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Lafayette Regional making upgrades to rental car facility

Lafayette Regional making upgrades to rental car facility

[Music] Lafayette Regional Airport is dedicating more than four million dollars to build a new quick turnaround facility the facility is expected to make life easier for both customers and employees chris multi-is at the airport with our top story chris why is the airport commission focusing on this project Lafayette Regional believes the quick turnaround facility will make it easier for customers to rent cars and more efficient for the rental car agencies right now crews are moving in some of the heavy equipment and should begin construction in the coming days Lafayette regionals quick turnaround facility is all about convenience rental companies will now have a central hub that gives them an opportunity to refuel clean and stage the vehicle and then jockey the vehicle back up to the terminal Airport director Stephen Peake who says right now some of the rental companies have to take cars off airport property to maintain them that creates an inconvenience for passengers waiting on their cars to be ready if there’s any type of traffic’s issue between the point of where they jockey the car to to the airport this is a direct route right into where the readyreturn lot will be adjacent to the new terminal peak who says this facility is a standard at most airports across the country it’s just a higher level of customer service bringing the airport in to current standards and above and beyond the project is expected to be complete in the next 300 days in Lafayette Chris Walton ket CTV 3 and this reminder for travelers who’ll be leaving from Lafayette region over the next few days expect delays in the security line starting tomorrow security personnel will be checking bags by hand while the airport upgrades its bag screening machine the upgrades are happening tomorrow through Friday right now unis police are searching

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