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Koh Phangan BIKE RENTAL GUIDE | Koh Phangan to Koh Samui Ferry

Koh Phangan BIKE RENTAL GUIDE | Koh Phangan to Koh Samui Ferry

Now I am going to tell you about the process of renting a motorbike Also, how can you avoid landing into problems Welcome to the most famous beach of Koh Phangan – Haad Rin As it becomes dark Completely strangers gather here to play music together here at Zen beach He is the gentleman 2.68 litre of Petrol costs 80 Baht I am going to the Bottle beach Bottle beach is beautiful I should reach Thong sala before 4:30 pm Now I am back at Chalok Lam Pier That’s my bike Now I’m going back to Thong Sala I also wanted to visit Haad Son But I am running short of time Today I have to catch a flight to Bangkok from Koh Samui If you’re travelling with your family then hire a car or You can hire a bike Now I’m going to tell you the process of renting a bike Also what should you follow so that you don’t land into problems A lot of people complained of problems while returning their bikes You can avoid those problems by following these instructions That is Thong song Sala Pier, the Gateway of Koh Phangan Thats 7-11 store And here is a bike rental agency My friend Thomas recommended this agency The name of this agency is Rental bike starts from 150 baht The rent can go up to 1200 Baht per day But usually, people rent Honda click which comes for 250 Baht These are Honda Click – 125 CC To get these bikes you have to give them your passport You have to do some paperwork If you don’t want to give your passport Then you can pay 5000 baht as security plus advance rental So this is all about the bikes Now let me tell you about the paperwork Besides this there are a few terms and conditions Bikes are not allowed on beaches otherwise, you have to pay a fine of 10,000 Bahts This bike is meant only for two people. Triplling is not allowed Or else you may have to pay a fine of 5,000 Baht You can not take this bike out of Koh Phangan You have to pay for the fuel I paid almost 30 Baht for 1 L This bike is your property so you have to take care of it You have to pay for the damages As the bikes are not insured Now how to ensure that the damages are not done by you for that make a video before renting the bike the rental agency also does it He must be remembering my video which is about renting a car in Halifax Canada the agency representative gave me a tour of the car before handing over it to me Likewise, you have to do follow this process before renting a car or bike wherever you are The tire punctures are to be paid by you ensure the bike tires are in good condition before renting it So these are the terms and conditions that you should follow now I am going to tell you about renting the car A lot of people on the Facebook group of tourist helpline Keep asking about renting a car for a family holiday They usually prefer a self-drive car She says that a license is needed to hire a car But driving license is not needed to rent a bike bikes are not insured so you have to pay for all the damages in bikes But because the cars are insured so you should have a driving license however, an International driving permit is not necessary The minimum rental for the car is 1200 baht per day You can get a 4-wheel drive car like Suzuki Vitara in 1200 baht Just a few hours back I met a Russian family of two adults and two children The rented an SUV car for just 800 Baht they took that car to bottle beach Which is quite difficult to reach so basically I’m giving you an idea of How much a car cost You can get it from here from 1200 to 2500 baht per day If you hire a car or bike for two consecutive days Then you pay a lesser rent An example a bike costing 250 baht will cost you 200 baht if you rent it for two days The rent is applicable for 24 hours If you have rented a bike at 3 PM then you can keep it till 3 PM of the next day I think this is a good way to explore a place as per your comfort Stop whenever you want Visit the restaurant you want and if you really want to do some adventure Then spend the night sleeping in the car I have done this a few times before watch my old videos to me know more All this information was given by her She is from this agency And the most helpful man on this trip is… Thomas It’s 5 PM The day is going to end and so is my trip this is going to be my last ride in Koh Phangan He is going to drop me at Haad Rin Haad Rin is known for its full moon parties But I came here to show you That this island has much more to offer than just full moon party There are many things to do on this island If I want to explore some offbeat locations in Thailand Then you should visit Koh Phangan I’m sure this series must have helped you a lot for planning your own trip from Haad Rin I will go to Koh Samui it will take 1 hour to reach Koh Samui my ferry leaves at 5:30 pm then i have a flight to catch at 9:30 pm another 10 minutes from the pier to the airport in Koh Samui Big Buddha Pier is the name of the arriving point in Koh Samui I will keep you updated whatever happens from now on right now I am on the way to Haad Rin koh Samui is visible from here we are now ascending this hilly road Another important information for all of you He is saying that the route from Ban Tai to Haad Rin you have to pay special attention on this particular stretch the road between Ban Tai and Haad Rin is hilly and serpentine this is very prone to accidents He is saying that a lot of accidents have happened here So he wanted me to share this information for all of you he is going back What a wonderful person he is! You can take his help if you come here his agency is just in front of Thong sala pier Though he owns a travel business called Safari Boat But that doesn’t mean that I am promoting his business he can genuinely help you I am going to get a ferry for Koh Samui from here I paid 200 baht for a ticket The last ferry from Haad Rin to Koh Samui leaves at 5:30 pm Here is the timetable The ticket costs 200 baht 45 minutes from here to Koh Samui in ferry and then 10 minutes ride to the airport another 100 baht for that we are going to cross this ferry to reach on that one I can see Koh Phangan going away from me I’ll come back to see the left over places

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