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Kugoo Kirin M4: Best Electric Scooter All-around

Kugoo Kirin M4: Best Electric Scooter All-around

If you have followed Geekbuying channel for some time, then you may know I’ve tested tons of Kugoo electric scooters, from the portable smaller ones like Kugoo S series to crazy faster ones like Kugoo G-booster So you may wonder what’s my favorite Kugoo scooter Well, I like the portability of Kugoo S series but I’m a speedster, I really like the speed on the Kugoo G-booster But you know G-booster is really not something you can easily carry around, it weighs 30kg! Until now, I found the Kugoo kirin M4: I can safely say it’s my favorite electric scooter all-around so far. Hey guys, Sami here. Today let’s take a look at this beast, let’s go! Let’s get straight to the reasons I like about the Kugoo M4, first is the speed. The Kirin M4 sports a 500w motor, which enables a max speed of 45km/h. In my test, I was able to reach 42km/h on flat ground, that was crazy fast! With such speed and powerful motor, it opened up a lot of possibilities. You can climb almost any slope that would be impossible for other scooters, you can hit beams and curbs like they aren’t even there. Of course I’m not suggesting you do so deliberately, but when you run into such dicey situations, you could easily speed to scoot out of them. For sure, if you want slower speeds, it comes with other two modes: Mode 1 gets you up to around 15km/h and Mode 2 bumps it up to 30 km/h You can use whatever speed modes you want based on your road conditions, perfect for recreational purpose or daily commute! Second, let’s talk about its safety. I know you may have doubts about that. Let’s check out the build quality. M4 is definitely not something they just stuff a higher power motor into a smaller scooter frame. Fortunately, the M4 has an entirely different design than the other somewhat lower power Kugoo scooters I’ve reviewed: it sports two 10’ skidproof tires, two disc
brakes along with an electric brake, dual suspension, a 12cm ultra-high chassis and most importantly, the super robust aluminum alloy body frame. All of these contribute to a safe, stable and smooth riding experience. No matter which speed you are in, you can always fast brake it in a few meters. Finally, let’s talk about portability. Of course, it’s foldable. Put down the seat first, fold the handlebar like the video shows, adjust the stem height to the lowest Now move to the trickiest part, in order to put the stem down, you have to push forward against the stem a bit, and then pull the red bolt out, done! If you want to unfold then just pull the red bolt out directly. As the M4 weighs 23kg, it’s not that easy to carry around, but for me personally, it’s not that difficult either, at least much better than Kugoo G-booster. It’s fine for picking it up to put it in a car or do several flights of stairs. But for most of us, you probably won’t be folding or lifting the scooter much, so the weight might not be too much of a worry. And when it comes to handling, the heavier weight is actually a benefit. It makes the ride feel more solid and stable – two important factors for a high-speed scooter like this. To conclude: The M4 is the best electric scooter to ride all-around: it has an excellent blend of looks, performance, battery life and ease-of-use. The scooter has a travel distance of 45km on a single full charge, but the battery life can vary depending on how you commute. It has a beautiful LCD display that shows all the basic information during riding, a long and wide riding deck, making it easy to get both feet on the board comfortably and to my surprise It has an IPX4 rating. The M4 will make your commute both fun and fast, for more, you can check out the link in the description. I’m Sami, see you next time!

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