lot.

  5. I had a Beta coupe as my first car it was nice to drive but there was something always breaking on it, essentially it suffered from poor build quality. My 81Mazda RX7 was by far more reliable I've still got it today….

  6. Only thing about buying in Italy if you are not Italian is 1) impossible to get car registered to you and 2) everything is soooo expensive. I was hoping to find a bargain Vespa but even later PX are like 3000 Euro plus. More expensive than UK even though many many more 🙁

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