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Kinsel Toyota COVID-19 Update

Kinsel Toyota COVID-19 Update

Hello, everyone. This is Jay Richards, General Manager of Kinsel
Toyota. I just wanted to give everyone a brief message
from Kinsel Toyota and let you know: We are open! You’re free to come in the store but we’re
also open online. We also can handle pretty much any need that
you may have on the telephone, online, However you’d like to do things. Basically, we can get it done that way. The main thing is we want to keep everybody
safe during this time. Safety comes first, health comes first. We want to make sure that we’re doing our
part to help Southeast Texas get through this extremely difficult time for all of us. Few things I want to go over: Obviously, the
different ways to do business with us. In-person, on the phone, on the website at We are working on a digital retailing piece
that will be on our website shortly where you’ll be able to complete an entire vehicle
transaction online. We’ll deliver the car to you. Any car that you’d like to buy, we deliver
to you. And while we’re talking about delivering vehicles
to you… if you need express service, if you need an oil change or anything like that,
we will come get your car and we’ll deliver it to you after we’re done. So that’s available. We’re just trying to pull out all the stops
to do everything we can to help right now. We’ve been scrubbing this entire place constantly. We’ve set up hand sanitation stations around
the store. We have gloves available for you when you
come in if you’d like to wear gloves. Which we do suggest you do when getting into
cars. We have been scrubbing door handles, keyboards,
furniture, anything that you would touch, we’ve been pretty much scrubbing it to death. We’re doing everything we can to keep a sterile
environment and as you can see behind me, we’ve got a very large showroom. We have a very large waiting area. It is a really nice lounge area. So there’s plenty of space for social distancing. We encourage you to come in if you’d like
to; however, we are set up to do business in person or on the phone, on the website
at So…gloves, clean environment, we’ll pick
up your car and deliver it to you for service, we’ll deliver the car you purchase, we’ll
pick up your trade. Health and safety are first. So let’s all follow the guidelines that the
government’s been giving us and let’s try to get through this and if we can do this,
hopefully, this won’t last that long and everything will be back to normal. Kinsel Toyota has been serving Southeast Texas
for 33 years. We’ve been serving Southeast Texas and growing
all 33 of those years. We’re going to continue to serve Southeast
Texas and we’re going to continue to grow. Once this is over, we’ll focus on growing
again. Right now, we just want to help everyone as
much as possible. I just want to remind everyone that Kinsel
Toyota and its people are all going to be just fine. Southeast Texas is going to be just fine. I’ve lived in Southeast Texas my whole life
and Southeast Texas has the most resilient, tough, community-oriented people anywhere
in this country and we’ll get through it just fine together. Thank you from Kinsel Toyota and give us a
call 892.4888 or Thanks!

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